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Metagenomics sequencing


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Metagenomics is the study of metagenomes, genetic material recovered directly from environmental samples. The broad field was referred to as environmental genomics, ecogenomics or community genomics. Recent studies use "shotgun" Sanger sequencing or next generation sequencing (NGS) to get largely unbiased samples of all genes from all the members of the sampled communities.

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Metagenomics sequencing

  1. 1. The metagenomics sequencing CD Genomics
  2. 2. Metagenomics: Metagenomics is the study of metagenomes, genetic material recovered directly from environmental samples. The broad field was referred to as environmental genomics, ecogenomics or community genomics. CD Genomics
  3. 3. sample of environment enrichment culture extraction of metagenomeEctopic extraction Plasmid extraction carrier: Fosimid, Cosmid, BAC, λ phage metagenomic library construction Host: escherichia coli, streptomycete, pseudomonas and etc. metagenomic library screening sequence-based screening nonsequence-based screening New gene activity expression CD Genomics Basic strategies
  4. 4. Database for Metagenomics studies: UniMES: The UniProt Metagenomic and Environmental Sequences (UniMES) database was developed as a repository for metagenomic and environmental data. Ebi Metagenomics: Submit, analyse, visualize and compare your data. MEGAN :MEGAN is a versatile tool for analyzing taxonomic and functional content of metagenomes. It allows comparative analyses of different datasets. Integrated Microbial Genomes (IMG):The mission of the Integrated Microbial Genomes (IMG) system is to support the annotation, analysis and distribution of microbial genome and metagenome datasets sequenced at DOE's Joint Genome Institute (JGI). Ribosomal RNA database: 5S Ribosomal RNA Database:An integral component of the large subunit of all cytoplasmic and most organellar ribosomes. Greengenes:Provides quality-controlled microbial DNA data and tools to researchers for rapid analysis of user-generated sequences. 5S RNAdb: A database dedicated to nucleotide sequences of bacterial, archaeal and eukaryotic (cytoplasmic and organellar) 5S ribosomal RNAs and their genes. RDP:Provides ribosome related data and services to the scientific community, including online data analysis and aligned and annotated Bacterial and Archaeal small-subunit 16S rRNA sequences. CD Genomics
  5. 5. 16S rDNA tagging: general taxonomics classification • Whole genome metagenomic sequencing • Establish microbial gene catalogue • Human microbe & related disease association analysis • Metatranscriptome survey CD Genomics offers a complete range of metagenomics solutions: CD Genomics
  6. 6. • Analyze the relative abundance of microbial species under varying environmental conditions • Discover new genes and make functional predictions in unculturable species • Perform gene expression analysis and functional annotation within microbial communities • Identify novel pathogens in viral outbreaks by sequencing fragments of amplified RNA from infected individuals • Take advantage of the long read lengths to generate the most accurate representation of samples CD Genomics
  7. 7. Our 16s sequencing is faced with yogurt factories in the world. CD Genomics
  8. 8. About us: CD Genomics was established in 2004, we are aiming at providing the research community with high quality Next Generation Sequencing, high throughput microarray services. Due to the demand for our services has being increased; CD Genomics has already updated its technology platform to mainstream NGS and microarray instruments. At present, our senior bioinformaticians have ever viewed more than ten thousands of trace files and accumulated abundant experience with our Illumina HiSeq2000/2500, Illumia Miseq, Ion Torrent PGM, PacBio RS and ABI 3730/3730XL analyzers. We continue to work hard to offer you the same dependable services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as academia and government agencies for the purpose of satisfying all your sequencing or array needs. In 2007, CD Genomics has expanded its services to molecular biology research and its development needs. We have become a service provider in sequencing, microarray analysis, library construction and genotyping. Our progress could not be achieved without our large group of client's support. Through nearly ten year's hard working and depend on our professional work team, we are proud of satisfying the needs of our clients both at home and abroad, which across more than 50 countries and districts. We always devote ourselves to providing you with the best and professional service. CD Genomics