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Social Media Workshop

  1. 1. Job Hunting with Social Media June 2012 Aimee Bateman
  2. 2. Who am I?• Careers Expert – 10 years as a professional recruiter (filled approx £2,500 jobs)• Social Media geek• Founder of Careercake.TV• Managing Director of Bateman Associates Ltd• TV presenter & Author• Cat lover
  3. 3. Session Objectives• The influence of Social Media in the recruitment process• Your Personal Brand• Pros and Cons of Social Media• Overview of top social networking sites & how to use them effectively• Q&A Time
  4. 4. Social Media is Changing Recruitment!……..?
  5. 5. Defining your Personal Brand?• What is your PB?• How do people perceive you?• How would you like employers to perceive you?• What aspects of yourself are you attempting to sell/market?• What is your USP?• How can employers research you?
  6. 6. Visual Representation (Avatar)
  7. 7. The Game Changers...• LinkedIn• Facebook• Twitter• YouTube• Blogs• Personal Domains
  8. 8. LinkedIn
  9. 9. LinkedIn• Fill in the information• Upload a photo• Connect more• Get Involved in groups and discussions• Get Recommendations• Check out a Company’s Stats and Trends• Visibility settings• Use Applications
  10. 10. LinkedIn Applications...
  11. 11. Twitter• Use the same Avatar (LinkedIn)• Pick your @username carefully• Include your bio – professional statement• Follow companies/people you are interested in (• Search relevant hash tags• Find your twitter voice & use it often• Build relationships• Comment & thank people• RT & recommend people you like (want to be associated with)
  12. 12. Facebook• Keep it private• Information about alcohol & drug use• Provocative or inappropriate photographs• Discretionary remarks about race, gender, sex, religion, sexual orientation etc• Like all relevant companies / job pages
  13. 13. Video CV Do’s & Don’ts• DO Keep it brief – 3 mins MAX!• DO pay attention to lighting• DO talk about your professional qualifications, but DON’T talk too much about your personal life• DO plan out what you’re going to say, but DON’T read off the script• DO smile• DO pay attention to you surroundings/image• DON’T put off the scary bit...upload it!• Finally, DON’T fail to include a written resume
  14. 14. Examples...• - Dave Pedersens Video Resume• - Graeme Anthony Video CV• - Suzette
  15. 15. My Additional Tips...• Create an email footer and include all your social media links• Add your social media links to your CV• Keep everything consistent/updated• Be brave and connect!
  16. 16. Summary• Define & implement your personal brand• Start playing the game• Be consistent• Connect...connect....connect!
  17. 17. Questions ?????