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The story. The people. The Group.

Meet our brands and some of the 1,030 amazing people that makes CDON Group what we are today.

October 2012.

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CDON Group presentation ENG

  1. 1. Just anotherordinary day
  3. 3. CDON GROUP FROM THE INSIDEThe CDON Group story starts in 1999. Internet use is offer the best online stores within all the group’s segments.established and the market for business via mail order Since it was established in 2007, CDON Group has achievedis undergoing a shift from the traditional companies’ an average annual growth of 35 percent and the groupcatalogues to the new era of e-commerce. In a small continues to grow rapidly, both organically and throughapartment in one of Malmö’s tallest buildings, a CD store acquisitions.starts up with a business concept of selling popularcompilation CDs online. The company is owned by the Every company in CDON Group has its own history and itsModern Times Group and is given the name own story. But what all the companies in CDON Group have in common are the characteristics and qualities that are theThe business advances rapidly. Its range is widened to basis for our success. These characteristics pervade ourinclude DVD films, games, books and home electronics. everyday work. It’s about a wealth of ideas, passion andSuccess is secured and the CD store grows into the largest a lot of hard work. And it’s about courage, committedonline department store in the Nordic countries. After several staff and loving your customers.years of good financial results, starts to build agroup consisting of strong e-commerce companies. In 2007 In this presentation CDON Group staff members say, amongthe company begins a series of online store acquisitions and other things, that you must risk something in order to achieveCDON Group takes shape. A few years later the Modern Times success. And that without your customers, you are nothing.Group decides to demerge the group and in 2010 CDON Group Get ready to meet the people behind the group’s listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm. Perhaps you would like to be one of them? Perhaps you are interested in making good business deals? Come along withToday, CDON Group operates a large number of online stores us and be inspired by just another ordinary day at work.with well-known brands such as, The ambition within CDON Group is to
  5. 5. Satisfied customers – the route to success CDON.COM IS THE ONLINE CD STORE THAT GREW TO BE Anneli Thulin ONE OF THE MOST SUCCESSFUL DEPARTMENT STORES Team Leader, IN THE NORDIC COUNTRIES AND WAS THE STARTING POINT FOR THE ENTIRE CDON GROUP. ANNELI THULIN WHO IS TEAM LEADER AND MARCUS SVENSSON WHO IS NORDIC PRODUCT MANAGER, BOTH HAVE THEIR ROOTS IN THE COMPANY’S CUSTOMER SERVICE. AT CDON.COM THAT IS NOT ONLY A VALUED MERIT, IT IS ALSO A KEY TO SUCCESS. CDON GROUP ENTERTAINMENT is the biggest online Thulin. “Previously I worked reaching our daily targets,” says of an introductory channel to future. I have seen many times department store in the Nordic in reception, as a telephone Anneli Thulin. “We interact with other parts of the business. Many since then that it really does work countries, with the largest number operator and as a secretary. our customers via mail, chat and key positions within the company like that.“ of articles and over two million When I came to Facebook and we have a maximum are filled by people who started active customers. The business we had 17 employees in the response time of 24 hours. Usually out in customer service. Marcus After a year in customer service, started in 1999 and has a presence entire office, and four of those we respond sooner.” Svensson, Nordic Product Marcus Svensson became an in Sweden, Norway, Denmark were in customer service – one Manager Film, is a good example. assistant in the film department and Finland. The company’s for each country.” “The basic view within the entire and advanced gradually to growth and good profitability has CDON Group is that without “I started at in June become Product Manager Film enabled a number of initiatives Today, Anneli Thulin is Team customers we are nothing,” 2006,” says Marcus Svensson. with responsibility for all the and acquisitions. is Leader for both CDON’s and continues Anneli Thulin. “It is “I had studied media, film theory, Nordic countries. also an important culture bearer Heppo’s customer service, and has the basis for all sales. Over the company business administration within CDON Group. responsibility for a workforce that years, as we have built up our and project management. At the “My duties include handling can number almost 100 people own customer service, step by end of my studies I wrote in our Nordic agreements and Anneli Thulin is Team Leader at during intensive periods. step, we