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Space, Inc. - A Space-Based Deckbuilding Game


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Space Inc. is a space-based deck building game where animal-run corporations are all racing to be the first to build a Space Changing Technology!

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Space, Inc. - A Space-Based Deckbuilding Game

  1. 1. Mission Control Ben, Matt, Adriel, John, Zach, Jess, Carlos & Avery
  2. 2. Inspiration
  3. 3. Rules! Goal: Develop 3 Innovations to Build a Space Changing Technology (SCT). Each Corporation (Player) has a unique set of requirements to build their SCT. First Corporation to build their SCT wins!
  4. 4. Player Corporations*
  5. 5. *some companies based in Florida
  6. 6. Game Board
  7. 7. Challenges Scope Breaking down into simple parts Playtest!! Iterate Refine Design
  8. 8. What’s Next?
  9. 9. Get In Touch
  10. 10. John Li Adriel Wallick Jess Brummer Avery Wilson Carlos Donze Zach Helms Matt Carlton Benjamin Wu Design Design Design / Production Design / Art Marketing / Art Design Science / Design / History Science / Design / R&D @msminotaur @tbfjohn @thejbrummer @avery_illson @thedonz @zachlhelms @moonmarsmatt
  11. 11. Special Thanks To: Emma Cohn Gavin Capenos Alicen Spurlin Art Logos Logos Logan Blosser Das Valdez Card Database …and his awesome audience!
  12. 12. Download our game!