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En executive introduction to cloudcomputing - 20130425 soup


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En executive introduction to cloudcomputing - 20130425 soup

  1. 1. Innovation & Collaboration = Cloudcomputing25. April 2013, ZurichHanspeter Jost , the
  2. 2. AgendaApps PlatformDevices● Introducing● Cloud vs. Cloud● Short Break 5min● Google Apps for Business - Enterprise Cloudcomputing● Live Demo● Q & ADocs 2013
  3. 3. Introducing
  4. 4. Cloudcomputing
  5. 5. The Definition of Cloud Computing?cloud computing (n):hosted Application and Platforms, build on ashared Infrastructur, provides over the Web-BrowserIaaSSaaSPaaSprivat cloudpublic cloud
  6. 6. Cloud Service ProviderMicrosoft, Salesforce, IBM, Amazon and Google
  7. 7. Company Cost Drivers
  8. 8. Dramatically lowers your TCO
  9. 9. Anywhere, everywhere!
  10. 10. Google Apps - Work in the Future!
  11. 11. The MarketleaderGoogle
  12. 12. Googles Vision of 100% Web“In a world of 100% web users to access business applications over theInternet by using the only the browser.”Dave Girouard, Direktor, Google EnterpriseApps PlatformDevicesInnovationAccelerate the creativity and innovation in your business byproviding intuitive and effective applications available toyour users.CollaborationImprove collaboration within your business, you driveforward efficiency and increase employee productivity byusing applications that support real-time collaboration,anytime, anywhere.MobilityGive your employees the opportunity to actively participatein business processes from any device and any location -without that they must be bound to a specific device.
  13. 13. Are my Date safe in the Cloud?mabye?
  14. 14. ● Gmail Availability 99.984%● 32x reliable than traditional On-premise email System● 46X reliable than MicrosoftExchange○ No scheduled maintenancetime○ Guaranteed Availability bySLAsQuelle: The Radicati Group, 2010. "Corporate IT Survey – Messaging & Collaboration, 2010-2011"Googles Cloud is reliable...
  15. 15. Data LiberationEngineering Teamthe Team, how to doData transfer fromand to GoogleGoogle DashboardCollection all Data at oneAccounts(Enterprise Version from 2010)Trust Google AppsPage, all about Securityquestions(Auch Englisch und Französisch) http://www.dataliberation.orgWho owns the Data?
  16. 16. Are your Date safe in the Google Cloud?3 things, that should take your at Home:● Security is in Googles DNA● Its your Data● You can erverytime takes out yout Data
  17. 17. Message ContinuityArchiving & DiscoveryMessage EncryptionCompliance and Disaster Recovery
  18. 18. Security!
  19. 19. Demohow well fits your bussines for the Cloud?
  20. 20. Thanks!Where and when starts your journeyup to the 100% Cloud?Questions?