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CDRIVE is a specialist Science R&D focused HR Consulting and Business Advisory firm, headquartered in Bangalore, India.

We have a strong foundation in the Life Sciences, and our core domain expertise, across Biology, Chemistry and their Applied Sciences, are leveraged to support Hiring, Consulting, and Business Intelligence.

We are well networked in this industry, and consider ourselves as a pioneering organization in this space!

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Cdrive company presentation[1]

  1. 1. C:Drive>_Specialist Recruiting, HR and Business Advisory Services for Science R&D
  2. 2. C:Drive>_ ContentsBackgroundIntroduction to CDRIVECore StrengthsCore TeamScope of ActivitySectoral FocusSignificant AchievementsValue Proposition (Summarized)
  3. 3. C:Drive>_ Background & IntroductionStarted as a specialist Science R&D focused Exec Search and Recruiting outfit in 2007. Cater exclusively to companies driven by Science – leveraging Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Caters to over 50 companies across India & South East Asia, spanning Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Agricultural Sciences, Food, Beverages, Personal Care, Chemicals and Material Sciences.Strategic alliance with ABLE – Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises, the Industry body that represents the Indian Biotech Sector. ABLE C-DRIVE is the collaborative service offering to the Biotechnology Industry sector.Team: Specialist recruiting team of Scientist Recruiters, comprising PhD and MS qualified Scientists who have made a career transition into Science recruiting. Deep engagement and insights into the Science R&D Sector – translated into HR and Business Advisory service in collaboration with ABLE.
  4. 4. C:Drive>_ Core Strengths Hiring R&D folks (Exec, Mid, Junior) Insiderperspective of Strong Domainthe Industry – Knowledge Deep clientengagement. Core Strengths Strong pulse of Specialist Team market and of Scientist deep network. Consultants
  5. 5. C:Drive>_ Core Team Shyam Abira Dr.Nitu Sood:Suryanarayanan: Bandyopadhyay: Dr.Aditi Joglekar Senior ConsultantFounder and CEO Consultant Over 12 years of cumulative PhD from TERI , MSc & M.Phil Cell Biologist with 8 years PhD (Applied Biology) from experience across (Microbiology), from Gujarat experience across Industry and CRI, ACTREC, Tata Memorial Retail, Learning and Recruiting University. Academia. Center, Mumbai. industries. Strong entrepreneurial Experience spans Cancer Was Lab Manager at UC Davis background, with 8 years in Biology, Agricultural Medical School and Stanford Project Assistant – Biochemical the recruiting business, of Biotechnology, Environmental Medical School in Virology and Sciences Division, NCL, Pune. which, the last 5 have been in Biotechnology and Immunology. Science Recruiting. Hydrocarbon Biotechnology. Bachelors Degree (Economics) from Loyola, Chennai, and Has 2 Patents and 3 MS in Immunology from State MBA (Marketing) from IMI, International Publications from University of West Georgia, New Delhi. The only Non her doctoral work. Carrolton. Science person in the organization! •The Core team is assisted by a team of Junior Consultants each holding a Minimum Masters degree in the Biosciences. •CDRIVE has an eminent advisory group, comprising leaders from Industry •and Academia.
  6. 6. C:Drive>_Scope of Activity Business Intelligence & Advisory HR Consulting: Org Structure Design, C&B Benchmarking, People Surveys, Talent Pool mapping. Campus Hiring Lateral Recruitment
  7. 7. C:Drive>_ Sectoral Focus Pharma Drug Discovery & Devt. BioServices: Bioinfo, CRO, IPR, et al.Medical Devices & Pharma Formulations & API Instrumentation FMCG (Food, Beverages, Nutraceut Biopharma icals, Personal Care), Industrial Biotech (Enzymes, Biofuels)
  8. 8. C:Drive>_ Significant Achievements HR Business Hiring: Consulting: Advisory: Market Intelligence Hired over 300 R&D reports. (Segment HR Advisory Servicesprofessionals (mostly specific) for a Global PersonalPhD’s) over the past 3 Care major: Talent years. Mapping (Geography wise), Capacity India Reports on Planning , C&B various R&D segments.Presently working on a Benchmarking, OrgTurnkey Project to staff Structure & Design,the Advanced Research People Satisfaction Lab for a Global Survey, etc. IP Landscaping. Personal Care giant.
  9. 9. C:Drive>_ Value PropositionComprehensive Consulting firm catering to the Science R&Dsector. • Strong domain knowledge, combined with market insight and powerful network. • Scope of Services range from Business/Market Intelligence, IP Landscaping, to HR Consulting & Advisory, to Exec Search and Recruiting in the Science R&D Context.Credible Organization, with a strong delivery arm. • Strong Team, comprising erstwhile scientists who have changed career tracks. • Deep market engagement, supported by alliance with ABLE the nodal Industry body in the Biotech sector.
  10. 10. C:Drive>_THANK YOU!Shyam SuryanarayananCEOCDRIVE: