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  1. 1. Software Solution | Technology ConsultingCDC Labs Innovation Playground
  2. 2. C-Block, Near Logix Park Noida (UP)Ph. 0120-4107197 (M) +91-9971101881 Email :- website:
  3. 3. WHO ARE WEWe are CDC Labs, a privately held software Development Company:Based in Arizona, USA and founded in 2010 by visionaries and senior IT professionals from diversebackgrounds, who are 21st Century telecom enthusiasts and alumni of Tier-1 B-Schools & T-Schools Who Are We ?worldwide, having a cumulative experience of 30+ years occupying senior-level responsible positionsin Fortune 1000 companies.We provide Software Design, Development & Consulting Services for Mobile, Cloud, Web and otherniche technologies to maximize the ROI for our customers by “EXCEEDING” their expectationsthrough expedited and timely quality delivery of products and projects executed using the abovetechnologies through a non-hesitant, disruptive and decisive game of ideas played in a constantbrainstorming environment involving “chipping the block”, making mistakes and learning from them.Our forte lies in leveraging innovation inherent to our Centre of Excellence, to make you unleashyour ideas decisively through constant brainstorming about thought processes woven around theniche technology platforms mentioned above, making it an “innovation playground”, where youdon’t have to think much before thinking too much!!Our customers reap the benefits of CDC Labs domain expertise in Mobile ApplicationDevelopment, Cloud Computing, CRM Solutions, Consulting for COE, IT Consulting, ApplicationDevelopment & Maintenance and Social Media in the form of better, faster and cost-effectivedelivery of solutions to them, through our uniformly quality-centric global presence.A synergistic combination of Right thought, Right technology & Right process has contributed tothe success of CDC Labs in meeting the needs of its global customer base. The solutionsprovided by the company are designed, developed and integrated by a team of executives,project managers and computer science engineers, the collective experience of whom spansseveral decades in the IT industry.CDC Labs Innovation Playground
  4. 4. What We Do? CDC Labs is at the razor edge of emerging niche technologies, fabricating client-specific world class applications for various platforms like iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, Cloud Computing and Social Media at its Offshore Development Center located in Sector - 62 Noida, India and concentrates on custom project execution for CDC Labs its clients worldwide. The ODC is based near Logix Infotech Park - one of the leading edge Software Development Center promoted by the Logix Group and approved by the Ministry of Communication & IT and Ministry of Commerce & Industry (Govt. of India). The ODC functions as a seamless extension to your company’s execution capabilities - significantly reducing costs and time- to- market by having a dedicated infrastructure with: High Speed Internet Access. Secure firewall and isolated subnets. Wide range of Windows, Linux and iOS and hardware/software/tools. Redundancy and Disaster Recovery Protection. Dedicated lines for remote conferencing. US based gateways/phone numbers for voice and data communication. Full VPN capabilities. This allows rapid replication of your hardware and software environments, while providing complete protection to your intellectual property. Our developers and user interface wizards leverage the latest development practices and the most novel techniques arrived at after a relentlessly precise R&D process, in executing the projects theyWhat We Do work on. CDC Labs is a forerunner in advanced software, web portal and visual design. We take pride in being one of the most innovative and “ahead of time” software development companies in the world. Vision Mission & Vision “ To emerge as a leading service provider of global repute, offering exceptional solutions and unmatched customer service with a relentless focus on continual improvement.” Mission “ To create added value and competitive advantage for its customers in the areas of emerging and niche technologies through innovative, flexible and customized solutions.” Software Solutions Technology Consulting Management Consulting Mobile Application Development. Google Consulting (Analytics, Ad-words) Service Management / Delivery Cloud Computing (, Google Search Appliance Change Management Google App Engine, Amazon Web IT Process IT Service Management Services). Technology Outsourcing “ITIL” & “Project Management / Project Web Design & Development. 3D Animation / SEO Tracking” Application Development. Product Development. IT Consulting. For more details please write in to us at: CDC Labs C-Block Logix Park Noida (UP)
