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Curriculum Night 2012

  1. 1. Welcome toCurriculum Night!
  2. 2. 5th Grade Expectations & the Georgia Common Core Standards Grading is used to measure a student’s mastery of the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS) in ELA/Math and the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) in Science/Social Studies.
  3. 3. 5th Grade Expectations & the Georgia Common Core Standards The purpose of assigning categories and weighting grades is to have a more accurate measurement of the student’s independent mastery. It is the assessment that is most important—not the practice activity. Therefore, our teachers will give students sufficient practice and then assess students’ understanding of the material.
  4. 4. Grading PolicyIn Class Assignments:(This includes class work, tests, quizzes, lab/projects and writing done during the school day) Assignments graded and weighted. Each subject area has specific weights. Credit for class participation. Only receive full credit on assignments that are complete and turned in on time.
  5. 5. Grading PolicyLate or Missing Assignments: Assignment with an excessive amount of errors or turned in incomplete, may be given back to the student to re-do or finish, but not for full credit. Ten points will be deducted from the earned grade for late work. If the assignment is never turned in it will receive an F.
  6. 6. Grading PolicyLate or Missing Class Work (cont.): Parents should monitor student’s agendas, Friday folders and Infinite Campus to ensure work is being completed. A student who is constantly neglectful (defined as - missing three assignments or more a week for two weeks in a row) may be subject to administrative discipline.
  7. 7. Grading PolicyMake-up Work: If a student has an excused absence, any work deemed necessary by the teacher should be made up. It shall be completed as soon as the student returns to school and has been given sufficient time in which to have accomplished the work. Students are usually given one day for each day of their absence. Please refer to the Student Handbook for Fayette County policies on attendance and make-up work.
  8. 8. Grading PolicyWeekly Practice at Home = Homework Weekly practice assignments are extremely important for providing extra skills practice, for remediating a skill, and/or for preparing for upcoming tests. Our goal is to provide meaningful and relevant practice work for our students, tailored to meet their needs as they progress towards mastery of the standards.
  9. 9. Grading PolicyWeekly Practice at Home includes the following assignments that may be assigned by the teacher for the week:1) Read 20 minutes every school night2) Practice Spelling words for quiz on Friday3) Practice Math facts or problems to ensure mastery on quizzes and test.4) Study for quizzes and tests.
  10. 10. Grading PolicyWeekly Practice at Home = Homework All practice assignments will be written in the agenda and should be turned in the next day or when indicated. Practice work will not be graded or weighted separately in each subject. Recommended time to spend on work at home is 50 minutes per night which includes the 20 minutes of reading.
  11. 11. Grading PolicyTesting: We strive to give ample notification of test dates. You will be able to find these in the agenda. We also strive to not give tests in more than two subjects on the same day. Please assist and encourage your child in preparation. Students should be able to review previous work and notes along with the various chapter reviews. Of course, those students who require accommodations will receive the necessary materials.
  12. 12. CurriculumEnglish Language Arts – All Teachers Your child will be exposed to various writing activities in preparation for the Fifth Grade Writing Test, mandated by the State of Georgia. To prepare students will be working on the Writing Process and the 6 Traits for Writing. We will also have a school-wide writing block daily. Writing samples will be placed on file in a portfolio for your child in order to assess growth throughout the school year. Spelling and Grammar concepts will be emphasized in writing activities in order to ensure that skills are carried over from subject to subject.
  13. 13. CurriculumEnglish Language Arts – All Teachers Grammar concepts will be introduced and then reviewed throughout the year. Daily Grammar Practice (DGP) and Daily Analogies will be provided throughout the week. Grammar tests will be given as needed upon the completion of each unit of study. Quizzes will be given periodically to check student progress.
  14. 14. CurriculumEnglish Language Arts – All Teachers Handwriting will be practiced weekly. The study of spelling in Fifth Grade includes traditional lists that focus on spelling patterns and rules that incorporate use of words and proper use of grammar. These lists are available on Cross-curricular assignments are those tasks given by teachers in other disciplines where spelling, grammar, mechanics, etc. are counted as a separate grade from the content grade of the discipline.
