2010 State Of The Chamber - De Pere Area Chamber


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2010 State of the Chamber, presented April, 2011, at the De Pere Area Chamber of Commerce\'s Chairman\'s Gala

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2010 State Of The Chamber - De Pere Area Chamber

  1. 1. 201 0 State of the C ham ber Annual Report April 27th, 201 1
  2. 2. The D e Pere Area C ham ber of C om m ercesupports the success of our m em bers andcham pions prosperity by lead ing efforts inC om m unity D evelopm ent, Econom icEnhancem ent, Business Engagem ent & PersonalInvolvem ent and serving as the “Voice ofBusiness.”
  3. 3. We partner with lead ing businesses in the D ePere Area to find solutions to com plex issuesand lead the way forward toward our sharedvision of the future: com m unity prosperity andthe success of our m em bers.
  4. 4. January, 2008 Organizational C hart
  5. 5. January, 2011 Organizational C hart
  6. 6. 201 0 Found ation H ighlights  L aunch of “Brid ges to Business”  Inaugural Rib C ook-off at Fall Fest  JEM Grant  SEED s “C enter for Sustainability at K ress Fam ily L ibrary  M ain Street 20th Anniversary
  7. 7. 201 0 C ham ber H ighlights 5th Annual “Taste of Wine & Beer” Inaugural C ham ber Golf O uting L aunch “M anufacturing & Ind ustrial C ouncil M axim izing Your C ham ber M em bership
  8. 8. Program and E vent Highlights Build ings & Business Inventory Website upgrad es  Red esign of hom epage  Business D escription for all m em bers  N early 1 M illion page hits  O ver 22,000 unique visitors
  9. 9. A Peek at 2011 Website red esign C om m unity brand ing initiative with Better by The Bay Strategic Planning Process for 201 2-201 5 Econom ic D evelopm ent Focus L ive H ealthy Brown C ounty
  10. 10. A Peek at 2011 Italia! Event Enhancem ent  Taste of Wine & Beer  C harity Ad d ition to Golf O uting  Fall Fest  Rib C ook-off Expansion  Ad d ed Fund raising Focus
  11. 11. Upcoming E vents & Dates May 6, 2011DPA C C ME MBE R DIRE C TORY C L OSE S!!!! Tuesday, May 10th De Pere at Dusk H osted at aL oft H otel5:00-7:00pm C elebration 100 Day C hallenge of L HBC Wednesday May 11th7:1 5a De Pere at Dawn, What’s U p?!, Bem is C enter Tuesday May 17th5:30p Italia Classica, H osted by Bilotti’s
  12. 12. L ead ing Businesses. L ead ing C om m unities.TM