Top 5 books part 2


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Top Five Business Books for digital marketers

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Top 5 books part 2

  1. 1. #1. “Digital Leader: Simple  Keys  to  Success  and  Influence” “”Authored by: Erik Qualman Bestselling author Erik Qualman explains what modern leadership means and describes how to be an effective leader in the digital world. In order to succeed, you need to adjust your leadership skills to adapt to today's digitally open world--and you need to start today. Qualman breaks the process down into five powerful truths you can use to establish your leadership "stamp“. Basing his conclusions on a wide range of research and resources, Qualman provides real-world examples and tips to help you create a path to success.
  2. 2. #2. “Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World” “”Authored by: Michael Hyatt In Platform, Hyatt will teach readers not only how to extend their influence, but also how to monetize it and build a sustainable career - by building a platform. It has never been easier, less expensive, or more possible than right now. The book includes proven strategies, easy-to-replicate formulas and practical tips! Social media technologies have changed everything. Now, for the first time in history, non-celebrities can get noticed— and win big!—in an increasingly noisy world.
  3. 3. #3. “Spreadable Media” Authored by: Henry Jenkins Spreadable Media maps fundamental changes taking place in our contemporary media environment, a space where corporations no longer tightly control media distribution and many of us are directly involved in the circulation of content. It contrasts “stickiness”—aggregating attention in centralized places—with “spreadability”—dispersing content widely through both formal and informal networks. Stickiness has been the measure of success in the broadcast era (and has been carried over to the online world), but “spreadability” describes the ways content travels through social media.
  4. 4. #4. “Groundswell” “”Authored by: Charlene Li Corporate executives are struggling with a new trend: people using online social technologies (blogs, social networking sites, YouTube, podcasts) to discuss products and companies, write their own news, and find their own deals. This groundswell is global, unstoppable, affects every industry and is utterly foreign to the powerful companies running things now. When consumers you’ve never met are rating your company’s products in public forums (with which you have no experience or influence) your company is vulnerable. In Groundswell, Li explains how to turn this threat into an opportunity.
  5. 5. #5. “Social Media for the Executive” “”Authored by: Brian E. Boyd Sr. Social Media Is Not a Passing Fad, but an Entirely New Way of Doing Business. Brands that will thrive from now on are those with executives that understand the incredible opportunity the rapidly growing social cloud offers them and commit to excellence in managing their social media presence. Whether you like social media or not, feel comfortable with it or not, engage in it or not, you cannot afford to ignore it because many of your competitors are using it effectively. With Social Media for the Executive: Maximize Your Brand and Monetize Your Business, learn to: Leverage the three C s of social media success to boost your bottom line!