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Exposing Tech Lending Device Availability Data


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5 minute lightning session for Triangle Research Libraries Network 2012 annual meeting

Published in: Education, Technology
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Exposing Tech Lending Device Availability Data

  1. 1. Exposing TechLendingDeviceAvailabilityDataCharlie MorrisNCSU Libraries
  2. 2. Initial scope£ Started as a project to Drupalize the Libraries’ devices £ Migrate content from “htdocs” £ Bring order for better findability £ Create uniformity and consistency £ Make maintenance easy £ Emphasize important information for users£ What’s important? What would better order look like? etc...
  3. 3. Drupalize and present availability data
  4. 4. D. H. Hill TechLending£ 100+ laptops (Mac and PC)£ 50+ iPads (Gen 1 and Gen 2)£ Many other devices£ Most circulated items in catalog£ One of the most frequently asked questions by patrons: “how many X are there?”
  5. 5. Sirsi Web Service 25
  6. 6. Sirsi Web Service 25XML feeds Feeds module Web pages Feed Importers Eboards1 feed per devicetype and location Feeds xQuery(catkey) module Custom Content Type: Devices Views Cron (every 2 min)
  7. 7. Laptop aggregate indicator
  8. 8. Drilling down to a model
  9. 9. By iPad generation
  10. 10. Eboard display
  11. 11. Next steps£ Add more devices and locations£ Redesign user interface for tech lending landing pages£ Create more eboards£ Establish relationships among devices and pages on site£ Thinking about: £ Present on mobile? £ Provide user feedback/interaction mechanisms?