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Summer 2012 presentation loop


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Summer 2012 presentation loop

  1. 1. The Stony Brook campus is set among 1,040 wooded acres.
  2. 2. THE TOP 1%! That’s where Stony Brook sits among all the world’s universities.*London Times Higher Education Supplement 2011
  3. 3. One of the Nation‟s Elite In 2001 Stony Brook University becamea member of the prestigious American Association of Universities (AAU), an invitation-only organization composed of the top 61 research universities in North America.
  4. 4. Stony Brook University is the economic engine of Long Island,accounting for an annual economic impact of $4.6 billion.
  5. 5. Stony Brook University Fast Facts• Over 16,000 students and 2,800 faculty• More than 150 majors, minors and combined degree programs
  6. 6. Life On Campus• Over 300 clubs and organizations, including cultural groups, academic clubs and honor societies, special interest groups, media, Greek organizations, and more!
  7. 7. Brookhaven NationalLaboratoryStony Brook Universityco-manages nearbyBrookhaven National Laboratory,joining such prestigious schools asPrinceton, Stanford andthe University of Chicagoon the list of major institutions thatrun federal research laboratories.
  8. 8. Undergraduate Research andCreative ActivitiesStony Brook University is atrailblazer in integrating researchand undergraduate education; it wasone of the first research universitiesin the country to establish an officefor the specific purpose of promotingundergraduate research andcreative activity. Stony BrookUniversity‟s undergraduate researchprogram was named a “program tolook for” in 2011 by U.S. News &World Report.
  9. 9. Richard Anger „11• Mechanical Engineering major• Nanotechnology Studies minor• Mentor: Dr. David Korach“There‟s something a lot moreinteresting and exciting about being inthe laboratory researching things thatnobody knows as opposed to things ina classroom. One of my favoritethings about research is theindependence you have. When you‟reinvolved with research, you feel likeyou have no free time… but it‟s worthevery minute of it.”
  10. 10. McKinny Kwok „11• Biology major• Business minor• University Scholars program• Mentor: Dr. William Collins“Doing research is an application ofwhat you learn in class. You havemore time to explore in research thanyou would in a lab course. You pickthe research questions, you designthe experiments. It‟s a major extensionof your education.”
  11. 11. Yaseen Eldik „11• Psychology major• Truman Scholar• Mentor: Dr. Susan Scheckel“I would not be where I am if it wasn‟tfor the university and the faculty whohave supported me. Stony Brookprovides the seeds necessary foracademic growth; I think it hastremendous resources for studentswho are willing to explore.”
  12. 12. The Charles B. Wang Center, Celebrating Asian and American Cultures
  13. 13. State-of-the-Art NewsroomStony Brook‟s School ofJournalism is the only publicundergraduate journalism schoolin New York. The Schoolestablished one of the nation‟sfirst courses in news literacy,designed to educate students onhow to evaluate the credibility ofthe news they consume, as wellas the first Center forCommunicating Science.
  14. 14. The Simons Center for Geometry and Physics
  15. 15. Frank Melville Jr. Memorial Library
  16. 16. Stony Brook‟s Campus Residences• 28 residence halls grouped into six quads offering specialized housing options• All rooms equipped with high-speed wired and wireless Internet access, cable TV and phone• Residential computing centers, tutoring programs, and fitness centers in every quad• Guaranteed housing for eight semesters for incoming freshmen• 83% of all freshmen live on campus
  17. 17. Nobel Halls, an eco-friendly residence hall and activity center, opened in 2010.
  18. 18. Stony Brook SouthamptonOur location on Long Island‟sEast End hosts a famed M.F.A.writing program andthe Marine Station of the Schoolof Marine and AtmosphericSciences.Stony Brook offers a “SemesterBy The Sea,” which allowsstudents to live, work, and studyin Southampton full-time for onesemester.
  19. 19. Stony Brook University Hospital
  20. 20. Stony Brook Medicine IsLeading the WayAs Long Island‟s premieracademic medical center,Stony Brook has uniqueresponsibilities—to heal,to teach the next generationof physicians and to seeknew cures through research.
  21. 21. Research and Development Park The 246-acre Research and Development Park, adjacent to the Stony Brook campus, is anchoredby the Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technologies, a test bed for emerging wirelesstechnologies; and the Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center, focusing on innovative energy research, education and technology deployment.
  22. 22. Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology
  23. 23. Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center
  24. 24. Home of the SeawolvesThe Indoor Sports Complex and state-of-the-art 8,300-seat Kenneth P. LaValle Stadium—the largest outdoor facility in Suffolk County—are home to Stony Brook University‟s 20 NCAA Division I athletics teams. All teams compete in the America East Conference except for football, which is a member of the Big South Conference.
  25. 25. Kenneth P. LaValle Stadium
  26. 26. Stony Brook Seawolves Football
  27. 27. NCAA Division I2011-2012 Champions• Football (Big South)• Baseball (America East)• Men‟s Basketball (America East regular season)• Women‟s Cross Country (5-time America East)• Men‟s Lacrosse (America East)• Men‟s Soccer (America East)• Women‟s Tennis (America East)• Lucy Van Dalen (Women‟s Mile at NCAA Championships)
  28. 28. Women’s Lacrosse
  29. 29. Joe Nathan Field
  30. 30. Spirit of Stony Brook Marching BandFormed in 2006 with 17 students, the bandnow has more than 160 members, a colorguard and dance team — making itAmerica‟s fastest-growing collegiatemarching band.
  31. 31. Our AnnualRoth Pond RegattaOur most famous campustradition, the Roth PondRegatta boat race, datingback to 1987, is held everyspring. Teams race acrossRoth Pond in makeshiftcraft constructed only ofcardboard, duct tapeand paint.
  32. 32. Affordable ExcellenceTuition and fees 2012-13:• New York State: $5,570• Out Of State/International: $16,190 “A best value in higher education”