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Tech Training - Session 9


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Borough of West Chester
Quarterly Technology Tech Training
May 14, 2103

Published in: Technology, Business
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Tech Training - Session 9

  1. 1. Borough of West ChesterInformation Technology TrainingSession 9 – May 14, 2013William Mann, Chief Information Officer• Interactive Presentations• CitySourced• Securing Your Online Profile with LastPass• Website Enhancement Project• Wireless Networks (public & staff)• Microsoft Office 365 - Upgrade• Facebook Update• Technology Blog• Straight From The Headlines• Questions & Answers
  2. 2. Interactive PresentationsRoom 240 and the Borough Council Chambers are both in the process ofbeing upgraded to include the ability to easily conduct interactivepresentations. The solutions being installed are very popular in schooldistricts and are very easy to setup and use.
  3. 3. Interactive PresentationsRoom 240 will have a“fixed” projector andboard installed.The Borough CouncilChambers will have a“mobile cart” solution.The mobile cart willhave the ability to beplaced at any desiredlocation, easily andquickly.
  4. 4. Interactive PresentationsThese interactive projectors will be available for alldepartments, public meetings and on appointmentprivate meetings as well.Before anyone can use the equipment the presentermust first be introduced to how the equipmentfunctions.A policy and procedure for the use of this equipmentshall also be issued prior to it being placed into service.
  5. 5. Interactive PresentationsRoom 240 and the Borough Council Chambers are both in the process ofbeing upgraded to include the ability to easily conduct interactivepresentations. The solutions being installed are very popular in schooldistricts and are very easy to setup and use.
  6. 6. CitySourcedThe Borough has partnered with CitySourced to bring interactivity andengagement to our community.What is CitySourced?Very simply CitySourced allows anyone to very easilyand quickly report hazardous conditions,environmental concerns and public safetyproblems directly to the appropriate governmentaldepartment…. right from their smartphone.
  7. 7. CitySourcedHow Does CitySourced Work?Users will be able to download (for free) West Chester‟s new app, “WestChester Connect” from their smartphone‟s store. The app will beavailable on iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices. All thatwill be needed to register is the user‟s email address & name.Our app is already available in the Apple & Android Stores. Windows & Blackberry should be available very shortly.
  8. 8. CitySourcedHow Does CitySourced Work?Once downloaded the user will only need to open theapp when he or she finds an issue they would like toreport. Once the app is open, the camera isautomatically activated so that a photo of the“problem” can be included along with the information.A couple of pre-defined fields will be available such as“pot hole” or “sidewalk” for the user to select. Theuser can also include additional notes in their report.The GPS informationfrom the phone & thetime of the reportwill also be includedin the report.
  9. 9. CitySourcedAdministering CitySourced?Each department will login to our account to manage andwork on reported issues. The person who submitted thereport will receive updates as the reported issue ishandled.
  10. 10. CitySourcedThe app is being written and should be available in theapp stores shortly. A policy & procedure is beingprepared in addition to “press release” information.Training will also be provided soon to management.
  11. 11. CitySourcedStaff with access will be able to log in to manage andcomplete work orders which are submitted throughCitySourced. The citizen who submitted the work orderwill get push notifications as the work order isprocessed.
  12. 12. CitySourcedStaff assigned with specific roles in CitySourced will benotified by email when work orders are submitted.Sample emailDemo
  13. 13. CitySourcedI am continuing to work with CitySourced developing our new service.You can find the app in the Apple and Android stores now. This is the app you (or acitizen) would use to “report an issue”. The Windows Phone & Blackberry apps shouldarrive within a week or two.What’s Next?• I have training next week with CitySourced.• One hour webinar to be scheduled in June for departmental staff provided byCitySourced.• I will provide follow-up training to all staff who will use the service.• I will prepare a “press release” which will be submitted to the Borough Manager forapproval announcing the new service and a launch date.• I will prepare a “borough policy” in respect to CitySourced which shall besubmitted to the Borough Manager for approval.
  14. 14. Securing Your Online ProfileI have been checking out several freeapplications for the past year or so inrespect to managing passwords. I havefinally conceded that sometimes you simplyneed to pay if you want to do it right.This revelation in addition to theimportance of enhancing security has led meto “LastPass”.
  15. 15. Securing Your Online ProfileWhat is LastPass?
  16. 16. Securing Your Online ProfileGetting Started with LastPass?* LastPass is about $12/year. Which is well worth the smallcost to secure your information safely & easily.You can sign up at• Write down & gather all your secure account information.• Place the accounts into categories (finance, shopping, tv,school etc.)• Enter all of your gathered information into the “Vault”.• Download the app for your mobile devices.
  17. 17. Wireless NetworksThere are 2 wireless networks inservice inside the municipalbuilding.1. The primary access is “WC-Wireless”which is open to the staff as well asvisitors. This wireless network can beshared with anyone who requestsaccess. The WEP Key is[4016106962700].2. The secondary access point is “StaffOnly”. Access to this SSID must beapproved through the CIO‟s office.Review IT Memo 2013-21 (Staff Only Wireless Network)
  18. 18. Wireless NetworksWEP – “Wired Equivalent Privacy”This is a security code assigned to secured wirelessnetworks.SSID – “Service Set Identifier”Wireless networks can be broken out into several different“service sets” in order to meet the needs of differentusers.This is how we can have both “WC-Wireless” and “StaffOnly” on the same wireless access network.
  19. 19. Wireless NetworksSecurity Tip !You no doubt have noticed that more & more publicbusinesses such as restaurants, grocery stores, bookstores, coffee shops and pubs are now providing “openaccess” to their wireless network.While this is great It is strongly recommended that if youconnect to these “open networks” you stay away frombanking and other sensitive transactions while connected.If you find that you need to conduct any type of securetransaction take a moment to first disconnect from thewireless network and use your carrier‟s cellular network.
  20. 20. Microsoft Office 365Our upgrade to Microsoft Office 365 is only a couple ofweeks away! Although no specific date has been set yet Idid receive an alert from Microsoft on May 1 providing a 4week window for our service upgrade.In addition to moving from Office 2010 to Office 2013some of the new highlights include:• The 2013 service upgrade will deliver exciting new features, including: Widersupport for mobile devices, so you and your staff can be more productive in moreplaces.• Integration between online conferencing, social networks, and email for improvedcollaboration.• File sharing and storage in the cloud with SkyDrive Pro.• Smarter email, calendar and contacts with broader mobile support.• Improved management capabilities in the redesigned Office 365 admin portal.
  21. 21. Microsoft Office 365Some of the improvements you will see include:
  22. 22. FacebookThe Borough‟s Facebook page hascontinued to grow in popularity sinceit was launched on October 1, 2012.We are approaching 1000 „Likes‟ soplease recommend our page to yourfriends and family.If you have any ideas or suggestions pleaseContact any of the Facebook Team members.• William Mann• Staci King• Rich Ashenfelder• Meghan Fogarty• Kathy Brooks• Hector Mojica• Jennifer Glick
  23. 23. Technology BlogPlease be sure to stay on top of allthings tech at the Borough‟s own“West Chester Technology Blog”.If you have any ideas or suggestionsplease contact me.Did you know that you can subscribeto the tech blog by entering youremail address in the “Follow byEmail” option on the right panel.
  24. 24. Promoting EngagementThis 4 x 6 sticker will be arriving shortly.
  25. 25. Technology News• “DNS” or “Domain Name System” Turns 30.• Online Shopping Faces Taxes• Malware Trouble For Bing• Boston Tragedy – Contacting Loved Ones During Tragedy• Cyber Criminals Scoping Out Mobile Users
  26. 26. Q & A