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Milk - Managing Info Lost Kids


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Farmers Community Project - MILK-Managing Information Lost Kids

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Milk - Managing Info Lost Kids

  1. 1. m.i.l.k. Marketing ®
  2. 2. m.i.l.k. Marketing What is it? Every day it happens. A child is reported missing. Every day, parents think it can never happen to them. However, the reality is that children go missing every day. Here are some alarming statistics: • Over 797,500 (younger than 18) children are reported missing every year* • An average of 2,185 children are reported missing every day • 40% of parents of a missing child cannot immediately supply a current picture • 34% of parents do not know their child’s correct height, weight and eye color Can you do something to help a child return home safety? The Managing Information on Lost Kids (or m.i.l.k.) program gives you the opportunity to differentiate yourself as a leader in the com- munity by helping bring children back where they belong, safe and sound with their families. When you sponsor a m.i.l.k. event in your local area, you offer parents a free, standardized, digital image of their child to store for personal safety records as well as provide an opportu- nity to fingerprint their child using a Farmers Child Identification Kit. During this safety awareness educational event, parents fill out contact cards to obtain a free copy of a Home Organizer® software program used to store their child’s digital photo and identification information (digital ID). The Home Organizer® software also contains a virtual filing cabinet for maintenance of family records and documents. The Home Organizer® helps parents rapidly distribute their child’s digital ID to local authorities and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). If declared a national search, NCMEC can forward the information to nearly 18,000 police departments across the nation. This could be the difference between a fast recovery and a prolonged search. The m.i.l.k. digital ID has been called “the first step in the Amber Alert.®” How do I make this a system in my agency? • Identify lead volume (recommended 3 m.i.l.k. events every six months) • Follow up with telephone contact to all prospects who complete a Farmers contact cards within one week of m.i.l.k. event (recommended) • Make six month follow up calls to remind prospects to update their child’s photo. * Department of Justice 2002 Study
  3. 3. m.i.l.k. Marketing How do you get started? Here is a checklist of things you need to do prior to hosting a m.i.l.k. event. 1. Inform your local authorities that your agency will be conducting FREE child ID safety events and ask for their support. Suggest they visit for more information. 2. Check your local community calendar for a list of possible events. 3. Organize your m.i.l.k. team. 4. Create a team schedule for the event. 5. Confirm event time and location. 6. Communicate with event co-sponsors. 7. Promote the event. 8. Notify media of location. 9. Organize booth – table, tablecloth, banners. 10. Obtain the following: • Home Organizer® CD’s featuring the m.i.l.k. Digital ID* (Call 1-866-807-1878 or visit • Portable CD burner, m.i.l.k. Banners, Height Charts, promo items* (Call 1-866-807-1878 or visit • Business cards/name badges for team • Balloons, scissors, tape, ribbon • Digital camera with extra memory cards • Blank CDs and portable CD burner • m.i.l.k. flyers • Clipboards/pens • Farmers contact cards (SRN #36-0552) • Children’s coloring books (SRN #33-0520) • Child Identification Kits/Fingerprinting (SRN #33-1594 in English and SRN #33-2594 in Spanish) * These items qualify for national m.i.l.k. Ad Aid
  4. 4. m.i.l.k. Marketing How do you do it? 1. Establish a “meet and greet” location in front of your booth where you can engage people during the event. You must be on your feet to greet! • To engage people, ask if they have heard of the Amber Alert. Then explain the benefits of having a digital ID to facilitate the local authorities. 2. Make sure your booth identifies that your agency and Farmers are giving away FREE digital IDs – DO NOT bring sales literature • You are not here to sell insurance – make that clear! 3. Display photos of missing children in your local area. This helps drive home the importance of the digital ID to parents. • Download photos of local missing children at • Have copies of the Farmers NCMEC letter of support 4. Have parents complete a Farmers contact card for easy follow-up. 5. Take a digital photo of the child standing in front of a m.i.l.k. Height Chart • Use a digital camera that has a removable memory card. Bring an extra memory card so the process can flow quickly. • After the photo is taken – remove the memory card and place it in the portable CD burner and burn the image to a blank CD. • Give the photo CD to the parent and reformat the memory card in the camera. This insures that no image is kept of their child! 