  15. 15. CurriculumThe following grading percentages will apply to English Language Arts work:English Language Arts (Spelling/Grammar/Writing) Tests – 40% Quizzes – 15% Class Work – 25% Writing/Projects – 20%
  16. 16. CurriculumReading – Ms. Campbell/Mrs. Nail Your Fifth Grader will study various types of literature this school year, including fiction and nonfiction novels and poetry. The choice of literature used in class will compliment the other discipline’s curriculum in an effort to extend Reading, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science concepts.
  17. 17. CurriculumReading – (cont.) At least one Literary Project (Novel Study) related to a book will be expected of each student during each nine-week grading period. These will normally be accomplished in class as part of their work stations. Fifth Graders will be participating in The 25 Book Campaign, and must complete a Bookmark summary or Reading Counts quiz as part of their class requirements.
  18. 18. CurriculumGeorgia’s 25 Book Campaign Will continue in 5th grade, as it was first introduced in 4th grade. Information letter was sent home at Meet the Teacher day.
  19. 19. CurriculumThe following grading percentages will apply to Reading:Reading (Strategies/Skills and Vocabulary) Tests – 40% Quizzes – 15% Class Work – 25% Projects – 20%
  20. 20. CurriculumMath – Mrs. Douthard/Ms. Smith The students will begin the year by working with place value, patterns, estimation and review of multiplication/division facts and strategies. Once mastered, they will learn multiplication/division of decimals. Our 5th graders will then learn about fractions, data collection/graphing, geometry, measurement, and pre-algebra.
  21. 21. CurriculumThe following grading percentages will apply to Mathematics: Math Tests – 40% Quizzes – 15% Classwork – 25% Projects – 20%
  22. 22. CurriculumSocial Studies – Ms. Campbell/Mrs. Nail Beginning with the Civil War, students will study the cause and effect of growth in the United States and the affect this growth has had on the various people and countries of the world.
  23. 23. CurriculumThe following grading percentages will apply to Social Studies work: Social Studies Tests – 40% Quizzes – 15% Class Work – 25% Projects – 20%
  24. 24. CurriculumScience – Mrs. Douthard/Ms. Smith Physical Science – Chemical/physical changes in matter and the properties of electricity/magnetism. Earth Science – Geological processes/landforms of the Earth and the effect of human interaction. Life Science – Classification of single/multi-celled organisms and the impact of beneficial/harmful microorganisms to the environment. Examination of genetics (inherited traits) and how this is different from learned behavior.
  25. 25. CurriculumHealth – Mrs. Douthard/Ms. Smith Management of personal health through: – Classroom activities on safety, nutrition, and wellness – Guidance class with the counselor, Mrs. Richards – Drug awareness and prevention through the D.A.R.E. program conducted by the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department.
  26. 26. CurriculumThe following percentages will apply to Science work: Tests – 40% Quizzes – 15% Class Work – 25% Projects/Labs – 20% Health work: Students will receive an “S” or an “N” on the report card.
  27. 27. 5th Grade Website: Forms / Handouts / Newsletters Class Workstations Extra Spelling Practice Pictures Links to helpful sites Curriculum (GPS)
  28. 28. Thank you for sharingyour time and children with us. The 5th Grade Team
  29. 29. Unity I dreamed I stood in a studio And watched two sculptors there The clay they used was a young child’s mind And they fashioned it with care. One was a teacher—the tools she used Were books, music and artThe other, a parent, worked with a guiding hand And gentle, loving heart Day after day, the teacher worked with touch That was deft and sure, While the parent standing by his side, Polished and smoothed it o’er And when at last their task was done, They were proud of what they had wrought, For the things they had molded into the child Could neither be sold or bought. And each agreed they would have failed If each had worked alone, By Roy A. Ligenfelter For behind the parent stood the school Elementary Principal And behind the teacher, the home.
  30. 30. 5th Grade Survival HandbookOur Classroom Bill of Rights I have the Right to Learn: I have the Right to Personal Space: I have the Right to Personal Safety: I have the Right to Ask a Question: I have the Right to an Answer: I have the Right to Be Heard! I understand my rights, and the rights of others. I will expect others to respect my rights while in this class and will respect the rights of others.
  31. 31. Class Rule:Respect yourself, others, and all property.