Professional development session cdpi fall 2010 conf


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Leading with your Strengths, Liz Bushnell

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  • Introduction
  • First half of the session, walk through some exercises to evaluate who you are as a professional and identify what’s next in your professional growth
    Second half of the session, we’ll hear from some CDPI leaders about opportunities within the organization that can help us achieve that professional growth
  • What comes to mind when you think of professional development? Conferences, training, publications, time commitment

    How many of you talk about professional development for your students?

    How many of you have a plan for your personal professional development?

    We know how to do it and we know it’s important and we’re constantly helping students do this, but we run into two big obstacles when it comes to our own professional development
    1. Time to do it and
    2. An intentional plan of what to do and how to do it

    - We’ll mainly address the plan, but also share some ideas for how CDPI can help with the time and costs
  • How many are familiar with SWOT? SWOT is…, internal/external analysis

    Most have used it for analysis of an organization or department

    Introduced to the idea of personal SWOT analysis by UofE session last spring and NACE CCI
    Using it in my class, did my own as an example, realized benefit to planning out my own professional development

  • For strengths, included experience, skills and accomplishments – considered what makes me successful, what would I “market”?

    For weaknesses, focused on experience/training gaps, but could add personal characteristics
  • Take 5-7 minutes to start this on your worksheet
  • Consider external factors – helps to identify trends and needs in the profession, can use to go back to your personal development – what training or skills do you have or need to address what’s happening in the field?
  • Break into 6 groups (birthday months on papers, on wall)
    Assign Opportunities or Threats to brainstorm as a group
    5-7 minutes
    Collect as whole
  • Consider how opportunities and threats influence your SW analysis

    Use the SWOT analysis to develop your professional development plan:
    What should you continue and what can you improve?
    How can you do it?
  • Can also get started on resources/ideas, but CDPI panel will help with that too
    5-7 minutes
  • Professional development session cdpi fall 2010 conf

    1. 1. Leading with Your Strengths for Professional Development CDPI Fall Conference October 22, 2010
    2. 2. Agenda  Importance of Professional Development  SWOT Analysis  Creating your Professional Development Plan  CDPI Leadership Panel
    3. 3. Professional Development
    4. 4. SWOT Analysis
    5. 5. My SWOT Strengths Weaknesses •Over 6 years experience •Master’s degree •Teaching experience •Leadership •Variety of experience, responsibilities in Student Development •Effective, innovative changes •Experience limited to small colleges •Manage small staff, small budget •Lack counseling degree
    6. 6. Individual Exercise  What strengths and experience help you to succeed in the Career Services field? What weaknesses or lack of experience might hold you back in the Career Services field?
    7. 7. My SWOT Opportunities Threats •Greater emphasis on outcomes of higher education, graduate success •Others? •State cuts in funding for higher education •Others? How does the external environment affect our profession as a whole?
    8. 8. Discussion Groups  What external issues, trends and events present an opportunity for the Career Services field?  What external issues, trend and events present a threat for the Career Services field?
    9. 9. My SWOT Strengths Weaknesses •Over 6 years experience •Master’s degree •Teaching experience •Leadership •Variety of experience, responsibilities in Student Development •Effective, innovative changes •Grant writing and management experience •Effective partnerships with academics •Experience limited to small colleges •Manage small staff, small budget •Lack counseling degree •Promoting accomplishments of the office Opportunities Threats •Greater emphasis on graduate success in higher education, raising importance of career services •Increasing emphasis on internships •Rise of career classes in curriculum •State cuts in funding for higher education •Emphasis is first on academics, student services secondary •Outsourcing career services
    10. 10. Professional Development Plan Example SWOT Analysis Development Goals Ideas & Resources S: Teaching experience O: Increase of career courses Build additional teaching experience • Teach online, summer course or graduate course • Present conference workshops or webinars W: Experience limited to small school • Build management experience • Overcome “small school” limitations • Volunteer for leadership roles in professional assoc. • Build reputation in industry through presentations, leadership and publications S: Grant experience W: Small budget exp. T: School budget cuts Enhance budget experience and resource management • Write & manage additional grants • Work on grant committee or treasurer role for professional
    11. 11. Individual Exercise Based on your SWOT analysis, brainstorm some professional development goals
    12. 12. CDPI Leadership Panel  Facilitator: Anita Yoder  Director of Career Services, Goshen College  CDPI President-Elect  Panelists: Kirk Bixler  Director of Career Services, Franklin College  CDPI Past-President  Liz Bushnell  Director of Career Services, Manchester College  CDPI President  Nick Haggenjos  Director of Career Services Operations and Alumni Relations, Harrison College  CDPI At-Large Board Member