6. Give parents a Farmers Child Identification Kit • Only offer fingerprints if you are trained by law enforcement. 7. Thank everyone for their time and give them your contact information if they have additional questions about the digital ID or software (do not mention insurance!) 8. If the Home Organizer® software is given away at the event: • Follow up within a week to make sure software has been installed. • Be sure to provide any information selected on the contact card. • Let them know you are available for any insurance needs. 9. If you choose to hand deliver the Home Organizer® software: • Schedule a follow up meeting within one week of the event. Use e-CMS to confirm time and location. • At appointment, install software. Using contact card information, identify any needs that you can assist. • Ask permission to discuss insurance concerns now or later. 10. Set yourself apart from the competition. • Place all leads into the e-CMS system and schedule a six month call back to insure that they are updating their child’s photo. • Ask permission to discuss insurance concerns now or later.
  5. 5. m.i.l.k. Marketing What do you say? Step 1. You are ready to contact your prospects. What do you say? If they received a copy of the Home Organizer® software at the event, you might say: “Hello ____________, this is __________ from Farmers Insurance. I met you at the __________ event last weekend. We gave you the finger- print kit and the Home Organizer software with the m.i.l.k. digital ID. Have you installed the software yet? Did you need help creating your child’s digital ID? (If necessary, schedule a time to go to their house to assist them). If they don’t have the Home Organizer® software, you want to schedule a time to go to their home to install it. What do you say to secure an appointment? “Hello ____________, this is __________ from Farmers Insurance. I met you at the __________ event last weekend. We gave you the fingerprint kit and the digital image of your child. I am calling to schedule a time to deliver your free m.i.l.k. digital ID software. Remember, it’s been referred to as the first step in the Amber Alert process. Every six months it reminds you to update your child’s ID. This ensures that in the event your child goes missing, you have instant access to the information needed by the local authorities. You can also use this free software to store important documents and create a digital inventory of your possessions. This is a part of my agency’s commitment to protect families. I have time on Wednesday and Friday to stop by and insert your child’s photo into the Home Organizer software. Which day works best for you? What time? Great, take care and I look forward to our visit!” Step 2. After Home Organizer is installed, refer to the completed customer contact card from the m.i.l.k. event. What can you say to transition to insurance needs? “I see that you have noted that you are interested in information regarding…” “I have prepared an information packet for your review.” Give them a choice: “Would it be alright to speak briefly about the following items or would you prefer to talk about these items at another time?” Let them tell you what they want. Offer specific options for future times. “Would next Tuesday or Thursday work for you? Do you prefer mornings or evenings?”
  6. 6. m.i.l.k. Marketing Where can you learn more? Log onto the University of Farmers Online to learn more about driving agency success through m.i.l.k. event marketing! To register for the m.i.l.k. curriculum: • Log onto Agency Dashboard • Click on the Learning tab of Agency Dashboard • Under “Courses,” select “University of Farmers Online” and click “GO” • Click on the blue up arrow next to “Enter the University of Farmers Online…” • In the Search box on the top left corner of the screen, type in m.i.l.k. and click “Search” • Select the m.i.l.k. curriculum • On the course information page, click Register • Once on the Register page, click Register again at the bottom of your screen and then click “launch course” • The m.i.l.k. curriculum will now appear on your “to do” list There are five m.i.l.k. online courses available: • Module #1 – “m.i.l.k. Introduction” • Module #2 – “Benefits of m.i.l.k.” • Module #3 – “Success through Event Marketing” • Module #4 – “The m.i.l.k. Event” • Module #5 – “The Follow up m.i.l.k. Meeting” You can also find more information on Agency Dashboard about the m.i.l.k. program. This information is critical to the success of your m.i.l.k. event. • Log onto Agency Dashboard • Go to the Marketing tab • Click on the “m.i.l.k.” icon in the Growth section • You will find information regarding: – How to order m.i.l.k. CDs – m.i.l.k. marketing and promotional items – Scripts and support letters examples – Additional support materials
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  10. 10. 32-8688 1-08