have refined our ability to and applied for a job in the film negotiations with suppliers such customer service and has worked focus on the customer. Now the department. I was offered a as Disney, Warner, Universal at for 12 years. “I lead the daily operations, whole group will benefit.” summer job in customer service. Pictures and Paramount. I am coach the staff, lead further I got to know that if you played also responsible for planning “All of my career choices have training and workshops, and’s customer your cards right there were great campaigns and newsletters, doing been about service,” says Anneli have responsibility for us service has been something opportunities to progress in the daily follow-ups and reporting Marcus SvenssonNordic Product Manager Film,
  6. 6. CDON.COM The largest Nordic online department store vacuum cleaner or an iron may “ The basic view within the entire offers more articles than any other Nordic In 2007 began a series of acquisitions of other CDON GROUP ENTERTAINMENTCDON GROUP ENTERTAINMENT also think about buying a film.” online store and has over two million active customers. internet retailers with the aim of building a strong group of CDON Group is that without “The wider range has also The company has achieved good financial results and online stores. It was the start of CDON Group. The group’s customers we are nothing” been a kick for our customer strong growth for many years and has become established as one of the most significant e-commerce players in the expertise in online marketing and purchasing has made a culture bearer within the entire CDON service colleagues,” says Anneli to our sales managers. Every day Norway, Denmark and Finland. Thulin. “Now more and more Nordic countries. has online stores in Sweden, Group, and an entry point for new employees I benefit from having gone the has begun an exten- of them have the opportunity Norway, Denmark and Finland. for a career in e-commerce. long way via customer service. It sive broadening of the range and to specialise and gain deeper was there that I realised that the is moving increasingly towards knowledge in their own niches was established in 1999 as an online CD buying experience must always be becoming a complete department and areas of responsibility. store. Gradually the range expanded to include films, good, so that the customer comes store, which creates more routes Many people think that’s games, books and electronics. Today, is the back again.” to new sales. a big lift!” largest Nordic online department store with 70 million visits per year and is one of the most well-known Marcus Svensson became “Due to the new product “Salesman of the Year 2010”. categories we can, for example, trademarks in e-commerce. Since then the market for film create attractive combination has changed, but the aim is still offers,” says Marcus Svensson. Growth has been rapid. Sales passed SEK 1 billion to be biggest in film in Sweden, “Many people who buy a in 2008 and the SEK 2 billion milestone is likely to Launched in 1999 be reached in 2012. The formula for success is: The largest Nordic online department store ”A top-class range, the best possible service and Sales in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland the best value shopping basket.” Head office in Malmö and warehouse facilities at several locations
  7. 7. BOOKPLUS.FI Over six million book titles LEKMER.COM Everything for kids is a Finnish online bookstore that was Today, is a major e-commerce player and one is the largest online toy store in the Nordic customer base among online toy stores in the Nordic CDON GROUP ENTERTAINMENTCDON GROUP ENTERTAINMENT launched in 1995. It was Finland’s very first bookstore of Finland’s leading online bookstores. It offers over six countries. The business has grown fast and the company countries and has also been successful in marketing on the internet. Today, is considered as million Finnish, English, German and Swedish book titles. is achieving strong growth in toys and its other product across social media. Today, Lekmer has around 60 000 a pioneer in e-commerce. The range covers everything from children’s books and categories. was established in 2006 and fans on Facebook and the group is constantly growing. popular novels to literature and academic books. acquired by CDON Group in 2010. The company has was acquired by CDON Group in December online stores in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. plans to continue expanding in all its national 2007 and has subsequently been integrated into the markets with a vision to be market-leaders in all product group’s organisation and infrastructure. aims to present a full range for families with categories. The company’s head office is in Stockholm young children. The company offers over 10 000 articles and its warehouse is in Falkenberg. As