Financial Aid


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Financial Aid

  1. 1. Financial AidFAFSA – Free Application for Federal StudentAidFAFSA cannot be completed until after January 1of the student’s senior year. Should becompleted as soon as possible after that time.Some colleges have priority deadlines.Up to ten colleges can be listed on the FAFSA.Students do not have to know to which collegethey will be attending at the time the FAFSA iscompleted.Only one FAFSA is filed per award year. Awardyear runs from June 30, 2012 through July 1,2013.All students should fill out a FAFSA. Grants,loans, work- study and some scholarships areawarded through this application.The FAFSA is the application for the PowersScholarship at ICC. Students must contactKaren Harris, Powers Scholarship Coordinatorfor information on service requirements.The FAFSA does not have to be completed beforethe ROPE Award application deadline.Financial Aid assistance is available for allseniors at Chase East and Central.The FAFSA must be filled out with Janice or Amyto be eligible for McNair funds from the ROPEAward.
  2. 2. Students must receive a ROPE Award to receiveMcNair funds.