Advanced Troubleshooting


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Advanced Troubleshooting

  1. 1. Partner Certification - Gold Advanced Troubleshooting
  2. 2. Why does the label and form field look jumbled?• Most likely there is not enough space for the label and form field to be side by side• Options: • Make the label above the field so the field can take the space needed • Use custom CSS to make the form fields smaller so it can all fit in the space provided • Make the area larger where for form is located
  3. 3. Prospects added to a campaign in Pardot, but prospects are showing up in yet.• Is the prospect assigned out to a rep? • The prospect must be assigned to a rep for us to sync to the CRM • If the prospect is not assigned, we will push the prospect and the campaign over when he/she is assigned• Check your Sync Queue • If you have a lot of prospects waiting to be synced, it could take a little time for it to go over. We sync around 4,800 prospects an hour over to
  4. 4. What happens if the person I assign to is NOT in the CRM or Pardot?• Not in the CRM • Pardot will assign the lead to the connector owner • That way the prospect will be sent to the CRM as you asked us to do• Not in Pardot • Prospect will stay unassigned in our system • You will see the CRM icon next to the name denoting that we are syncing with the CRM • Updates with the CRM will occur
  5. 5. Prospect is assigned in the CRM and the assigned user is not noted in Pardot but exist• Make sure the user has selected their CRM username in their Pardot account• Pardot may not know who the user is in the CRM without being told it • Email address or name may be different in systems• If you have a large sync queue, the prospect may not have been synced as of yet
  6. 6. Can I fill out the form for someone else?• Not a good idea in most cases• If you do, you risk being cookied as that person and being tracked with all of your activities• Make sure the form is set in kisok mode if you wish to do this • Will allow for submissions but will not set a cookie on the browser
  7. 7. How do I select a list of unsubscribes/hard bounces for my mailings to suppress• No need!• Pardot will automatically suppress any unsubscribes and hard bounces from email communication• Those members of the list will not show on the report and count toward the reporting numbers
  8. 8. Importing FAQs• If you import a CSV file and it includes a blank, Pardot will ignore the field.• To assign via an import, you will need to assign to the persons email address, not name
  9. 9. Reassignments• Any and all reassignments must be completed in the CRM if it is connected.• If Pardot is not connected to a CRM, you can reassign in Pardot• Automation rules will not reassign prospect who are assigned. • Must be done via import or manually
  10. 10. End of Advanced Troubleshooting• You have reached the end of the CRM Sync Knowledge• You will now take a test of what you have learned. You must score greater than 85% to pass this portion of the test.• Good luck!