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Silverback Social is the world’s leading social media agency.

We enable top brands and advertisers, to connect with more than a billion customers through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Youtube, and more.

We’re unique because we provide premium level social media community management, custom social media creative and generate powerful reporting.

We’re a painkiller, not a vitamin.

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Silverback Social Services

  1. 1. SERVICES + COMPETENCIES 170 Hamilton Ave, White Plains, NY 10601 * 646.645.4171 *
  2. 2. Social Branding
  3. 3. OUR FORMULA CRAWL Social Media Set Up & Enhancement We work with our brand partners to set up their social, search engine-centric places and subsequently build an enhanced social media ecosystem. We ensure that those who discover you will see a positive, relevant, consistent and compelling message that drives action and inspires brand advocates to share your content and act. WALK RUN Program Management & Execution Applications, Contests & more In this stage, we execute content generation, brand intake documents, editorial calendars and various other strategies that help to identify and establish relationships with your social communities. We work to create and execute unique, interactive and branded content that keeps your audience engaged and interested. This is the part where your social media begins to sing… Listening and audience research is further integrated into your social strategy, bringing your engagement to the next level. Your social community will be immersed in live contests and customized campaigns, converting your “followers” and “fans” into real-life brand ambassadors
  4. 4. PODS As a client of Silverback Social, you get a designated team – or “pod” – that functions as an extension of your brand, ensuring that you are properly represented throughout the social media ecosystem. Your pod takes you from “crawl” to “walk” to “run” by creating unique and compelling content, engaging with your key influencers and leveraging a variety of channels designed to share, disseminate and distribute content while building your community. Sr. Brand Strategist • Responsible for creating, developing and executing your integrated social & digital campaigns across a variety of social platforms Community Manager #1 • Responsible for dayto-day engagement and interactions for your brand across multiple social platforms Project Manager Sr. Community Manager Community Manager #2 • Maintain a robust social presence for your brand while connecting and engaging with your online communities • Responsible for dayto-day engagement and interactions for your brand across multiple social platforms
  5. 5. CORE COMPETENCY Custom Creative Community Management Robust Reporting
  6. 6. OUR WORK March 2013 – Nov 2013 The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society F acebook F Up ans R Up each How many people are seeing our content? 130K March 2013 457,819 Nov 2013 199K Nov 2013 SOCI A L M ED I A I M PA CT ! 270,154 March 2013 P eople T alking About LLS on F acebook Up 86,585 Nov 2013 V irality up How many people saw our content on F acebook because a friend shared it? 414 439,291 March 2013 166,663 March 2013 Nov 2013
  7. 7. Thank You! Chris Dessi @chrisdessi