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An overview of the social media website Reddit, and how journalists can use it to enhance their audience.

Link to a tipsheet for Reddit:

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  • My English teacher (not a native English speaker) wants our class to make some presentations on whatever we'd like. I'm a pretty hollow and cold person and can't think of anything. I thought 'hey I browse reddit a lot' and decided that my presentation would be about reddit. I have to have it done for tomorrow. I really like your presentation. Can I please use this presentation?
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  1. 1. Quick Stats Launched in 2005 In October:  46 million unique visitors  3.8 billion pageviews  1.9 million logged in Redditors (source:
  2. 2. Reddit shorthand “/r/” – Refers to various subreddits (example /r/politics) /r/IAmA – “I Am A,” a popular subreddit “AMA” – Ask Me Anything “AMAA” – Ask Me Almost Anything
  3. 3. Reddit Enhancement Suite
  4. 4. Top Subreddits source:
  5. 5. source:
  6. 6. On Reddit, stuff more easilyconsumable (pics, .gifs), getsupvoted more and more quicklythan stuff that takes a while todigest (articles, video).
  7. 7. Erik Martin (hueypriest, Reddit admin):  News sometimes breaks on Reddit – IAMAs (Barack Obama), entertainment (Android 4.0 feedback, citizen journalism (voting machine, Aurora shooting)  News organizations need to gear their message towards subreddits that work with the message.  “I think the real power is in using it to build an audience.”
  8. 8. DO: Find your audience/niche. Interact with them. Watch for breaking news. Follow the subreddit’s rules.
  9. 9. Find your audience.
  10. 10. Find your niche community.
  11. 11. Build your community!
  12. 12. DON’T: Post only your content (spam) Ignore questions. “Dump and drive”
  13. 13. DON’T be a spambot.
  14. 14. Find the breaking news threads.
  15. 15.
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Sources from Reddit? Reddit users highly value their privacy. Registration only requires a username and a password. Private message them—response could vary.
  18. 18. Private messaging
  19. 19. /r/IAMA
  20. 20. Top /r/IAMAs
  21. 21. Interaction: If it is an “Ask Me Anything”, make sure to answer as many questions as you can. Answer as honestly as you can. Set aside a few hours for it.
  22. 22. Interaction:
  23. 23. Questions? Feel free to contact me on Twitter @chessadecain