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  1. 1. Abraham Maslow
  2. 2. Background Information Born on April 1 1908 in Brooklyn, NY 1st of 7 children in his family Parents were Jewish Immigrants Maslow loved learning at a young age
  3. 3. Education Studied at University of Wisconsin Colombia University Brooklyn College
  4. 4. “As I watched, the tears ran down my face. I felt we didn’t understand-not Hitler, nor the Germans, nor Stalin, nor the Communists. We didn’t understand any of them. I felt that if we could understand, then we could make progress…”  -Abraham Maslow 1968World War II
  6. 6. SELF-ACTUALIZATION (FULL POTENTIAL) BELONONGING AND★ ESTEMEM NEEDS ★ LOVE NEEDS  Confidence, worthiness  Giving and receiving love and affection✓ SAFTEY NEEDS $ PHYSIOLOGICAL NEEDS $✓  Food, air, water  Security Main ingredients to the hierarchy of needs
  7. 7. Self Actualization Esteem NeedsBelongingness and Love Needs Safety Needs Physiological Needs
  8. 8. Prerequisites to Hierarchy Causing no harm to others Freedom Freedom of to speak expression Justice Fairness
  9. 9. How does this theory translate to the classroom??????????????????????????????????????????????? Drive to learn is intrinsicGoal of learning is to bring about Self-Actualization
  10. 10. Resources Maslow, A. ‘Motivation and Personality.’ 1970. Maslow, A. ‘Toward a Psychology of Being.’ 1968