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Mother's day '12


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This is my mother's day for mommy.

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Mother's day '12

  1. 1. This is your daughter saying…..
  2. 2. Thank You…..
  3. 3. For being my best friend… For being my mentor and juror…. For being a great cook.. For being my “No.1 Fan”... For being my armor of strength… For teaching and reminding me of who God is….For being an example of how a daughter should be… And most of all…For being the MOTHER a daughter would be LUCKY to have and could WISH for…
  4. 4. Sorry…
  5. 5. For being insensitive of your feelings… For being stubborn…. For being an occasional liar….. For being lazy at times…. For sometimes being someone that I am not…. For being selfish … For not being the daughter whom you wanted me to be…For being the reason why you weren’t able to do what you want to do and achieve what you want to achieve… For this….
  6. 6. I Promise…
  7. 7. To give you the LIFE that you deserve.. To bring you to PLACES where you want go…To do my very best to TAKE CARE OF YOU when you get old like what you did for Mama and Papa…. To do my best to be the DAUGHTER that you want me to be…. AND To make this DAY very special FOR YOU….
  8. 8. For This…. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY
  9. 9. As the song says…Thanks to You
  10. 10. I LOVE YOUI Hope this gift made a great start to your day 