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Journal r ubric

  1. 1. Exhibition Assessment - JournalNAME: SUCCESS CRITERIA Exceeding Expectations Meeting Expectations Approaching Expectations - clear and thorough documentation - documentation of the steps followed - documentation of the steps of the steps followed when when conducting an investigation is followed when conducting an conducting an investigation is evident, i.e., prior knowledge, investigation is limited or not evident, i.e., prior knowledge, ongoing questions, collecting, evident, i.e., prior knowledge, ongoing questions, collecting, collating and sorting data, drawing ongoing questions, collecting, collating and sorting data, drawing conclusions collating and sorting data, conclusions, highlighting multiple drawing conclusions solutions, possibilities for action - daily records of the thinking and - records of the thinking and planning - records are inconsistent, sporadic planning process have been process have been consistently- Understand and demonstrate thoroughly documented documented how to use a working journal - shows clear, well organized and - shows clear detailed organization of - shows minimal or unclear to record the process of thorough documentation of personal/group thoughts, ideas, documentation of personal/group planning and executing an personal/group thoughts, ideas, reflections notes, plans thoughts, ideas, reflections, notes investigation reflections, notes and plans - focus is on documenting the - focus is on documenting the process - focus is on irrelevant detail and/or- Understand and demonstrate process in a way that is informative in a way that appeals to the audience artistic decoration rather than on how to use a working journal and appealing without irrelevant i.e.,neat, tidy, easy to read, and not documentation of the process to record the process of detail or artistic decoration on artistic decoration planning how they will - space is used efficiently and - efficient use of space is evident - space has not been used present their findings in the effectively effectively form of an appealing, - reflections show a growing - reflections show a growing - there is minimal evidence of informative exhibit understanding of the big ideas understanding of the issue with some understanding of the issue surrounding the issue and show connection to other experiences connection to other concepts, units, issues etc. - uses a range and balance of - there is some variety in the choice of - no graphic organizers have been appropriate formats for presenting format, including graphic organizers, used and the format of information, i.e., graphic to organize information documentation is similar organizers, charts, etc. throughout - clear, concise evidence of how the - evidence of how the exhibit will look - there is little or confusing exhibit will look has been recorded, has been recorded, including lists, evidence as to how the exhibit will including precise lists, measurements, calculations and look. Materials required either measurements, calculations and costs of materials required have not been considered or costs of materials required there is little detail documented