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Pecha kucha (2)

  1. 1. Nicola Jordan and Charlotte Dobbs
  2. 2. A photo app that allows you to add a filter andshare your images with others.
  3. 3. When, Who, What?• When: you can post a photo at anytime andInstagram will record when you have posted.• Who: Anyone can use instagram, and liketwitter, anyone can follow you. Celebrities alsouse instagram!• What: Pictures can be anything from photos offriends to pictures of your meals.
  4. 4. My experience with Instagram
  5. 5. Evaluation of Instagram• What can you gain from this app?You can look back and remember moments ortimes in your life through photos.• Negatives?Anyone can use your photos once they are onInstagram. Stalking/Privacy issues.
  6. 6. • For my Quantified Self project I have chosen tomonitor my sleeping patterns.• I chose this because I have always been curiousas to whether I am getting an adequateamount of sleep or not.The Sleeping Gadget
  7. 7. • I started off by downloading the SleepGadget app onto my phone.• I chose this app over other available appsas it offered graphs, results and you wereable to personalise it.The App
  8. 8. • Once I had downloaded the app I had tosubmit my own personal information.• To choose my sleep goal I researched theoptimum amount of sleep for a 19 year oldand found that it is between 7-8 hours anight.• Because of this I choose 7.30 hours.• I also had to choose a delay from when Ipressed the Sleeping button to when Iactually fell asleep.
  9. 9. • To create the information throughout the app youhave to press the sleep button and then a timerstarts a ten minute countdown.• After the countdown ,the app starts to monitorhow much time you spend sleeping.• Once you wake up you have to press the wake upbutton ( which appears where the sleep button is)How the app works
  10. 10. • The app then turns the data into a graph.• You can choose whether it is a line graph or a graph or a calendar graph.• From these graphs you can see that the hours I slept each nightincreased through the week and then decreased towards the end of theweek.
  11. 11. • The app then analyses the data Its received.• From this you can see that I have slept 4:06 hoursunder my target.• It also shows the averages throughout mysleeping.• It also shows information such as the most sleepI’ve had as well as the least.
  12. 12. • The negatives to this app is that if I don’t fall asleep within the 10 minutedelay I have set then it still counts within the data.• As well as this I found it difficult to keep reminding myself to actually usethe app. It would be better if there was• It also doesn’t record how long you are awake for, which means you cantput a measurement on whether you are sleeping an adequate amount ornot.Negatives