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Introducing BibleBox


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BibleBox is an wifi webserver. It provides access via wifi to an offline website which delivers all kinds of files to download or stream. Build yours for under USD$70

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Introducing BibleBox

  1. 1. • Wirelessly share files to connected devices • Website is used to deliver digital resources • Inscript Browser Bible app • Direct links to resources or Download Manager to track statistics
  2. 2. • Creates a Wifi network • Users connect to the Wifi • They are prompted to continue at a Portal login • Can then access the website and files
  3. 3. • Built on Raspberry Pi 3 • Website built with WordPress • Bible – Inscript Browser Bible from Digital Bible Society
  4. 4. •Locate in a clinic, office, apartment, store, café and people there can connect to the BibleBox wifi •They can then freely download any files you make available anonymously
  5. 5. • A project you can make in under 10 minutes for less than USD$70 • Built on freely available open-source software • Hardware and software has large support communities
  6. 6. website – Facebook –