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West Chester Borough - Technology Training for August 9, 2012.

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SharePoint & More

  1. 1. BOROUGH OF WEST CHESTER Information Technology Training – Session 6 – July 19, 2012 • SharePoint • Accessing Your Email Remotely • West Chester Employee’s Technology Newsletter • West Chester Employee’s Technology Twitter Feed • New - Windows Malware Prevention Tool • Quick Tips! • Microsoft Word Shortcuts • Microsoft Excel Shortcuts • Questions & Answers William Mann, Chief Information Officer
  2. 2. What Exactly is Microsoft SharePoint Anyway? Microsoft SharePoint makes it easier for people to work together. Using SharePoint 2010, you can set up Web sites to share information with others, manage documents from start to finish, and publish reports to help everyone make better decisions. The main SharePoint site is a place where commonly accessed files such as HR documents, policies, procedures and other organization wide resources can be easily accessed by everyone.
  3. 3. Who Has Access to Microsoft SharePoint Anyway? Everyone has basic access to Microsoft SharePoint. Microsoft Licensing is broken down into 2 subscriptions. Plan 1 & Plan E3. Plan 1 provides the user with access to Microsoft email. Plan E3 provides the user with access to Microsoft email, Microsoft SharePoint and Lync. Management personal have E3 subscriptions while the remainder of the staff have Plan 1 licenses.
  4. 4. SharePoint is accessed from the Microsoft Office 365 portal. or Click here to access SharePoint
  5. 5. You will be able to access shared documents & more in the library section. If you do not have a 365 E3 account you can access the SharePoint site with the guestaccount. The guest account is The password is “WestChester400”.
  6. 6. You will be able to access shared documents & more in the library section. At the main SharePoint Site you can access the following: • Borough Shared Documents • Borough Shared Calendars • Internet Links • Discussion Boards • Your Very Own SharePoint Site* * If you have a E3 Office 365 Account
  7. 7. Proceed to SharePointDemonstration Demonstration Content • Logging in for E3 users • Logging in for E1 users • Calendars • Libraries & Documents E3 Account Users • Creating Libraries (E3) • Uploading Files (E3) • Edit Page preview
  8. 8. AccessingSharePoint on Mobile DevicesThere are paid& free appsavailable forAndroid &Apple devices.
  9. 9. The Many Ways You Can Access Email There are more ways then ever now to connect to your email and I wanted to cover some of them here.
  10. 10. Accessing Email Remotely In addition to the Microsoft Outlook client you can access your email through the OWA (Outlook Web Access) portal. Demonstration
  11. 11. Accessing Email on Mobile Devices It is easier then ever to access your email on the mobile devices of your choice. All major service providers and manufacturers support Microsoft 365.
  12. 12. Setting up Email on Mobile Devices It is also easier than ever before to setup email on these devices. You will need a couple of things to setup your account. 1. Your email address 2. Your email password 3. Server Address ( Different providers may ask for this information in varying ways but the information needed is the same.
  13. 13. The newWest Chester Employee’s Technology Newsletter The mission of the new technology newsletter is simply to provide me with the ability to discuss some technology issues of interest in a more specific and detailed way then can be done on the blog. I hope that eventually many of you will even start to look forward to each issue!
  14. 14. The newWest Chester Employee’s Technology Twitter Feed The mission of the new technology twitter feed is actually the opposite of the newsletter or blog. Here, I hope to have employees asking me, and each other, quick tech questions, offering ideas and help to each other. You will be surprised what you can learn when you become engaged in the conversation!
  15. 15. Windows Malware Prevention Tool Will Help You Protect Your ComputerMicrosoft has released a Malware Prevention Troubleshooter Tool.This free tool will check if your Windows computer has the recommendedsecurity settings and security software. It will scan your PC and then makerecommended changes automatically.
  16. 16. Quick Tips!Internet Explorer: You can make the browser [full screen] withthe F11 key. The same key returns the browser to a normalwindow.Print Screen: You can save any screenshot as an image byselecting the [print Screen] button and pasting it into Word or anypaint program. Once in the program select the “paste” option orsimply select the [Ctrl] and [V] keys.Outlook: You can quickly delete all the contents in your “trashfolder” by right clicking on the folder and choosing “empty folder”.You can also do this to your “junk mail” folder.Find Your Files: You can (windows 7) right click on anyshortcut and select “open file location”. For Windows XP rightclick on the shortcut, select “properties” then click “find target”.This will open a window with the file folder in which the file isresiding.
  17. 17. Microsoft Word ShortcutsShortcut Description Select the word.Double-click (on a word) Select the entire sentence.Single-click (anywhere in a sentence) +Holding CTRL Select the entire paragraph.Triple-click (anywhere in a paragraph) Select text from the click position to release position.Click, hold, drag, then release Select text from the 1st position to the 2nd position.Click first position, hold SHIFT key, then click2nd position Vertical select text.Hold ALT key, then click and drag Zoom in/out.Hold CTRL key, then scroll wheel
  18. 18. Microsoft Excel ShortcutsShortcut Description Select the entire contents.Double-click (on a cell) Adjust height/width to auto-fit.Double-click (on a row/column divider) Adjust height/width to auto-fit of all high-High-light headers of multiple rows/columns lighted rows/columns.then Double-click on a row/column divider Select the entire contents in the cellTriple-click Adjust height/width of the row/columnClick on row/column divider then drag Select multiple cellsHold Shift + Click the cells Zooms in and out of document.Ctrl + Mouse wheel
  19. 19. What’s Around The Corner?
  20. 20. It’s time for any technology questions!Thank You for attending and I hope to schedule ournext training for fall 2012. Please send me any ideasor suggestions for training topics.