part of CDON Group, has continued direct from stock including toys, baby products, children’s to develop and expand the range in relation to its target clothes and furnishings for children’s rooms – more than groups. has become known for its exciting One of Finland’s leading online bookstores any bricks & mortar store offers – and the range is growing and customer-oriented campaigns, and for its Launched in 1995, integrated into CDON Group in 2007 all the time. exceptionally broad and comprehensive offering. Over six million titles, from fiction to non-fiction Due to a pleasant store environment, carefully selected Launched in 2006 high-quality products and good service, has The largest Nordic online toy store gained a high level of consumer confidence and strong Sales in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland loyalty among its customers. The company has the largest Head office in Stockholm and warehouse in Falkenberg
  9. 9. A feeling for fashion SOFIA KARLSSON AND PETER LINDHOLM ARE A PART OF THE NELLY.COM SUCCESS STORY. JUST LIKE ALL THEIR COLLEAGUES, SOFIA AND PETER ARE DEEPLY COMMITTED TO THE COMPANY’S Peter Lindholm CUSTOMERS AND BRAND. AND THEY KNOW WHY Sales and Marketing Manager, THE LITTLE FASHION HOUSE IS CONQUERING THE WORLD: IT IS A COMBINATION OF DARING, LISTENING AND BEING RECEPTIVE. CDON GROUP FASHION started in 2004 in when I got an offer to become that we can constantly recruit large and growing offering. We well as with the marketing the Swedish mail order town, Expansion Manager,” says Sweden’s sharpest designers, are very sensitive to changes in and purchasing departments. Borås. With e-stores oriented Peter Lindholm. “Management product developers, buyers and trends and experts at maintaining towards fashion and beauty had decided on international textile business managers.” an up-to-the-minute range. “The tempo is high! We must for young women and men, expansion. In quick succession Something new happens on be at the forefront in the has become popular we re-launched Germany and Sofia Karlsson has responsibility every day – new development of our sites and for its understanding of the opened Holland, Austria, for the web department’s garments, accessories and design language – right for trendy, and for its personal England and an EU site.” designers, and is Editor-in-Chief activities – which attract many the times and ahead of our touch. The company is also of the popular Nelly Magazine. visitors. In addition we offer a competitors. We must never let known for organic growth that Even though has taken She is a trained designer and first-class level of service. Our ourselves become overconfident is without precedent. In the Europe by storm, Peter Lindholm after a few years at a web shop customers buy often, in many or complacent,” states Sofia industry, is a model maintains that a home base in selling cosmetics, the clothing cases spontaneously before a Karlsson. “Everyone at Nelly for success. Borås has played an important industry began to attract her. party at the weekend. In that shares a burning interest in part in the success. Sofia changed her line of business case reliable deliveries are fashion and in sales, everyone Sales and Marketing Manager and applied to completely decisive for has the same love for our Peter Lindholm began as manager “Borås has great knowledge customer satisfaction.” customers and everyone wants of Nelly’s international expansion in commerce and fashion. “I love e-commerce and have what we do to be perfect. in the late summer of 2011. Mail order companies were always been interested in fashion,” Sofia Karlsson’s working days The environment is inspiring.” e-commerce’s predecessors. says Sofia Karlsson. “Nelly consist of close cooperation “I was a trainee at MTG and The textile college and other is an important model in the with project managers, fashion “Our customers are very Sofia Karlsson was involved in social media and important parts of Sweden’s industry. There are several managers, fashion coordinators, involved in what we do,” saysGraphics Manager, & Editor-in-Chief, Nelly Magazine digitalisation strategies in London, textile world are here. It means reasons for that. We have a photographers and designers as Peter Lindholm. “That’s why
