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Unifying Online and Offline Donor Data for a Consistent Experience


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The challenge of creating meaningful relationships with donors is complicated by an abundance of data from both online and offline sources, as well as a multitude of communication channels to contend with. This deck shows how to consolidate donor information to drive consistent communications across channels. By taking a unified approach, nonprofit fundraisers and marketers can better shape donor interactions with their organization to create outstanding donor experiences.

What you will learn:
● How to collect and manage online and offline data in order to truly understand your donors
● Why a unified donor experience is essential for organizational growth
● Common inconsistencies and gaps in the donor experience, and how to handle them
● How to use data to track donor interactions, and use this information to improve donor communications across multiple channels

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Unifying Online and Offline Donor Data for a Consistent Experience

  1. 1. UNIFYING ONLINE & OFFLINE DONOR DATA FOR A CONSISTENT EXPERIENCE By taking a unified approach to data and communications, nonprofit fundraisers and marketers can better shape donor interactions with their organization to create outstanding donor experiences. Michael Wilson @mww1954 Jamey Heinze @JameyHeinze
  2. 2. Page @mww1954 @jameyheinze @CDSGlobalNP 2 Bios Michael Wilson As CEO of the Center for Digital Business Transformation, Michael is dedicated to understanding and applying all things digital. His experience includes over 10 years as CIO and Chief Customer Officer at the American Heart Association. Michael is author of the books The Digital Nonprofit: A Manifesto and The Digital Executive: Are You Obsessed With Your Customers? Jamey Heinze The chief marketing officer at CDS Global, Jamey Heinze is responsible for leading the company’s marketing efforts in the nonprofit sector as well as other industries. Heinze has more than 20 years of experience in technology sales and marketing and has held marketing, product management and sales positions at companies such as Xerox, Level 3 Communications, Broadwing Communications and OpenText/Vignette.
  3. 3. Data Insight Action
  4. 4. Page The Constituent Ecosystem Data Insight Action Interaction data, account data, external sources, information files – Discover and predict behavior patterns. @mww1954 @jameyheinze @CDSGlobalNP 4 Deep insight helps nonprofits understand donor engagement, attrition, retention. Structure everything around actionable outcomes of data and the insights, that help create unified constituent experiences.
  5. 5. Data
  6. 6. Page The “Right” Data @mww1954 @jameyheinze @CDSGlobalNP 6 All Constituent Data Prioritize based on: Will it give actionable insight & improve the experience? Does it cater to the donor’s expectations? Know + Remember = Great Experience It’s the simple things…
  7. 7. Page The “Right” Data Don’t Rule Out Offline Data Audit your existing offline data. Integrate and compare with online donor data for greatest insight. @mww1954 @jameyheinze @CDSGlobalNP 7 All Constituent Data
  8. 8. Page Example: Offline Data Audit Source Insight Cost to Integrate (5 years) Projected Value of Insight (5 years) @mww1954 @jameyheinze @CDSGlobalNP 8 Requests for additional information (via mailed donor acknowledgements) Specific areas of donor interest $1000 -Additional volunteers -New donors (evangelism) -$2000-$3000 Inbound call center information Donor opinion of organization, donor pain points $2000 -feedback for improving org. -better opinions of org. -higher renewal likelihood -$5000 Mailed donations Demographic and financial information $2000 -accurate address information -payment information -$2500
  9. 9. PAGE 9 Offline Data: Sources and Value Advances in offline data capture technology: convenient and cost effective. Important to evaluate return on offline data capture.
  10. 10. Page Unify & Integrate Some Rules for Data Integration… Pick two or more systems for better insight. Decide what insights you need. Integrate the core data needed for those insights. Start simple and think action-oriented. Regularly evaluate effectiveness of integrated data. Implement a master data plan early on, and enforce data integrity. @mww1954 @jameyheinze @CDSGlobalNP 10
  11. 11. PAGE 11 Unify & Integrate Raiser’s Edge Online Data Television Direct Mail Data Donor Services (Inbound) Offline Donations Complete Donor Picture
  12. 12. PAGE 12 Unify & Integrate Raiser’s Edge Online Data Television Direct Mail Data Donor Services (Inbound) Offline Donations Complete Donor Picture
  13. 13. Insight
  14. 14. • Communication channels they may prefer. • Their level of engagement. • Their existing relationships with other organizations and companies. • Summaries of how recently and frequently the constituent donates • What kind of experience they are having, and how satisfied they are • What they are interested in: what type of content should be sent to Page Understanding Your Donors Examples of Useful Insights: • The value and potential of the constituent. • The next step in building the relationship based on other, similar constituents. or engages with your organization. with your organization. them? How should you render the content to appeal to their preferences (i.e. static content, graphics or video)? • Who is in their network and who influences them? • What kind of referrals do they make? • Real time data from smart devices @mww1954 @jameyheinze @CDSGlobalNP 14 Insight Deep understanding of donor behavior, and how donor relationship will progress. Action Capitalize on opportunities, improve experience for the donor.
  15. 15. Page Organizing Around Insights KPIs / Scorecards @mww1954 @jameyheinze @CDSGlobalNP 15 Dashboards Reflect strategic value drivers and organizational goals. Example: “Renew 50% of existing donors” Built to intuitively lay out KPIs. Tips for Dashboards: - Dashboard around acquisition, renewal, upgrades, and cross-promotions. - Pay attention to lag and lead indicators. Insights Action Insight must be “in sight” of personnel in day to day operational roles, to drive action based on overall strategy and objectives.
  16. 16. PAGE 16 Enhance Data for Greater Insight • Enhancing existing data can reveal new opportunities and donor trends.
  17. 17. Action
  18. 18. Page Unifying the Experience Develop a Journey Map Start with one segment/persona, and work through their journey with your organization. Examine the Data Look at all your data, both structured and unstructured. Locate insight gaps in the donor journey, and start collecting that data. Involve Front-Line Staff Involve staff closest to your donors (e.g. volunteers, call center) to develop and improve the journey map. Improve the Journey Focus efforts on improving the journey. Remedy roadblocks to delivering great service. @mww1954 @jameyheinze @CDSGlobalNP 18
  19. 19. Page Example Journey Map @mww1954 @jameyheinze @CDSGlobalNP 19
  20. 20. Page Identifying Gaps Process-oriented approach built around KPIs, goals for continuous improvement, & overall strategy. @mww1954 @jameyheinze @CDSGlobalNP 20 Audit Data / Journey Map Prioritize Measure Progress
  21. 21. Page Constituent Value Framework @mww1954 @jameyheinze @CDSGlobalNP 21 High High Low Low Potential Value Actual Value Cultivate and Upgrade Commit and Invest Acquire and Renew (Mine and Watch) Maintain the Relationship
  22. 22. Page Omni-Channel Approach The Connected Constituent is… @mww1954 @jameyheinze @CDSGlobalNP 22 Highly informed. Demanding, values convenience. Empowered to look at other causes. Increasingly social and collaborative in their approach. Part of a diverse group that may not fit traditional market segments. Interactive when connecting with your organization. Highly mobile.
  23. 23. Page Omni-Channel Approach Donors experience a brand, not a @mww1954 @jameyheinze @CDSGlobalNP 23 channel within a brand. Constituent can move from one channel to another and thread remains connected. Channels support one another, and spur evangelism. Address the many ways donors have of interacting with your organization. Start by integrating digital channels. Eliminate barriers to donating!
  24. 24. PAGE 24 Omni-Channel Client Example • Magazine Subscription Fulfillment • Customer Management • Gift Processing • Donor Acknowledgements • Customer Service • Mailing Services
  25. 25. Acknowledgements Notifications Renewals Subscription Payments PAGE 25 Omni-Channel Client Example Donations Orders Care Web Remittance Processing (Paper, Electronic, Data Capture) Acknowledgements Digital 3D Print Member/Subscriber/Donor receives consistent brand experience regardless of communication channel Donations Direct Mail Renewals Solicitations Orders Email Care Solicitations OMS Database Customer Service (Phone, Online, IVR) Orders Cross-sells Donations Account Changes
  26. 26. Page @mww1954 @jameyheinze @CDSGlobalNP 26 Recap Data Insight Action 1) Build an ecosystem on data, insight, and action 2) Prioritize the data you decide to collect 3) Don’t rule out offline data 4) Unify and integrate your data for greatest insight 5) Determine which insights will provide a deep understanding of donors 6) Use KPIs and Dashboards to organize data and readily view insights 7) Enhance existing data for even more in-depth insights 8) Develop and analyze a journey map to ensure you’re delivering a consistent experience, and identify any experience gaps 9) Organize donor segments using a constituent value framework 10) Employ an omni-channel approach to deliver a consistent digital and offline experience
  27. 27. questions
  28. 28. Contact Information Michael Wilson Center for Digital Business Transformation Phone: 214-923-2140 Email: Twitter: @mww1954 Jamey Heinze CDS Global Phone: 512-730-2609 Email: Twitter: @jameyheinze
  29. 29. thank you