  5. 5. SOFTWARE SOLUTIONSMobile Application DevelopmentAccording to Gartner, the Mobile Apps by 2013 would be a $29B industry, a straight 330% growth!!from the current figure of $6.8B.As cited by a recent study of all app users, smart phone and apps usage is witnessing an annualgrowth rate of 30%, with each user (on an average) daily spending a minimum of 79 minutes onapps. CDC Labs’ experts do more than just developing your dream application. Because developinga killer app only represents the tip of an iceberg, and is only the first step to venture into thisdynamic industry. A well planned campaign comprising of a seamless upload of the final producton the app store/android market coupled with timely and effective pricing, marketing & advertisingefforts cannot be ignored, which, if successful, culminates into an adorable app that will winunlimited downloads and rave insert reviews. Our industry veterans have all what it takes to makeyour app successful. Whether you have an idea for an app, or need one created as a solution for Our Servicesyour business, CDC Labs can offer you the expertise you need to ensure a quality-driven expeditedproject execution.Cloud ComputingIn this age of technology, marked by loads of information now easily accessible globally, a newthreat of “data storage” has emerged, simultaneously posing problem of increasing hardwarecosts for organizations in the form of data servers which are potentially insecure. This has givenrise to a new concept of cloud computing which has remodeled the data storage scenario.Cloud Computing is a new technology which is based on the SaaS (Software as a Service)principle providing delivery of computing as a service, rather than a product, whereby, sharedresources, software and information is provided to computers and other devices as a utility(like the electricity grid) over a network (typically the Internet). As a result, clients would beable to access their applications and data from anywhere 24X7 by accessing the “C”system using any computer linked to the Internet. Thus, data won’t remain confinedto a hard drive on one user’s computer or even an organization’s internal network. Further,cloud computing systems would reduce the need for advanced hardware on the clientside, thereby, bringing the hardware costs down.Till now, is the only undisputed industry leader in providing cloudcomputing solutions, and our clients are fortunate enough to bump into CDC Labs, as anauthorised consulting partner specializing in implement-ation services and custom application development on the platform. We incollaboration with develop free floating applications on the cloud for a widerange of clients ranging from high-tech, financial services, telecommunications, consumergoods, healthcare, and education.CDC Labs Innovation Playground
  6. 6. SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS Website Design & Development CDC Labs is confidently equipped to spearhead the Web Application Development and Website Development mission. Our adroit team is committed to providing you with the most cutting-edge tools and technologies such as the Zend, PHP Framework and Ruby on Rails that make your Web Applications and Websites come alive, and that too with a user interface enhancement of your preference. Each and every line of code goes through a stringent security check process to iron out any quality-anomalies, for your peace of mind. Our Web apps are precisely and strategically crafted to ensure that the final product enhances the “feel-good” and “look-good” factor of the end users, thereby, creating that delightful and indelible first impression in their minds.Our Services Finally, along with high-end Web apps we are also known for developing stunningly beautiful websites having all the “pin to plane” features. Application Development CDC Labs, in conjunction with clients fabricates powerful, function-rich iPhone apps with gorgeous interfaces. As part of our iPhone & Android Application Development services, we’ve developed and published diverse iPhone & Android apps and games with dozens more in the pipeline.. This is just a teaser of our on-demand capacity to help you meet your commitments to the stakeholders. With world-class addictive games being the most popular entertainment tool on the web, and an ever-increasing insatiable craving for them across all user profiles, our game developers are quick to tap the emerging trend accurately diagnosing the market pulse and knowing what it takes to produce a fatally stunning combination of design, engineering, surprise, and just plain fun. Finally, CDC Labs makes sophisticated Web Portals dished out with the latest blogging engines, comprehensive FAQs, and user-friendly discussion forums. We are proud of our competence in professional iPhone & Android Web and Application Development, as evident from our proficiency in technologies like HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Sencha Touch. For more details please write in to us at: CDC Labs C-Block Logix Park Noida (UP)
  7. 7. SOFTWARE SOLUTIONSIT ConsultingWhy do 2 out of 3 Software Projects (66%) fail to deliver within Time, Cost and Quality parameters?How can IT infrastructure and service management processes be streamlined cost-effectively,ensuring SLA compliance too?Why Business-IT alignment is still the CIO’s top priority?These are some of the acute problems being faced by organizations today due to “immature process”,a prime cause for inefficiencies and ineffectiveness.We, at CDC Labs provide you IT Process Consulting services, as part of our technology consultingsolutions that help you to simplify, optimize and thus improvise upon the maturity of the underlyingprocesses by focusing on: Our Services- delivering solutions targeted at enhancing productivity- improve service and project delivery- cost optimization- alignment with industry recognized frameworks/standards using process solutions TECHNOLOGY CONSULTINGGoogle Consulting (Analytics, Ad words)Google Analytics (GA) is a free service offered by Google as part of its Google ConsultingServices that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website. The product is aimedat marketers and it is the most widely used website statistics service, currently in use onaround 57% of the 10,000 most popular websites. GA can track visitors from all referrers,including search engines, display advertising, pay-per-click networks, e-mail marketing anddigital collateral such as links within PDF documents.With Google Analytics, youre more prepared to write better-targeted ads, strengthen yourmarketing initiatives and create higher converting websites.We, at CDC Labs, provide you with Google Consulting services, namely, Analytics and Adwords, as part of its technology consulting solutions.CDC Labs Innovation Playground
  8. 8. TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING Google Search Appliance The Google Search Appliance (GSA) provides fast, relevant search for your intranet or website. An on-premise, easy-to-deploy solution, the GSA provides your organization with high relevancy right out of the box, can be customized to meet your specific needs, and scales easily as your content grows. Google Search Appliance builds on its scalable architecture and adds key new features around search quality, access control and connectivity. CDC Labs in association with Google provides acts as your search appliance, using the latest GSA 6.8 version that includes: Cloud Connect - integrated search with Google Apps, Site Search and Twitter People Search - Search profile information about people in your organizationOur Services Dynamic Navigation - filter search results with specific metadata attributes Active-Active - provide high availability by directing search traffic to multiple appliances SharePoint 2010 - Search all content within SharePoint 2010 out of the box. Technology Outsourcing Information Technology Outsourcing is not a new topic and has been around for quite some time as proven by the common practice to buy and implement off-the-shelf software packages to solve business problems. The benefit of these available off-the-shelf software solutions is that they give you a much desired impetus with the deployment and time-to-market of our product/service, by providing you with loads of the best industry and technology practices built on piles of vast and extensive industry experience of the outsourcing company, and further gives you a risk-free approach to solve a business problem since the solution in most instances will be a proven one. We at CDC Labs, as part of our endeavor to provide effective alignment of Business & IT Processes through expert Technology Consulting provide technology outsourcing services by implementing off-the-shelf software packages ranging from the sophisticated ERP systems like Oracle EBS, SAP to simpler packages like the many Payroll systems in the market to solve business problems of our client companies. For more details please write in to us at: CDC Labs C-Block Logix Park Noida (UP)
  9. 9. TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING3D AnimationMultimedia & 3D Animation Services include 3D Graphics, Character Animation, Models and Logos.They are a great way to breathe life into an idea or design that is still on the drawing board or can’tbe explained verbally, because the very speciality of 3D work be it in the form of animations,graphics or models is its ability to provide visibility to an otherwise, inconceivable or invisible idea.The benefit is that you have an opportunity to preview and experience the final product in the formof a prototype or a blueprint before a major capital expenditure is incurred to produce it.At CDC Labs we will provide you exactly with what you have imagined, by not only making it morelively but also closer to reality by using our state-of-the-art 3D technology. Our ServicesWe are experts in architectural, character animations, prototypes, and interactive and industrialproducts and have made some of most complex structures in architectural field into 3D.We don’t satisfy our customers; instead we delight them and keep on delivering what our clientsdemand with an unrelenting focus to attain perfection.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)You can spend thousands of dollars and man-hours on building a world-class website, but if it isnot properly positioned on the Web through an effective SEO procedure in place, it will rarely getnoticed. CDC Labs’ years of extensive knowledge and experience always keeps your website onthe fore front of the internet search, using key term selection, competitor analysis and optimizedweb pages , thereby, ensuring its “top of the mind visibility” to your potential customers.CDC Labs Innovation Playground
  10. 10. MANAGEMENT CONSULTING Change Management We at CDC Labs implement Change Management Services as part of our Management Consulting Solutions at the following 3 levels : i. Simple Web-Based Change Management • Effective, Easy to use. Access from any internet PC, 24/7 … • Cost effective Licensing, Flexible options • One webinar and you can be up and running • Post implementation Changes can be made entirely by you!Our Services ii. Powerful Web-Based Enterprise Change Management • Track, Control and Authorize Change. Automate Workflow. Fully Customizable with Easy To Use 3 Step Wizards ITIL V3 Certified OOB template. Comply with Sarbanes-Oxley • Low cost installation, low maintenance … • Extremely low Total Cost of Ownership. Training costs? virtually nil, Consultancy costs? Very little if any at all. Just ask our existing clients! • Make changes yourself and call on us for the help you need if and when you need it. iii. Complete Configuration, Change & Release Management • Single System. Change Management, Configuration Item Version Control, Release Management With Full Process Driven Control • Manufacturers, Engineering, Finance, Software, Documentation, All files and non- file based configuration items can be recorded and controlled down to individual instances of each version! • Fully Customizable. ITIL V3 Template. Comply with Sarbanes-Oxley … • Full Training and consultancy expertise available to help from initial requirement to post implementation review For more details please write in to us at: CDC Labs C-Block Logix Park Noida (UP)
  11. 11. MANAGEMENT CONSULTINGIT Service Management (ITIL)CDC Labs provides excellent and the latest ITILv3 Consulting Services and focuses on processimprovement across the full ITIL Life Cycle: Strategy, Design, Transition, Operations and ContinuousImprovement, within the organizations, Quite often, a tactical engagement requires a strongemphasis on Operation and Transition processes of an organization such as Event, Incident, Request,Access, Change, Problem and Asset & Configuration Management. This demanding engagementmakes effective and efficient use of ITIL Services, that lie parked in most IT companies.We specialize in IT Service Management (ITSM), Asset Life Cycle Management (ALM) and SecurityProvisioning Management (SPM) solution consulting across the IT organization value chain includingService Desk, Operations Management, Technical Management and Applications Managementtowers. Our ServicesIn the ITIL arena, our consulting services operate at two levels. Our Level A consulting offers provenand time-tested methodologies, templates, and best practices to the table - eliminating weeks ofcostly project start-up and discovery efforts to achieve the benefits of ITIL compliance. CDC Labs’Level B consulting addresses the 80/20 menace, which has companies still spending over 80% oftheir capital in providing basic maintenance and support and the remaining 20% on innovation. Byencouraging the senior management & decision-makers to actively participate in ITIL StrategyFormulation & Design Implementation, the ITILv3 framework can be applied to strategic valuestreams, external customer support technologies and the Service Portfolio that generates revenue.Project Management/Project TrackingThere are times when either time or resources-crunch forces you results in your inability to takeon major software development or IT projects, though, realizing that these projects are criticalto your organization’s success. An acutely painful feeling, must say!!CDC Labs Project Management process is a defined workflow management methodology thatensures the success of your project regardless of scope. We assign a highly-skilled andexperienced project management to your project. They assess the situation and develop asoftware development management plan.And depending on your resource requirement for the project, we can also employ our ITCzars to deliver tailor-made solutions to you. Known and acclaimed for their specific skillssets, these industry veterans work in collaboration with the project manager and yourinternal teams to successfully complete the project.The result being a solid track record for a quality-driven expedited and economical deliveryand implementation, ensuring not only minimum client downtime but at times, its absencealtogether. Finally, armed with an expansive technical skills set, our IT Czars eliminate theneed for hiring any additional manpower for the same project, thereby, further exercisingtotal project cost control.CDC Labs Innovation Playground
  12. 12. portfolioOur Portfolio For more details please write in to us at: CDC Labs C-Block Logix Park Noida (UP)
  13. 13. EVELOPM C YD EN N E T ET CECOMP NTER Empowerment through skills DevelopmentAs? a socially responsible company, CDC Labs is also heavily into nation building through its Competency Development Centerexceptionally bright and talented Learning & Development Division, known as: ?“COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT CENTER” (CDC)“COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT CENTER” (CDC)Which has the most important onus of providing professional training and guidance to develop ?applications for the niche technology areas, like iphone, android, cloud computing etc.CDC is the brainchild of the same intellectual and creative geniuses who founded CDC Labs.CDC EMPOWERS people – enables them to take full control of their lives both psychologicallyand technologically , by building their skills and competencies around the same niche technologyplatforms mentioned above, which are ubiquitously redefining the current global communicationlandscape.CDC, unlike any other training institute in the market , teaches you life-long sustenance,which it proudly rephrases as – “GIVE A FISH TO SOMEONE AND YOU FEED HIM FOR A DAY, BUTTEACH HIM HOW TO FISH AND YOU FEED HIM FOR A LIFETIME.” Your employable skill- sets, taughtby us are only a stepping stone of our relationship, that would be nurtured by the empoweredmindset that you take from here. It would add more meaning and guidance to your life,helping you decide how to spend it more fruitfully and satisfyingly.CDC Labs Innovation Playground
  14. 14. CDC’s Core Service Offerings Highly competitive & rigorous TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT by Industry Experts working in Fortune 1000 MNCs on: NICHE TECHNOLOGIES LIFE SKILLS C, C++ & Data Structures (also available for 10+2) Basic Communication iPhone/iPad Assertiveness Android Transition - Corporate LifeCDC Core Services Cloud Computing (, Google App Engine, Amazon Resume Writing Skills Web Services) Java & Enterprise Java + Frameworks (Struts, Hibernate,Springs, Business Etiquettes SOA) Software Quality Testing, Automation(QTP,Win Runner, Load Runner E-mail Etiquettes ISTQB, CSTE(Certification) Linux Device Drivers Telephone Etiquettes DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Interview Skills Embedded Systems & RTOS (Real Time Operating System) Conflict Management Project Management - PMP (Certification) Listening Skills Service Delivery - ITILv3 (Certification) And Many More…. Capsule Courses on : Fresher 2 Finisher Mid-Career Crisis Management INTERNSHIP PROGRAM “SPRUCE UP” - A 6 months long boy to man transformation journey for final year MCA students, where they are put on a 360 degree development track to teach them the ground rules and ethics of a workplace environment, thereby, preventing them from finally entering the organization with a “raw body language.” ? ? For more details please write in to us at: CDC Labs ? C-Block Logix Park Noida (UP)
  15. 15. CDC’s Core Service OfferingsMENTORSHIP PROGRAM -We will appoint experienced and “balanced” industry mentors, to guide you inyour newly started professional journey. They will counsel, motivate and inspireyou with their “success and failure stories”, and grooming you both personallyand professionally.MID-CAREER CRISIS MANAGEMENT -Our mid-career crisis management package for working professionals helps themcombat feelings of disenchantment in their current occupations that creep-in mid-way, CDC Core Servicesdue to a expectations-achievement mismatch , helping them plan and take the next bigalleviation step.LIFE SKILLS TRAININGThis aggressively robust training consisting of 23 power-packed modules equips you withall the skills and techniques required to smartly survive and succeed in this BIG BADCORPORATE JUNGLE.CDC Labs Innovation Playground
  16. 16. Timeline Phase Duration Description Modules Warm Up 3 Weeks IT Industry “teaser” Software Engineering Operating System C – Language, Database Management System Data Structure C++ Language, Networking,AWT JDBC,Collection Framework, Core JAVA UNIX Introduction, Swing OOAD,OOPS, Basic Communication (Life Skills),Writing Skills (Life Skills) Listening Skills (Life Skills) Time management (Life Skills)CDC Core Services Timeline Phase Duration Description Modules Gear Up 3 Weeks Bootstrapping Testing LAMP Exercise PHP Open Source SVN, Junit ANT, Log4J, Cruise Control Check Style Find Bugs X Doclet, Maven AJAX Web2.0, Basic Ruby on Rails Basic Groovy on Grail JSON Web ServicesRestful, RPC Document Style Apache axis Agile (Overview)Scrum XP, Frameworks Hibernate/ Spring/ Struts,IDEEclipse Xcode UML Overview ORACLESql Pl-Sql Overview of RDBMS concepts Overview of Real-time and Embedded Systems MVC Design PatternsJAVA and J2EE Design Patterns Advanced JAVAJSP/ Servlet/JNDI/JMS/ EJB/JBoss/ TomCat,Lucene Using Google and Forums to copy and paste codes. Business Communication (Life Skills) Interpersonal Skills (Life Skills) Public Speaking (Life Skills) For more details please write in to us at: CDC Labs C-Block Logix Park Noida (UP)
  17. 17. Timeline Phase Duration Description Modules iPhone, Androi. See Cloud ComputingSaaS. Take 8 Weeks your PaaS. Control “bread & butter” IaaS, Sales Force com Apex. Visual Force. AWS, GAE. Facebook Applications. Twitter Applications. LinkedIn Applications. Advanced Ruby on Rails. Advanced Groovy on Grails. Estimation Techniques FPA. WBS, Use Case, Ms Excel, Metrics. Presentation Skills (Life Skills). Problem Solving (Life Skills). Creativity and Innovation (Life Skills). People management (Life Skills). Timeline Phase Duration Description Modules CDC Core Services Amazon Web Services. Big Picture 5 Weeks IT Industry Movie Google App Engine, PMPOverview. ITIL Overview. Six SigmaOverview. VirtualizationOverview. ProcessOverview of ISO and CMM. EAISOA. ESB. JBI. Rules Engine. Business Proposal Overview (Pre Sales). Leadership skills (Life Skills). Risk Management(Life Skills). Conflict Management (Life Skills). Stress Management (Life Skills). Telephone etiquette (Life Skills). Assertiveness (Life Skills). Technology Entrepreneurship Writing. ideas and Business case. Timeline Phase Duration Description Modules Social Media, DomainOverview of CRM. Take on the Packaging You, BPM, SCM, Insurance, Trave. 5 Weeks World “BEAUTIFULLY” CMS, ERP, MIS, Telecom, Wireless. Banking Finance. VAS, App-Store Phenomena. Office Skills (Life Skills). Interview Rehearse (Life Skills). Transition to corporate life (Life Skills). Diversity management (Life Skills). Business Etiquette (Life Skills). Interview skills (Life Skills). Email etiquette (Life Skills) (MS Outlook). Transaction analysis (Life Skills). Project Submission (Life Skills). Case Study (Life Skills). Resume Building (Life Skills). Networking Skills (Life Skills).CDC LabsInnovation Playground
  18. 18. Course Fees Structure Fee Structure Course Name Duration (Hours) (INR) Core Java 40 8000 Enterprise Java 40 8000 Data Structures 20 4000 DSP, matLab,Linux device Drivers, Image Processing, 80 25000 Arm & TL Processor C, C++ 60 8000 iPhone 40 16000 Android 40 16000Course Fees Structure 40 25000 Project Management Certification,PMP 40 15000 ITILv3 Certification 20 12000 Software Testing & Automation 40 16000 40 16000 Business Analytics Life Skills/Soft Skills 40 10000 SPRUCE UP 900 35000 For more details please write in to us at: CDC Labs C-Block Logix Park Noida (UP)
  19. 19. Our Teaching PedagogyHybrid Learning ModelOur learning courses are designed using Hybrid Learning Model to suit the individual learningneeds of all students, enabling them to learn at their own pace.We impart both on-premise and off-premise training solutions where theoretical instructor-ledlearning is finely blended with vibrant 24x7x365 e-learning using our state of the art CDC LearningManagement System (CDC LMS). Our Teaching PedagogyIt customarily involves delivery of curriculum materials, access to resources, submission ofassignments, course assessments and even announcement of results using an online format tonot only ensure quicker assimilation and retention of key concepts, but also to be at par withindustry training standards.Project-Oriented LearningTheoretical training, be it in the form of classroom sessions, online courses, group forumdiscussions etc. is insufficient in itself to complete the training cycle unless coupled with practicalexposure in the form of an opportunity to apply that learning in day-to-day work practices.We at Competency Development Center, fully cognizant of this fact, have developed our learningcourses around live hands-on projects that will utilize the technologies taught in the classroom,thereby, propelling the students to move forward by stirring their grey cells by working on livehands-on projects utilizing the concepts learnt in class, to catapult their project management skills, interpersonal skills & technical skills to the next level and incorporating the habit ofthinking beyond course materials..CDC Labs Innovation Playground
  20. 20. E- Learning Medical science offers a unique and well-known theory of the structure of the mind that suggests that the human brain is divided into two parts; left hemisphere & right hemisphere, each of which control two different modes of thinking. According to medical scientists, the left hemisphere is logical & analytical in its functioning, whereas, the right hemisphere is creative, aesthetic and even emotional. Subsequent research on this discovery suggests that the very inherent nature of these two sides of the brain also plays a crucial role in deciding the learning styles and preferences of people as well as the methodologies used to train them.E-learning We at Competency Development Center, fully cognizant of the complexity and beauty of this architectural masterpiece of God, have invented a Hybrid Learning System, that enhances your overall learning experience with us and is also more kinder to your brain, thereby, preventing you from suffering from learning anxiety. Our hybrid learning system is designed to suit the learning needs of all the students, enabling them to learn at their own pace, because it involves imparting both on-premise and off-premise learning solutions where our theoretical instructor-led learning is finely blended with our vibrant e-learning provided using our state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS), where delivery of all curriculum materials, access to resources and submission of assignments and live industry projects takes place in an online fashion so as to not only ensure quicker assimilation and retention of key concepts but also to be at par with industry training standards. The end-result being that the usage of visuals, charts, graphics as part of our LMS stirs students’ grey cells in the right hemisphere , enhancing their creativity and aesthetic sense. Whereas, giving them an opportunity to apply their classroom theories to execute live industry projects will hone their project management, people management and technical skills by generating analytical and logical thinking in them, thereby, stimulating their left brain hemisphere also. For more details please write in to us at: CDC Labs C-Block Logix Park Noida (UP)
  21. 21. Our Faculty ProfileAll the courses at Competency Development Center are taught by INDUSTRY EXPERTS who areprofessionals from diverse backgrounds, and alumni of some of the best B-Schools & T-Schoolsworldwide. They possess years of real life industry experience in various capacities in top MNCand have a highly successful track record in their select areas of expertise.Here is a brief snapshot about them:Java FacultyThe Java faculty at Competency Development Center is carefully drawn from a talent poolcomprising of individuals working in Fortune 500 & 1000 companies like Tech Mahindra , TataConsultancy Services & Pitni Bowes etc. to name a few, who are adept at using most of the “aheadof time” tools and technologies in the Software Development Space. The partial list of technologiesthat our rock-solid Java faculty is known for having expertise and proficiency in are Java , J2EE, EJB,Frameworks, Struts, Springs, Hibernate, SOA and MVC Architecture etc.Android Faculty our Faculty ProfileAt Competency Development Center, the heroes teaching Android technology represent the face ofsome of the most sought after Blue-chip corporations like Samsung, IBM & Infosys etc., to name afew. They are fully adept at Java, as the whole and sole technology whose 100% knowledge andxpertise is an important prerequisite for escalating students to the next level i.e. Android. Besidesthis the partial list of technologies that are known for having expertise and proficiency in are Java,2EE, Android SDK, Android Emulator and Linux Kernel etc.iPhone/iPad FacultyThe iPhone Gurus at Competency Development Center are proud and responsible employees ofsome of the most sought after Fortune 500 & 1000 companies like Tech Mahindra, TataConsultancy Services, & Wipro Technologies etc., to name a few. They are heavily armed withadroitness in Objective-C, as the whole and sole technology whose 100% knowledge andexpertise is an important prerequisite for escalating students to the next level i.e. iPhone.Besides this the partial list of technologies that they are known for having expertise andproficiency in are Objective-C, Apple’s iOS, Mac OS, iPhone SDK, Cocos2D & XCode etc.Cloud Computing FacultyThe Cloud Computing faculty members at Competency Development Center are Certified Developer, who are working for globally renowned brands like IBM &Tata Consultancy Services etc., to name a few. They are adept and experienced in executingmultiple end to end Salesforce. com implementations, optimization and App developmenthaving ADM-201, DEV-401, DEV-501 Developer Certificate with special security, service andsupport trainings from They are also proficient in End-to-End Salesforce.comimplementation across industry verticals with custom application development on the top platform. Their specialties include but are not limited to (Visualforce/Apex), Java/J2EE,Spring & Hibernate framework, Weblogic, Tomcat, MySQL, Oracle iPhoneApps Developer, Google App Engine, Amazon Web Services, VMWare and Cloud Computingetc.CDC Labs Innovation Playground
  22. 22. Our Faculty Profile PMP & ITIL Faculty The Project Management & ITIL faculty at Competency Development Center are Certified PMP Professionals from globally renowned PMI Institute as well as accredited certificate holders in ITILv3 Service Management. They have vast experience working in Fortune 500 MNCs like Tech Mahindra etc., to name a few, managing multi-cultural, multi vendor & multi-location project environments with team size of up to 50. Their specialties include but are not limited to Mobile Apps, iPhone & Android, Social Media, VAS, Telecom, BPM, Insurance, EAI, e-Commerce, Social Media,e-Learning,e Governance Business Analytics, UI/UX, MVC, SOA, Multi Tenancy, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Web2.0, Virtualization and SCRUM/Agile Methodologies etc. Soft Skills and Life Skills Faculty The Soft Skills & Life Skills faculty at Competency Development Center possesses rich industry experience in the areas of Learning & Development & Talent Induction and Management,our Faculty Profile including Training Needs Analysis, Training Co-ordination and Training Delivery. They also have to their credit an= international academic exposure thereby equipping them with a global outlook with a cross-cultural feel that can be leveraged to bring out the best in people in any situation, and using it for their own benefit. For more details please write in to us at: CDC Labs C-Block Logix Park Noida (UP)
  23. 23. Why Niche Technologies? ?Tremendous Job Opportunities - Research data suggests that the Android mobile phone market isgrowing at a steady rate of 32% per month. Similarly, despite the recent global recession iPhone &Android job market saw a huge surge of 500% globally in a span of 6 months.Captures Everyone’s Attention - Mobile apps do grab a lot of eye balls. iPhone captured a millionhearts, as evident from 500 million apps downloaded from App store, and about $1 billion Why Niche Technologiesgenerated only from applications this year. Similarly, Android developers are well admired fortheir innovative design, support for multiple networks and the ability for framing various applications.Niche Technologies + Life Skills = ALL ROUND SUCCESSA survey of IT recruitment advertisements reveals company’s hiring focus on technicalknow - how ONLY at entry-level.In the long run focus shifts to life skills & soft skills such as effective communication, ability towork in a team, principled negotiation skills etc. that play an important role in the growth of everybusiness by projecting its professional & quality-driven image to the external world, thereby,helping employees with these skills, quickly move up the corporate ladder.CDC Labs Innovation Playground
  24. 24. Some Burning facts India Inc. lacks QUALITY despite QUANTITY!! A report published in the Wall Street Journal by Yale Global Study Center, reveals startling statistics about shortage of quality manpower availability in India Inc. despite an increasing number of graduates passing out every year, as seen through the eyes of a Bangalore-based Call Center 24/7 Customer Pvt. Ltd., which in this country of 1.2 billion population struggled to recruit a meager 3,000 candidates this year. For complete report please visit: India Inc.’s Unemployable Engineers A report published in The Economist throws light upon an increasing number of Indian engineers rendered unemployed than those in US, despite the former being much more in quantity. The report, further quotes a study done by Aspiring Minds, an Indian firm, which reveals that “only 4.2%Some Burning Facts of Indian engineers are fit to work in a software product firm and only 17.8% are fit to be employed by an IT Services Company.” For complete report please visit: India Inc. Desperately Needs “Cross-Cultural Management” Lessons A blog published on Harvard Business Review’s website reveals a fast emerging trend within India Inc., where companies, instead of giving their R&D work to their indigenous counterparts are outsourcing the same to the far West. This paradigm shift, as the blog explores, stems from cultural differences in Indian and the West countries, that influences and contrasts their attitude and approach towards work. For complete report please visit: For more details please write in to us at: CDC Labs C-Block Logix Park Noida (UP)