  10. 10. NELLY.COM An international fashion house we are very committed to having “Now we will continue to “Nelly Magazine is also gaining is an online store that focuses on fashion and Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Holland,CDON GROUP FASHION CDON GROUP FASHION as personal a relationship with develop the international major opportunities through beauty for young women and men. The company started in England and also has an EU website. The company’s customers as possible and being business,” says Peter Lindholm. expansion and the only thing 2004, originally as an underwear store. Today, ambition is to continue its international expansion. receptive in both customer “And we will also build on our that limits us as a company is the largest online fashion house in the Nordic countries, service and social media. own brands Nelly Trend and is our own ideas,” says Sofia with over 100 employees and more than 800 brands in Since the start has been based in Borås, partly Karlsson. “We thrive on change, that is our culture. No two days the range. The company became part of CDON Group in for logistical reasons, but also because it is the centre “ We must be at the forefront in the are alike and it is always exciting to go to work.” 2007. for textiles in Sweden. The country’s leading fashion and textile courses are held in Borås, providing the company development of our sites and design The product offering includes a high percentage with a stable recruitment base. language – right for the times and “We reward courage. To gain enormous success you have to of own brands. In-house designs account for a large part of sales. Success is based on a highly refined sensitivity ahead of our competitors.” risk something,” emphasises for trends and a great commitment to its customers Peter Lindholm. “Nelly is a through receptiveness, a high level of service, events, shining example of what happens We always talk like one friend Nelly Shoes. We have a strong when you dare to try, learn, gain dialogue in social media and its own fashion magazine, to another and when a customer and unusually high percentage experiences, share them with Nelly Magazine. has a problem there are an of own production. This is due colleagues and other companies The largest online fashion house in the Nordic countries, launched in 2004 incredible number of people in to factors such as success in in the group and try something has a business model that is well suited to Large percentage of own brands and in-house designs the office who get involved.” creating a distinctive style of our new again. You then develop a expansion and the company has been commended many Stores in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Holland, England and the EU own and our collaborations with feeling for doing the right thing.” times for its high growth rate. is established in Head office in Borås, warehouse in Falkenberg well-known designers.”
  11. 11. HEPPO.COM One hundred new shoe models every day MEMBERS.COM Exclusively for members is a fast-growing online shoe store. The store returns, a price guarantee and no invoice charge, it is both is an exclusive, internet-based shopping interiors, design and electronic products under MembersCDON GROUP FASHION CDON GROUP FASHION opened in August 2010 after a launch period of just five easy and problem-free to shop at The goods club that gives specially invited members access to unique Home, as well as experiences, travel and hotel offers from months and now has sales in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, are usually dispatched the day after the order. offers and campaigns. was established by around the world under Members Travel. Finland and Holland. wants to offer better, CDON Group in September 2011 and was simultaneously easier and more enjoyable shopping than a traditional At’s head office in Malmö, 18 people work in launched throughout the Nordic countries. Within a short time, has reached a large and shoe store. purchasing, marketing, logistics, design and programming. committed customer group and achieved high sales figures. The warehouse is in Falkenberg. The launch generated such a high level of interest The number of membership applications continues to rise. The range includes trendy, functional and classic shoes that initially had to halt membership from over 450 different brands. The offering is enormous, applications. The club’s popularity has continued to grow with a great variety, all the way from sneakers, everyday rapidly and one year after its launch, is shoes, smart shoes and boots to specialist shoes for one of the largest Nordic shopping clubs. sports. There is something for everyone, large and small, for all occasions. Every day over 100 new models are Members of receive new attractive offers added and the constantly growing range also includes almost every day on carefully selected branded products accessories, bags and socks. and services. The campaigns are developed exclusively Launched in August 2010 for the club’s members, every offer has a time limit and The shopping environment is inspiring and helpful, and Sells shoes, shoe accessories and other accessories on the internet members receive a discount of between 30-80 %. the positive experience is reinforced by the highest Sales in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Holland One of the largest shopping clubs in the Nordic countries conceivable level of service. With free shipping, free Head office in Malmö and warehouse in Falkenberg Originally, was oriented towards strong Attractive offers on exclusive brands for members brands in fashion, jewellery, watches and accessories. Launched throughout the Nordic countries in the autumn of 2011 As the club has grown, the range has expanded to include Offices in Borås and warehouse in Falkenberg
