How to Catapult Your Contact Center Through the Next Wave of Customer Expectations


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"By 2020, the customer will manage 85% of the relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human." (Source –Gartner).

Have you heard the term "look where you're going"? Usually referring to someone who isn't paying attention, right? In the case of 2020, and Gartner's prediction, the phrase takes a different meaning; contact centers need to look where they are going with customer interactions. It wasn't very long ago that offering web chats was "state of the art". Fast forward a few years and the "just text me" generation will soon make up a majority of your customer base.

So, how do you prepare?

Here are 5 practical steps you can start doing today to catapult your contact center through the next wave of customer expectations:

1) How to empower agents and customers with consistent information regardless of contact channel.
2) How to begin integrating social channels into your service model (which may include, "first tweet resolution").
3) Mobile customer support? Where do you begin?
4) Use quality and performance measurement to design a better customer experience.
5) How to start automating your contact center processes.

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  • The shift in mindset and technology is evolving to the 2020 customer experienceCustomers expect more, want to pay less, and have a voice that can reach millionsScary times for those who are not keeping an eye on the ballExciting times for those who have or are starting to embrace the challenges with technology and processes that are built around the “total” customer experience
  • We’re all familiar with the customer life cycle, but I have added what the customers of today are expecting from you
  • Talk through the statsThe 89% is up from 50% just 4 years ago
  • What does it take for them to love you?
  • Going back to the 80% and 8% stats, what does this tell us about the disconnect between where we think we are, and what the customers think,Let’s say you are doing well in your service, which I’m sure most of you are, in most cases the level of service we provide has not kept pace with the expectation of the consumer.
  • These are a few of the top priorities in our business today, and as you can see I have taken the liberty of inserting a few new ones in gold.It is goal today to discuss why these should be a priority for you if they are not already, but also give you ideas as to how to get started
  • By 2020 if your behind on this, things like Artificial Intelligence will use this information contained in knowledge bases to help customersWithout raising hands, how many of you would be ok with having information in your KB read to a customer today?If your answer is none of it, now’s the time to act.
  • What’s one of easiest ways to start knowledge from customer interactions, use systems that help feed the monster
  • Story of personal experience of building KB at Uniden, customer calls and emails had common thread, does anyone know what that thread was about?Owners manualsWithin a week I had personally loaded 300 articles with Owner Manual PDF attachedI saw reduction in calls and emails within days, customers want to serve themselves if they canOur contact center was not 24/7 but the articles with the manuals wereSo what are some secrets to success in building a knowledge base, or in some cases re-building it3 areas will give you the best results Customer Experience Materials you already have Subject Matter Experts- Hold contests- I gave away t-shirts with “Got Knowledge?” on them, like the Milk ads
  • Just a show of hands, How many people live under the KPI dome?
  • if you only measure within channels, you won’t even be aware that a customer problem with email, was different than a voice interaction. Design customer engagements across all channels using the same quality measurements
  • measuring your existing experience is essential to building upon it. In addition, there are many other measures that need to be defined as part of any customer experience program.
  • Here’s a quote for the day about Social media “Social media doesn’t create negativity, it puts a magnifying glass to it. “Now if these stats are not eye opening, not sure what wouldAccording the recent surveys, only 29% of you are even responding to tweetsI really love the 57% stats
  • So we know the expectation level is high, but on the flip side, if social is done right, the customer turns into your best commercial and advocates your product to others
  • The worst horror story of the social age is of course davecarrol who you all know had a problem with United not paying
  • The most extreme example involved Bank of America's @BofA_Help account, which last month repeatedly responded to a vitriolic cycle of foreclosure criticism with robotic-sounding, "Please let us know if you need assistance," Chipotle faking that its account had been hacked to gain more followers.Be smart about your social responses
  • The super agent is not the average rep, they must possess skills that you may not have in the center today, which is not to say you can’t create this super rep from current staffMarketing skillsUnderstand legal side of conversation, it’s in writingGen Y speak- tell story of LOL,Cassandra McSparin, who’s 23, knew a woman whose friend’s mother had died. The woman texted her friend: “I’m so sorry to hear about your mother passing away. LOL. Let me know if there’s anything I can do.” The woman thought LOL meant “Lots of Love”
  • In case you need more proof that social is here to stay, take a look at some of these new executive titles
  • Be proactive, you may not run out and create a social Lab like Delta Airlines, but if Social is not square in your radar, it should beAvoid auto replies or messages that sound impersonalRespond quicklyWhen you are successful in turning a situation around, ask the customer to share with othersThe biggest gap I see in Contact Centers today is a disconnect in channels and who owns them, more specifically, if a customer interacts using social, but then calls a few days later, does the agent know everything about the social interaction?
  • They don’t understand how the technology works, they just know they can’t live without itMost Gen Y, recv about 88 texts per day and 70% check their phones every hourThese are the customers of 2020, these are your agents today
  • Mobile customer service is equally if not more important than web. I don’t know about you, but when standing between my iMac and iPad, I gravitate to the pad. I don’t think this unique to just me, tablets have begun to out sell PC’s just this year. I think the 2020 estimate will lean heavily upon your organization to ability provide a feature rich user experience
  • I like the visual of this, creative yes, how you want to appear to your customers, no
  • Steps you can take today to make sure you have success tomorrow, or by 2020.
  • Uncover processes that are highly manual, repetitive, that span multiple departments, and are based on defined steps. These are great targets for process automation Start Small – don’t turn this into an ERP implementation. Pick off the low hanging fruit, make mistakes, and improve quickly. You’ll be amazed how much progress you make. You’ll never be done – process improvement never ends. Keep on innovating
  • How to Catapult Your Contact Center Through the Next Wave of Customer Expectations

    1. 1. ONE SYSTEMS COMPLEX How to Catapult your Contact Center through the Next Wave of Customer Expectations. Steve McKinney – Customer Experience Designer
    2. 2. The New World of Customer Service
    3. 3. By 2020 customers will manage 85% of the relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human “ The New World of Customer Service “ -Gartner
    4. 4. What are YOUR Customers Expectations? “Serve MY Needs” “Be Relevant” “Engage Me” “Reward Me” “Earn My Trust,” “Give Me More Value” “Be Transparent” “Minimize The Risk” “Know My History”“Make It Easy” “Be Consistent” “Represent Me” BUY Market & Sell OWN Support &Serve 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 NeedResearch Select Purchase Receive Use Maintain Recommend
    5. 5. 80% of Companies say they deliver “Superior” customer service 55% of consumers prefer automated self-service, that’s doubled in the last five years 89% of consumers quit doing business with a company because of a bad customer experience, up from 59% 4 years ago What are YOUR Customers Expectations? 8% of customers of those same companies say they deliver “Superior” customer service
    6. 6. What are YOUR Customers Expectations? Friendly employees & Customer Service Representatives 73% 55% Easy access to information & support 36% Personalized experiences like knowing what customers have bought in the past and service issues they’ve experienced
    7. 7. Not Good Good Great Superior Company CustomerLevel of Service What are YOUR Customers Expectations? Expectation
    8. 8. Customer Service Priorities and Trends Improve C-Sat Scores (FCR, NPS, VOC) Contact Center as Competitive Advantage Training, Coaching & Career Path for Agents Social Media Strategy Quality and Performance Measurement in Experience Design Omni-Channel Single View of the Customer Client Demand: Higher Quality Customer Interactions Multi-lingual Customer Care Process Automation Mobile Support Knowledge Management
    9. 9. The Power of Knowledge in Service 1
    10. 10. Omni Channel Knowledge Web Social IVR Phone Email Mobile Empower Agents and Customers with consistent information
    11. 11. Customer Searches Site Submits Question Agent Responds Response Becomes Article Feeds Web Articles Automated Knowledge Creation Empower Agents and Customers with consistent information
    12. 12. Customer Experience Materials Subject Matter Experts Email Complaints Email Questions Inter-Department Phone Calls Social Media Focus Groups Training Manuals Presentations Legal Documents User Manuals Competitors Web Interviews Contests Reports Add to Job Duties Empower Agents and Customers with consistent information Where to Start ?
    13. 13. Quality and Performance Measurement 2
    14. 14. Quality and Performance Measurement KPI Dome Service Level Call Handling Agent Metrics Average Speed of Answer IVR Completion Rate Agent Occupancy Average Queue time Call Handling Time Agent Turnover Call Abandonment Rate Absenteeism Quality Scores Average Talk Time Agent Utilization Percent of calls Answered in 30 seconds Avg Hold time Average Time to Abandon First Call Resolution Average After Work time Training Time Schedule Adherence Agent Job Satisfaction Agent Tenure First Tweet Resolution Avg Chat Response Time
    15. 15. Quality and Performance Measurement Voice Chat Dissatisfied Web Email Satisfied Will Return Will Refer Crazy Happy Buy Everything
    16. 16. Quality and Performance Measurement Measure Performance Compare to Customer Experience Journey Mapping Customer Experience Design Implement
    17. 17. Social Media Customer 3
