Mapping in Drupal with Google Maps


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Mapping in Drupal with Google Maps

  1. 1. Mapping in Drupal with Christina Dulude Google Maps DrupalCamp NH
  2. 2. Who am I?• Information Architect/User Experience Designer at Dartmouth College• Organizer, Upper Valley Drupal Users Group• Map enthusiast•• @cdulude
  3. 3. We will discuss...• Installation & setup of GMap module• Handling large numbers of mapped nodes• Taking your maps further with Views• The future of mapping in Drupal
  4. 4. Getting started• Why GMap?• What can I map with GMap?• GMap module:• Location module:• Google Maps API key:
  5. 5. Configure GMap• Configuration > Web Services > GMap• Input Google Maps API key• Set default map width, height, center, zoom• Set map type (street map, terrain, etc.)• Marker behaviors
  6. 6. Configure GMapLocation• Configuration > Web Services > GMap Location• Setting up a macro• Settings for user locations• Settings for node locations• Set markers
  7. 7. Mapping user locations
  8. 8. Mapping node locations
  9. 9. Handling large numbers of marker: marker managers and clusterersConfiguration > Web Services > GMap
  10. 10. Displaying Views output as a map
  11. 11. Modules mentionedin this presentation• GMap• Location• Views• CTools• Devel: