Water, carbon and biodiversity on South West moorlands


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Presentation by Charles Cowap MRICS FAAV to Agricultural Law Association, Exeter, 26 February 2013 outlining the development of a PES (Payments for Ecosystem Services) Scheme, development work funded by Natural Environment Research Council and South West Water

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Water, carbon and biodiversity on South West moorlands

  1. 1. Agricultural Law AssociationWater, Carbon and Biodiversity onthe South West’s Peat MoorlandExeter26 February 2013Charles CowapChartered SurveyorHarper Adams University Charles Cowap MBA MRICS FAAV
  2. 2. New land managementRequirements are emergingNew marketsNew challenges toprofessional practice Charles Cowap MBA MRICS FAAV
  3. 3. Peat’s Story Charles Cowap MBA MRICS FAAV
  4. 4. Charles CowapMBA MRICS FAAV
  5. 5. Wimbleball Resr &Context: Exmoor example R Haddeo R Exe Exmoor R Barle Replenishment Exebridge Pumping Pumping Approx 5 Station miles, lifting water from 120 to 240 m CO 2 AOD Charles Cowap MBA MRICS FAAV
  6. 6. Charles CowapMBA MRICS FAAV
  7. 7. Top 10 Business Opportunitiesinclude:1= Biodiversity Offsetting (BDO) andConservation Banking• Estimated size of market £50 – 300 million pa from housing, plus other sectors• Brokerage, certification and registration• Additional costs to builders/developers deducted from land value1= Peatland Carbon Code and Carbon Credits• Peat restoration for carbon storage• Management schemes and incentives• Certification and brokerage Charles Cowap MBA MRICS FAAV
  8. 8. Layered PES (Payments for EcosystemServices) – Different Environmental Services to different buyers – Eg Carbon sequestration Charles Cowap MBA MRICS FAAV
  9. 9. Reducing insurance risk throughgreen infrastructureEnvironmental bonds http://www.valuing-nature.net/opportunities-uk-business- protect-and-value-natures-services-report-published- today [accessed 19 July 2012] Charles Cowap MBA MRICS FAAV
  10. 10. Economics + OTHER ESS CARBON PAYMENTS??? Future Profit for reinvestment Storage/Abstraction or distribution Costs Savings for water Treatment Costs buyers Incentive payments to Pumping Costs landowners – managers - occupiers Charles Cowap MBA MRICS FAAV
  11. 11. Benefits must be owned by the Is it irreversible? Conflict of interest between RPA Opportunity for existing scheme and Mire project - when spot checklandowner Health of livestock - fluke on acreage for payment resulted inSource of revenue for landowner Livestock safety stating that they would not pay forNeed for trust fund to remedy any It might not work, restoration might area affected by mire workproblems, eg solar deals with trust not work Opportunity costs for other activitiesfund set up to remove kit Land not suitable for grazing, If is not owned by the landowner destock landCheaper water bills for SWW who owns the land and project?customers Contravening Single Farm Payments Damage to grazing reversing 2,000 years of ag progressEnvironmental benefits Collateral damage No rewards for joining the projectJobs PIF [Permanently Ineligible Features SWW overriding everythingHLS for SFP] No allowance for inflation Increased carbon Is there any way of making up theWater retention, less flash flooding Increased silt peat into river reduction?downstream Devaluation of agri landMore wildlife RPA ProblemsPutting land that was drained back Health and safety problems Future funding for restoration ofto its natural state damageFinancial - tradeable commodity, What are the potential impactsincome for managing land naturally downstream?Ecosystem service [? ..airs?] HLS Capital Works money being usedNone for mire rather than hedge work which directly benefits local communities Charles Cowap MBA MRICS FAAV
  12. 12. Summary of concerns, Concerns Benefits Questions Totalsbenefits, questionsRevenue/cost 6 3 2 11Asset Value 4 2 0 6Legal/ownership 1 1 3 5Agricultural productivity 2 0 0 2External liabilities 3 1 0 4Animal welfare 2 0 0 2H&S 1 0 0 1Environmental 4 5 1 10Wider economic 3 2 0 5Scheme relationships 6 1 1 8Confidence 8 1 2 11Totals 40 16 9 65 Charles Cowap MBA MRICS FAAV
  13. 13. Top Three Concerns• Confidence• Revenue/Cost• Scheme Relationships Charles Cowap MBA MRICS FAAV
  14. 14. Top Three Positives• Environmental• Revenue• Asset Value and wider economic aspects Charles Cowap MBA MRICS FAAV
  15. 15. Top Three Questions• Legal/ownership concerns• Revenue and cost• Confidence Charles Cowap MBA MRICS FAAV
  16. 16. PROSPECTUS• Proposed scheme(s)• Basis(es) of offer Charles Cowap MBA MRICS FAAV
  17. 17. Questions for consideration• Contractual aspects • Relationship other• Land tenure schemes• Effects on other • Other business interested parties considerations• Practical farming • Maintenance considerations obligations• Animal welfare and • Tax health • Impact on value• Public liability • Security/risk Charles Cowap MBA MRICS FAAV
  18. 18. Decision Criteria and guidanceSite suitability Land manager• Peatland  known • All interests mapped damage • New management• Detailed survey & mapping requirement?• Damage restorable? • Impact on other• Farming impact? opportunities (+/-)• Drainage/wetness • Financial implications for surrounding land Charles Cowap MBA MRICS FAAV
  19. 19. Financial evaluation Costs saved Extra costs, eg • Eg some livestock purchases • Access time to more difficult ground • Vet and med bills • Insurance Extra Revenue eg • Feed • PES income • Machinery costs (if • Contracting opportunities for contracting to be offered) SWW Lost Revenue • Eg some livestock LWG or sales + Balance: financially Balance positive: not financially worthwhile worthwhile • Consider capital and tax implications Charles Cowap MBA MRICS FAAV
  20. 20. Discussion Charles Cowap MBA MRICS FAAV
  21. 21. Contact DetailsTranslating new knowledge for rural professional practice cdcowap@gmail.com 07947 706505Twitter: @charlescowapBlog: http://charlescowap.wordpress.com/Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/cdcowap Charles Cowap MBA MRICS FAAV