  13. 13. An entrepreneur with a burning desire to succeed MIKAEL NILSSON JOINED GYMGROSSISTEN.COM IN 2009. HE FACED A CHALLENGE THAT MOST PEOPLE WOULD HAVE AVOIDED, BUT SUCCESS WAS ACHIEVED DUE TO MIKAEL’S GREAT ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT. THREE INTENSIVE YEARS LATER, Mikael Nilsson COO, MIKAEL NILSSON IS THE COMPANY’S COO AND CREATES CONDITIONS FOR NEW DRIVING FORCES TO SUCCEED IN THEIR WORK. sells high- business was newly established. own product category with own “There are many initiatives sponsoring local athletes, one of the challenges is to quality diet supplements for The initial task was to double price settings, where I handled behind the growth,” states started local Gymgrossisten handle the transformation active sports enthusiasts. The both countries’ sales figures sales to the customer. I have Mikael Nilsson. “During my teams and ensured that all from small company to a more company was established in 1996 – in six months.” also had several international trips to Norway and Finland departments became familiar organised business in which and ranks among the pioneers of assignments. But I had never I realised that the markets with each country’s needs. we develop departments with CDON GROUP SPORTS & HEALTHCDON GROUP SPORTS & HEALTH Swedish e-commerce. After 10 It looked like an impossible worked in e-commerce, so that were 80 percent like the Swedish. Quite simply, we did what a specific responsibilities and successful years Gymgrossisten. task. However, a keen interest in was something new for me. On To succeed locally the remaining domestic Norwegian or Finnish specialities. We shall also com was acquired by CDON business development and sales my second day we had a business 20 percent was extremely company would have done, improve in areas such as Group and following continued has been a constant theme in development meeting and my important. As a result we but the difference was that our online marketing, CRM and expansion the company is now Mikael Nilsson’s working life. boss said: ‘Mikael, next week started to adapt our offering starting point was Sweden.” measurable optimisation.” established in all the Nordic As a qualified civil engineer from you will be holding this meeting.’ and our marketing.” countries and parts of Europe. the Royal Institute of Technology In front of me was a project list At the Group’s CDON “Previously the job has always The business has also grown in Stockholm he started his of 50 ongoing activities.” The work largely concerned Awards in 2011 in Malmö, been about my own results, through the acquisition of the career as a sales engineer and involving the entire company Mikael Nilsson received the but now I shall create conditions Swedish health food store, later worked as a commercial There were long working days and creating focus internally. ”Entrepreneur of the Year” for other people to succeed. It is product manager, key account during the first six months, but award. Eighteen months very inspiring, especially when manager, and management and the target was exceeded by far. “It is easy when you have a later Mikael is COO at you work in a company where “When I saw that Gymgrossisten profitability consultant. And In the first year growth figures for Swedish organisation to get and now the whole culture is about was looking for a project manager Mikael has a burning desire to Norway and Finland were a record caught up in Swedish marketing. has greater, more overall opportunities and utilising for launches in new markets, succeed. high of 181 and 194 percent When we saw that the solution responsibilities. talent. But I am not letting go I was immediately interested. respectively. In addition, success- was to become more local, we of entrepreneurship completely, I contacted them and found out “I had gained a lot of experience ful launches were carried out in developed our Norwegian and “I am responsible for everything as I will continue to work that there was dissatisfaction from my previous positions. Germany and Denmark. Today, Finnish ranges, we changed from business development and quite extensively on business with growth in Norway and Among other things I have been the company is the market leader our communications to be product development to marketing development and sales. That Finland, countries where the involved in the development of an throughout the Nordic countries. more country-specific, began and e-commerce platforms. Now will always be a part of me.”
