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Movie Pitch

  1. 1. Breaking Ground Pitched by Denisse Contreras and Christine Drexel
  2. 2. Rebecca White
  3. 3. Rebecca White Adopted by the White’s Happy, Sheltered, Privileged, Humble Honor role, role model, good student Mexican descent Craves for family attention and is less materialistic than rest of White family
  4. 4. Grace White
  5. 5. Grace White Materialistic Resents Rebecca because her late husband wanted the adoption Stuck on social status and class level Holds Frank (Son) to high standards and will do anything to make him happy Took over husband’s landscape design business after his death
  6. 6. Frank White
  7. 7. Frank White Pampered Mama’s boy Never worked a day in his life Not a strong male character Very into his looks (metrosexual) Rides his mom’s coattails Everyone likes him because he has money and pampers his friends
  8. 8. Alejandro (Alex) Salvador
  9. 9. Alejandro (Alex) Salvador Very down to earth and real Strong, Hard-working Works under father’s gardening company for the White’s mansion Idolizes Rebecca, sees beyond her family inheritance
  10. 10. Pedro Salvador
  11. 11. Pedro Salvador Keeps a tight shift on all workers especially his son Has had to work hard for where he is at currently Takes pride in his work Determined, Looked up to by workers, Isn’t easily controlled by money Leader
  12. 12. Bradley James
  13. 13. Bradley James House Manager for the Whites Knows everything that happens throughout the household Opinionated Serves as a pseudo-parent for Rebecca White
  14. 14. Director: James Cameron
  15. 15. Director: James Cameron Director of Titanic Knows how to control audiences feelings and emotions Wants to venture into the romantic drama genre after several years with his success with drama’s.
  16. 16. Story Line Rebecca White (18 years old) recently graduated high school and was accepted at USC. She is enjoying her last summer home when she meets Alex. After a few encounters they fall madly in love only to be caught by Grace White. Meanwhile, Alex and Frank had been hanging out almost daily breaking the stereotypical worker/employer relationship. Grace is upset about these relationships and demands that Alex be fired immediately. Rebecca maintains the relationship with Alex during the beginning of her college career.
  17. 17. Story Line (Cont.) The relationship works however there are constant challenges such as: Alex going to community college, their friends not getting along, the commute to see each other and the lacking ability to relate to each other. This makes Alex mad and at a sorority party they begin to argue and one of her fraternity friends gets into a fight with Alex about how to treat a girl. Alex is eventually pushed off of the balcony of the house and dies. Frank comes to Rebecca’s help and this brings together the family.
  18. 18. Events (Time Line) Opening Credits: Song: Uptown Girl-Billy Joel Scene: Rebecca White driving up to the house in her convertible, Alex is doing landscaping but Rebecca doesn’t notice him, Grace is on the phone with clients inside the kitchen, Frank is shooting hoops in the driveway. First Time Meeting: The butler asks Rebecca to go and get her acceptance letter from USC and she eagerly accepts. On the way out to the mailbox she runs into Alex and they being talking and joking. Alex accidently misses part of the bush and Rebecca laughs. Alex is smitten by Rebecca. While Rebecca is out going to the gym and Grace is on a business trip Frank is encouraged by Bradley to invite Alex to stop working and play a one-on-one game of basketball with him. As Rebecca and Alex’s relationship develops (towards the end of summer) , Grace catches them kissing behind the trees. Grace confronts Rebecca but it is not resolved and Rebecca goes away to USC almost immediately after.
  19. 19. Setting White Mansion A lot of landscape Beverly Hills, California Year: 2009
  20. 20. Rebecca
  21. 21. Frank
  22. 22. Alex