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State of the Media Industry: Benchmarks & Trending Infographic


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CDS Global has again partnered with Folio: to complete an in-depth study on the state of the media industry. Our report is more in-depth than ever. We’ve added even more questions to address the rapid changes around data, the web and digital that face the media industry today. Check out some of the key highlights in our brand new infographic.

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State of the Media Industry: Benchmarks & Trending Infographic

  1. 1. 2014 TOP FINDINGS STATE OF THE MEDIA INDUSTRY: BENCHMARKS + TRENDING STUDY FOURTH EDITION Top Digital Priorities Is enhancing subscriber and customer data a top goal or priority? Customized & Personalized Website Content & Messaging Current & Planned Mobile Strategies Biggest Challenges & Pain Points Data & Information Collected & Maintained How Data is Used Top 10 Digital Services & Initiatives DIGITAL WEB 1 Increase digital & online profits 70% Increase online, digital circulation & subscriptions 60%2 Drive top-line digital revenue growth 56%3 Develop digital editions for e-readers/tablets 41%4 Redesign website 41%5 Experiment with various evolving technologies6 41% FACEBOOK Analyzing & implementing data effectively Lack of staff with analytical experience & knowledge to use data effectively YES NO WEBSITE 77% ARCHIVED CONTENT CONTENT EMAILS 69% TWITTER 67% 61% 54% 52% 49% BLOGS APP(s) FOR APPLE iPAD APP(s) FOR APPLE iPHONE LINKEDIN 70% E-NEWSLETTERS 79% 66% 59% 67% 11% 2011 17% 2012 DIGITAL IS RISING 2013 20% Digital Revenues as Percentage of Total Gross Revenue 74% 26% 26% Inability to consistently leverage across multiple channels 44% Email Address Marketing to existing customers Mobile-enabled websites Plan to provide a mobile-enabled website over the next 12-18 months Provides customized content, creative, offers or messaging for each subscriber, customer or visitor, either for authenticated or anonymous site visitors Home Address Purchase, Subscription and/or Membership History 84% 95% 67% Acquiring new customers, subscribers, members or prospects Increasing cross-sells, up-sells & retention Driving promotions to the right audience Defining, targeting & marketing to best customers & prospects 94% 69% 62% 60% 61 % DATA 57% 36% Apps for mobile devices 49% Interested in learning more about CDS Global and our solutions? 866.897.7987 | @CDSGlobal 24% We know media. Working with over 1,100 media brands, CDS Global has an unprecedented view of media industry trends and statistics to help drive your business. We help get your magazines in the hands of your readers. digital & print labels produced 1.7BILLION Your customers deserve immediate access. Provide them with real-time access to their digital content and print accounts. real-time transactions processed 1BILLION We can power all aspects of your customer lifecycle, connect you with your customers and peers, and simplify your lives by creating seamless interactions. customers managed 182MILLION WE POWER. WE CONNECT. WE SIMPLIFY.