  14. 14. GYMGROSSISTEN.COM A pioneer in diet supplements and health BODYSTORE.COM The green department store sells high-quality diet supplements has around 150 employees and develops its own products. is a Swedish online store that offers ecological image and is reaching more and more CDON GROUP SPORTS & HEALTHCDON GROUP SPORTS & HEALTH for active sports enthusiasts. The company was founded Own brand products account for a high percentage of products for health, wellbeing and beauty at low prices. customers who are looking for eco-friendly alternatives in 1996 and is regarded as a pioneer of e-commerce. sales. The business has also grown through the acquisition, part of, joined to products in the areas of health, beauty, training After more than 10 years of success, of the Swedish health food store, CDON Group in 2008. and food. was acquired by CDON Group. The company has continued its expansion and is established in the Nordic countries has a number of collaborations has become one of Sweden’s leading is striving to become the first choice and Germany. with athletes and nutritionists, and arranges regular online stores for health food and wellbeing. The constantly for all those who are looking for ecological and healthy popular events for its customers. The company has over growing range is very varied and comprises of more than products, and aims to be Sweden’s leading online green was launched by two athletes who felt 75 000 fans on Facebook, and over the years has won 1 700 articles. The offering includes everything from department store. there was no Swedish alternative to expensive foreign diet company achievement awards several times from business health and body care products, food, natural medicines, supplements. The company offers products at low prices magazines such as “Gasellföretag” from Dagens Industri non-prescription medicines and beauty products to diet via the internet and in franchise stores. The range includes and “Superföretag” from Veckans Affärer. supplements, training clothing and training equipment. its own branded products as well as several external brands, and the business concept quickly has a large and well-informed customer became a success. group and has for many years been active in its relations Sweden’s leading online store for health food and wellbeing Leading online retailer of diet supplements with customers. The store is well known for its long Shares an organisation with With the constantly growing interest in health and training, Sales via the internet and franchise stores, around 150 employees collaboration with the Swedish singer, Charlotte Perelli. Established in Sweden the business and range has expanded to include training Established in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Germany is continuing to develop its strong Offices in Stockholm and Trollhättan, where its warehouse is located equipment, clothing and accessories. Offices in Stockholm and Trollhättan, where its warehouse is located
  16. 16. ” t is appreciated here I when you make good business deals” AS HE GREW UP IN A FAMILY COMPANY, NAIM MESSO HAS DEVELOPED HIS ABILITY TO THINK IN BUSINESS TERMS. IDEALLY, HE WANTS TO INFLUENCE THE WHOLE BUSINESS TO ACHIEVE RESULTS. FOR A FEW YEARS AS AN ACCOUNTING Naim Messo CFO, CONSULTANT HE HAD A LONGING TO GET CLOSER TO THE BUSINESS SIDE AGAIN. TODAY, NAIM MESSO IS THRIVING AS THE CFO OF TRETTI.COM. sells white goods and without several key people due Even when we were young my Messo has responsibility for the ongoing broadening of the range other companies in CDON household appliances and is one to parental leave,” says Naim brothers and sisters and I had financial side and is a member of and expansion outside Sweden. Group act, it affects the market’s of Sweden’s strongest brands in Messo. “The idea was that I to take responsibility and help the management group, but he Within CDON Group there is a assessment not only of the whole e-commerce. The company has would support the financial out as soon as we had finished is also involved in operational lot of experience and everyone in group, but ultimately of our received many awards for the department a few days a week, our homework and had some areas such as warehousing and the organisation is easy to reach. business. Therefore, I mustCDON GROUP HOME & GARDEN CDON GROUP HOME & GARDEN qualities of its online store but I was soon asked if I wanted spare time. And the older I got, logistics. The opportunity for exchanges always be able to reach others including being named to take over responsibility for the more I became involved in within the group is a strong rapidly and easily. It is also self- ”E-Retailer of the Year” the department. I already had a the development of the business “I had worked for seven years as culture bearer. And that is also evident for me to be accessible – six years in a row. liking for the company, for the – and increasingly interested in a consultant for many different a reason for the group’s success, for the other companies, for was launched in 2004 and after atmosphere and the vibe, so we how you achieve profitability.” companies. I felt that I wanted according to Naim Messo. example to give advice on a period on the