    18. 18. The Truth About Social Customer Service 57% expect the same response time at night and on weekends as during normal business hours 29% of tweet gripes were replied to by the companies in question Social media doesn’t create negativity, it puts a magnifying ass to it. 42% of Tweeters expect a response within 60 minutes
    19. 19. The Truth About Social Customer Service 83% of the complainants that received a reply liked or loved the fact that the company responded 80% of users prefer to connect with brands on Facebook 1% of customers use Twitter as their first stop in problem resolution
    20. 20. Does Social Media Matter? 11,000,000 VIEWS + NO RESPONSE FROM UNITED = -10% STOCK VALUE IN 4 DAYS
    21. 21. Does Social Media Matter?
    22. 22. Does Social Media Matter? Never Broke My Guitar
    23. 23. Does Social Media Matter?
    24. 24. Social Media Responses
    25. 25. Who is Your Social Agent? The Super Agent • Customer Service Skills • Marketing Skills • Legal Understanding • Gen Y Speak
    26. 26. Hiring Trends for Social- Executive Titles Chief Customer Officer Director of Social Media Support Social Media Engagement Director Chief Experience OfficerVP Client Delivery
    27. 27. The Social Do’s and Don'ts Monitor the Social Cloud DailyDo Don’t Send Auto Messages or Twitter Bots Respond QuicklyDo Don’t Ignore the Trends Turn complaints into Success StoriesDo Turn Social channel issues into actionable TicketsDo
    28. 28. Customers in 2020 Gen “Y”
    29. 29. The Millennials “Gen Y” Gen Y is not tech savvy they are tech dependent 56% of college students won’t accept a job that bans social media As long as they show up they should be rewarded They should get Promoted every 2 years Regardless of Performance
    30. 30. Mobile Customer Service 4
    31. 31. Mobile Customer Service By 2020 customers will manage 85% of the relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human -Gartner Smart Phone Tablets PC’s By 2014 there will be an estimated 1.8 billion mobile devices in the hands of consumers
    32. 32. Mobile Customer Service Cross and Upsell Marketing with Mobile Service YourMobile Experience Shouldn't feel like a make-shift solution
    33. 33. Mobile Customer Service 1. Consistent Customer Experience across all devices 2. Allow Customers to submit questions using Smart Phones 3. Web Chat designed for Mobile Interfaces 4. Deliver Knowledge at the Point of Need 5. Access to Communities and Forums 6. Cross and Upsell Marketing with Mobile Service Steps to Mobile Success
    34. 34. Process Automation 5
    35. 35. ProcessAutomation Web Chat EmailMobile Agent Social IVR 2020
    36. 36. Skill Based Workflow Scripting Guided Assistance Ask A Question Proactive Chat Ticket Auto- Creation ProcessAutomation Web Chat Agent
    37. 37. Mobile Friendly Forms Account Access Custom Responses Subject Based Routing Cloud Monitoring Communities Forum ProcessAutomation Email Social Mobile
    38. 38. Headquarters Communications Products, Inc. 7301 E. 90th Street Suite 111 Indianapolis, IN 46256 Communications Products, Inc. (CPI) has been successfully implementing advanced, mission-critical communication solutions for nearly three decades. CPI has engineered, implemented, and now supports the communications of over 120,000 business professionals in 23 states, including the United States Department of Defense and Lucas Oil Stadium (home of the 2012 Super Bowl). CPI has also installed and tested over 15.6 million feet of structured cabling. With a staff of seasoned experts, CPI has the experience to continuously improve the way you communicate. (800) 999.0197 @CPIcommprod Thank You Steve McKinney CX Solution Designer 317.596.7918 Phone