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A New Narrative - WordCamp DFW 2017


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Our inner voice is telling us lies. How can we shush it?

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A New Narrative - WordCamp DFW 2017

  1. 1. Carrie Dils | @cdils #wcdfw A New Narrative WordCamp DFW 2017
  2. 2. © Columbia Pictures Carrie Dils | @cdils #wcdfw
  3. 3. © Columbia Pictures Carrie Dils | @cdils #wcdfw
  4. 4. –Sunni Brown “What I mean by creatives, I just mean people taking a risk. People going through some endeavor, trying to build or create or make something. I don't mean only artists or painters.” Carrie Dils | @cdils #wcdfw
  5. 5. We are impacted by: • Depression • Burnout • Indecision • Procrastination • Comparison • Self-Doubt • Perfectionism Carrie Dils | @cdils #wcdfw
  6. 6. Depression Carrie Dils | @cdils #wcdfw
  7. 7. • Get help • Give yourself a little grace • Know you are not alone What can you do about
 DEPRESSION? Carrie Dils | @cdils #wcdfw
  8. 8. Burnout Carrie Dils | @cdils #wcdfw
  9. 9. –Dr. Sherry Walling, When You’ve Lost That Oomph “The recipe for burnout is chronic stress without support, without meaningful goals, and without much control over how we carry out our work.” Carrie Dils | @cdils #wcdfw
  10. 10. –Alexandra Michel, Burnout and the Brain “It’s a mistake to assume that burnout is merely an emotional response to long hours or a challenging job… burnout takes a profound physical toll that cascades well beyond our professional lives. Burnout is not just a state of mind, but a condition that leaves its mark on the brain as well as the body.” Carrie Dils | @cdils #wcdfw
  11. 11. • Step back. Step away and take stock of your personal values and goals • Become best friends with the word “no” • Take care of yourself (exercise, meditation, activities you enjoy) What can you do about
 BURNOUT? Carrie Dils | @cdils #wcdfw
  12. 12. Indecision & Procrastination Carrie Dils | @cdils #wcdfw
  13. 13. • Move (The 5-second Rule by Mel Robbins) • Do the hardest thing first (Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy) • There is no “right time” What can you do about
 INDECISION & PROCRASTINATION? Carrie Dils | @cdils #wcdfw
  14. 14. Comparison & 
 Self-Doubt Carrie Dils | @cdils #wcdfw
  15. 15. • Surround yourself with good people • Know your strengths and weaknesses • “Flip it” What can you do about
 COMPARING/DOUBTING YOURSELF? Carrie Dils | @cdils #wcdfw
  16. 16. Perfectionism Carrie Dils | @cdils #wcdfw
  17. 17. • Just push it What can you do about
 PERFECTIONISM? Carrie Dils | @cdils #wcdfw
  18. 18. –Matt Mullenweg “If you're not embarrassed when you ship your first version, you waited too long.” Carrie Dils | @cdils #wcdfw
  19. 19. • Just push it • Get real What can you do about
 PERFECTIONISM? Carrie Dils | @cdils #wcdfw
  20. 20. –Teresa Amabile, Steven Kramer, The Progress Principle “Progress contributes to positive inner work life, which contributes to progress, creating an upward spiral of creativity, engagement, and performance.” Carrie Dils | @cdils #wcdfw
  21. 21. Minimum Viable Progress vforce a big win many small wins Carrie Dils | @cdils #wcdfw
  22. 22. –Jesse Lyn Stoner “You are the author of your life. If you don't like your story, change it.” Carrie Dils | @cdils #wcdfw
  23. 23. Carrie Dils | @cdils #wcdfw What minimal action can you take to create a new narrative?
  24. 24. The Fearless Freelancer is a series of online courses designed to help new (and aspiring) freelancers set up a sustainable, profitable business. THEFEARLESSFREELANCER.COM OfficeHours.FM is a weekly podcast hosted by Carrie Dils targeting small business owners and freelancers providing WordPress-based products or services. OFFICEHOURS.FM Carrie Dils is a teacher, speaker, writer, and podcaster serving the freelance WordPress community. CARRIEDILS.COM Thank you Carrie Dils | @cdils #wcdfw