stock exchange quickly reached an agreement.” to work in a more focused way, matters in which became part of the CDON After leaving school, and in become more involved so that “Firstly, we have good cooperation has extensive experience.” Group in 2011. Today, there Naim Messo describes an informal parallel with work in the family’s I could continue to develop across departments,” says Naim are online stores in Sweden, atmosphere where everyone is on restaurant, Naim Messo studied something. Previously it was Messo and as an example looks Denmark, Norway and Finland. the same level and works under at Stockholm University, where my task to get customers’ financial at Tretti as an IT company. the same conditions. Managers he gained a master’s degree in departments working properly. “We are dependent on a good Naim Messo’s connection with and staff are just as involved in Business Administration with Here I am involved in the IT platform and good logistic Tretti started with a simple the everyday work, and nobody an emphasis on accounting and processes, keep a check on the solutions for making good consultancy assignment that is further away than an email taxation. After his studies he entire business and help to business transactions. That rapidly became an increasingly or telephone call. In addition, was involved in starting up develop the company.” requires that I can reach the large commitment. everyone is results-oriented and a restaurant, ran his own entire business in order to you are allowed to like making consulting firm and worked as After CDON Group acquired make the correct calculations.” “It all started in January 2010. business deals. a consultant for accounting and from the stock I was working as an accounting auditing agencies. His knowledge exchange, the focus on growth “Launches in new markets consultant at BDO when Tretti’s “I grew up in the restaurant and business acumen impressed became stronger than ever. Among is a good example of how we financial department was suddenly business, in the family company. at As CFO, Naim Naim Messo’s challenges are an must work as a group. When
  17. 17. TRETTI.COM Leaders in white goods and household appliances ROOM21.COM Biggest in designer furniture and interiors is one of largest online stores in the Nordic into the home – free shipping, expert customer service is the biggest internet-based store for The company’s head office and warehouse are in Borås,CDON GROUP HOME & GARDEN CDON GROUP HOME & GARDEN countries for white goods and household appliances. staff, installation assistance and removal of old household furniture and interiors in the Nordic countries. Room21. as is a bricks & mortar showroom where customers can The company was founded in 2004 and became part machines. com was established in 2006 as a family company with see and experience a large part of the range. of CDON Group in 2011. has online stores three employees and was an early mover in furniture and in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. The company’s Over the years has become a model for both interiors on the internet. The company caught the interest When became part of CDON Group, online head office is in Stockholm and its warehouse facilities bricks & mortar and internet-based white goods stores, as of CDON Group, not least for its ability to attract strong stores were rapidly launched in Norway, Finland and are located in Jordbro. well as for e-commerce companies in general. brands. was acquired in February 2011 Denmark, and the number of employees increased six fold. regularly receives awards for its online stores including and immediately initiated an expansion phase. The rapid expansion is continuing with an aim to make was started up after thorough analysis of the being named ”E-Retailer of the Year” six years in a row. the recognised market leader for furniture market and due to perfect timing the company could presents an attractive mix of products in the and interior furnishings in the Nordic countries. successfully penetrate the market for white goods on premium and medium-price segments. The range offers the internet. Today, there are more than 9 000 articles over one hundred brands, including everything from design in a range that covers everything from white goods and classics to good-value quality furniture that is designed household appliances to garden machines, bathroom in-house. There are regular creative guest spots by well- articles and home electronics. known designers and artists, exclusively for Launched in 2004 Launched in 2006 The brand is associated with competitive prices and One of the strongest Nordic brands for white goods and household appliances Due to expert customer service staff, a high level of The largest Nordic online store for furniture and interiors a service offering that is among the best in the sector. Sales in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland service and excellent delivery conditions, it is easy and Sales in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark The stores’ offering includes fast delivery – all the way Head office in Stockholm and warehouse in Jordbro problem-free to buy furniture from Head office, showroom and warehouse in Borås