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150 Monkeys in Cyberspace


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150 Monkeys in Cyberspace

  1. 1. 150 Monkeysin Cyberspace Chad Peevy @cdpeevy
  2. 2. 68Text
  3. 3. 130Approximate size ofRoman Army Units (Centurions)
  4. 4. 154 Ideal size for a congregationaccording to the General Synod of the Church of England
  5. 5. 110Average size of Amish and Hutterite Communities (split at 150) (split at 150)
  6. 6. 130 Average number offriends on Facebook
  7. 7. Neocortex Size as a Constraint on Group Size in PrimatesRobin Dunbar
  10. 10. THE true social network“them, they, those people” Gossip Circle Familiar without awkwardness Favor Grantors 15 circle of sympathy distraught if dead sports teams / jury / apostles 5 shoulder to lean on most intense / most time invested We’re people, aka complicated. Numbers are approximate.
  11. 11. there lots heretime 42%little high intensity low
  13. 13. PARASOCIAL one way relationships
  14. 14. I wonder. . .
  15. 15. Lessons from OprahSocial Grooming, aka Girl talk.fresh content, regular schedule, valuable information, thoughtprovoking - adds to the conversationSelf-Disclosurewomen talk about personal issues that reflect WHO THEY ARE65.4% of conversation is about personal relationships & experiencesMen talk about tasks and power issues that reflect WHAT THEY DO58.3% of conversation is about personal relationships & experiencesLongevityOprah has been on the national stage since 1986Peels like an oniona combination of the two above - discloses over time - doesn’t over share
  16. 16. Lessons from Oprahcontinued because there are a lot!Uses interpersonal voicesSerious, folksy, ordinary. Her words reflect the situation.Non-verbal behaviorsTouches guest or audience members. Virtual cuddling.Sustained eye contactDemonstrates a sense of interest in what her guest is sayingUnderstands our private spaceIntimacy
  17. 17. es s P r oc a d ’sCh te ps ing5mode s rn m ar ket Think BIG . Focus small.
  18. 18. Finding Your Core• Identify your primary goal• Determine your competitive advantage• Outline your client life-cycle• Identify metrics for gauging success• Analyze your cost structure1
  19. 19. ELIMINATE REDUCE star performers audience stimuli animal shows costaisle concession salesmultiple show arenas RAISE CREATE fun and humor theme thrill and danger refined environment multiple productions artistics music and dance CIRQUE DE SOLEIL
  20. 20. STRATEGY CANVAS CIRQUE DU SOLEILHIGH Cirque du Soleil Small Regional Circuses Ringling Bros. and Barnum & BaileyLOW price animal multiple thrill & theme multiple shows show danger productions star aisle arenas fun & unique refined artistic performers concessions humor venue watching music & environment dance Cirque du Soleil Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Small Regional Circuses
  21. 21. ELIMINATE REDUCE vast amenities cost mirrors workout equipment men workout timeintimidating atmosphere trainers RAISE CREATE encouragement a woman friendly atmosphere convenience non-threatening same-sex environment social environment for women
  22. 22. STRATEGY CANVAS CURVES - gym for womenHIGH Home Exercise Programs Curves TraditionalLOW price amenities workout workout availability convenience womenly fun equipment time of instructors atmosphere environment encouraging non-threatening discipline and motivation same-sex environment in exercise Curves Traditional Health Clubs Home Exercise Programs
  23. 23. BuildingCommunity • Define and profile your audience - demo and psycho2 • Create a plan for audience engagement (pick manageable # of mediums) • Create plan for achieving client loyalty - friends stick around • How to expand your audience
  24. 24. Expanding Your Audience Blue Ocean Strategy - Chan W. Kim 3 never thought you an option 2 refusing you 1 soon-to-be non-customers on theedge about to jump ship
  25. 25. MessageMastery 3 • Establish point of view / voice: (expert, educator, coach) • Create a concise description of your business • Craft your brand’s story • Define a convincing call to action
  26. 26. Tech & Media • Define what to measure, how, and what to do with results • Create a social media plan • Use technology to create top-of-mind status • Integrate technology into existing work-flow • Identify efforts and their relation - concept or mind map 4 MEDIA & TECHNOLOGY WILL BRING YOU MANY FORTUNES
  27. 27. Self-Check Am I engaging in a parasocial or parasitic relationship? How much brain power am I asking my audience to spend on me? Are they getting a return on their investment? Am I being a good gossip? Am I being authentically me? Am I networking / connecting / building a community? Or just broadcasting? Am I on the right channel?
  28. 28. IntellectualSustainability 5• Digitize your mind - get it out of your head and onto paper (or screen)• Using technology to realize new revenue generating assets• Identify new marketing opportunities / new clients• Identify strategic alliances for your service
  29. 29. Chad Peevy@cdpeevy | | 512.468.1813