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Genome metagenomics sequencing – next generation technology


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Genome metagenomics sequencing – next generation technology

  1. 1. © CD Genomics. All rights reserved. Genome Metagenomics Sequencing – Next Generation Technology
  2. 2. © CD Genomics. All rights reserved. Genome Metagenomics Sequencing for in-depth study of environmental samples Metagenomics is a specialized discipline of science that is dedicated to the study and investigation of recovered and preserved genetic material obtained from environmental samples and hosts. Also known as community genomics, this vast field makes use of next generation sequencing to obtain unbiased samples of genes from all members belonging to sampled communities. This highly advanced approach provides eliminates the need of culture samples and allows researchers to study microbial genomes in their natural environment. With genome metagenomics sequencing, it is now possible to identify and detect new species of microbes and study novel microbial communities. Since more than 90% of organisms cannot be cultured in a lab, this revolutionary technology aids the identification and study of the novel and unculturable living organisms with complete precision.
  3. 3. © CD Genomics. All rights reserved. Get High-throughput, cost-effective reads and sequencing with Genome Metagenomics Sequencing Eliminate the flaws occurring due to sample bias and get precise data with Genome Metagenomics Sequencing services at CD Genomics. The company provides reliable and accurate solutions for analysis of microbes in varying environments. This helps in drawing accurate inferences and making probative predictions even for species that are uncultured. Apart from the identification of novel pathogens you also get long read lengths that facilitate the generation of representative samples. This path breaking technology also helps in tracing the genetic composition of an entire community. Genome Metagenomics Sequencing allows simultaneous sequencing of numerous genomes in a much lesser time with greater sensitivity and speed, thus reducing your research costs.
  4. 4. © CD Genomics. All rights reserved. At CD Genomics, proficient bioinformaticians make use of highly advanced MiSeq and ion torrent platforms for RNA identification and whole genome sequencing to study microbial diversity across environments and in human organs. With next generation high-throughput sequencers for metagenomics, exome and DNA pyro- sequencing for multi-omic and bioinformatic service. Call On 1-631¬-626-9181 or visit for online inquiry.