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Summer 2012 presentation click


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Summer 2012 presentation click

  1. 1. A World Of Opportunities
  2. 2. The Stony Brook campus is set among 1,040 wooded acres.
  3. 3. At Stony Brook…… your education will not be passive.• College of Arts & Sciences• College of Business• College of Engineering & Applied Sciences• School of Journalism• School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences• School of Health Technology & Management• School of Nursing• School of Social Welfare• School of Medicine• School of Dental Medicine
  4. 4. At Stony Brook…… you will engage with a vibrantundergraduate academic community.• Science & Society• Arts, Culture & Humanities• Information & Technology Studies• Human Development• Global Studies• Leadership & Service
  5. 5. At Stony Brook…… you will go beyond theclassroom.• Undergraduate Research• Brookhaven National Laboratory• Stony Brook Medicine• Study Abroad in 22 countries• Guaranteed housing• Over 300 clubs & organizations• New Recreation Center Fall 2012
  6. 6. At Stony Brook…… you’ll work hard, and play harder.
  7. 7. At Stony Brook…… we take the best and brightest andempower you to reach even higher.2012-13 Tuition:• New York State: $5,570• Out Of State/International: $16,190