  25. 25. Our Achievements??MAD 2011 – We sent thundering signals about our presence in themarket by organizing an iPhone & Android Boot camp - “MAD 2011” on 14th May, 2011 atNoida Management Association, Sector 62. Our sincere effort to propagate amacro-level awareness of what’s happening in the Mobile App Space and the opportunitiesit presents to make a dazzling Career, was honored by over 75% student participation,that too on a Saturday!! Our AchievementsMilestones 2011Recently, we organized a promotional event at Noida from 1st Oct – 5th Oct, 2011 during the DurgaPuja Festival and got chance to reach out to different families, showcasing our mobile apps &training business to them”). Fully cognizant of the limitations posed by the occasion resulting inan inability to reach the right target audience, we relentlessly hung on, paving the way for anincreased probability of brand CDC Labs & CDC to get positioned somewhere in their minds.Success Stories 2011We transform lives by “empowering” people and have been proving it since our inception.Let’s hear from the “horse’s mouth” itself. Here are some real success stories of a fewstudents whom we adopted and groomed to face the harsh corporate environment.Today, after under going training in niche technologies and life skills they have gotplaced in reputed Software & Mobile Application Development companies as follows:CDC Labs Innovation Playground
  26. 26. Testimonials “CDC or Changing Destiny Ceaselessly, as I would call it, really did it for me. I came from a college with no campus placements. Amidst such uncertainty, CDC came like a breeze of fresh air, trusted and adopted me, guiding me all along its power packed “SPRUCE UP” program, which made me independently stand on my feet and get placed on MY OWN!!” Md. Abdullah “I feel short of words, when talking about CDC. All I would say is that apart from grooming me through its balanced mix of niche technologies and life/soft skills sessions, CDC also exposed me to the work culture prevalent in a company, and being a start-up, for an avid learner, the sky was the limit." Basar Dinar “I really enjoyed my stint at CDC, and wish it could have been life-long. Everything about that place is just amazing. Be it the work culture,industry mentors, course materials or even the 24X7 e-learning methodology used by them to train me.” Afzal HussainTestimonials “I really remember the power packed Java & Android sessions that took place in CDC. It was so much fun. Every day we were discussing and exploring something new.However, the best part was an open learning culture where the students also had full right and authority to be more knowledgeable and “correct” than the teachers, who took it positively. That’s my CDC!!” Abid Hussain “I would always remain indebted to CDC for multiplying the options I have, to do something fulfilling and fruitful with my life. The amazing world of cloud computing was left open to me for exploring as much as possible. Today, when I look back sitting on my work station, I feel blessed!! Shahnawaz Irfan “CDC gave me a new perspective and outlook towards life. It taught me that you don’t need a big brand to be successful. A vibrant start-up with loads of positive energy is equally sufficient to bring out the best in you.” Abrar Ahmad Khan “Everyone has skills nowadays, but you need someone who can guide and hand-hold you to channelize them productively. I was fortunate enough to get that guidance in the form of CDC’s SPRUCE UP program that taught me to think technically with a non-technical perspective.” Vaishnavesh Shukla For more details please write in to us at: CDC Labs C-Block Logix Park Noida (UP)
  27. 27. Testimonials“Don’t ever underestimate a start-up, because all Fortune 500 companies you see today were once start-ups only. This I can confidently say after spending time with CDC.” Gurmeet Singh“CDC never made me feel like a “fresher” even for a single day after joining it as a student in Core Java batch. Everything ranging from work environment to task allocation to expectationswere thoroughly professional in nature.” Md. Arshe Azam Khan“I am really grateful to CDC for showing me a new direction of niche technologies. I am now sureof making a successful and a satisfying career.” Romil Chaudhary“Unlike most of the other companies, I would always remember CDC as an entity that adopted and groomed me to become what I am today. Kudos to CDC!!” Tarique Khan Testimonials“Take my word for it. No one offers you such a balanced and powerful combination of niche skillsand life skills training, other than CDC, the end-result of which is overall development.” Waris Hussain“CDC would always remain proudly embedded in my memory for the kind of support and guidance it provided me to not just land a job, but a career!! Qamar Alam Khan“There is no such technology in this world that CDC is not playing with , be it PHP, Java, Zend, OpenGLS, or the more niche iPhone, Android and Cloud Computing , and the best part isthat they instead of keeping it to themselves, happily disseminate it to anyone who comes under their fold.” Shadab Alam“I always dreamt of exploring the revolutionary iPhone. I am glad to have fortunatelybumped into CDC which gave an unrestricted opportunity to fulfil my dream.” Roman Khan“Coding always gave me jitters, but the kind of sustained support & mentoring I got from the industry experts under the CDC umbrella, helped me overcome my fear instantly.” Vikas DharCDC Labs Innovation Playground
  28. 28. Testimonials “I always wanted to make a career in User Interface Design & Development but was not really sure of how to go about it. CDC not only taught me the right path of constantly doing R&D on a daily basis on each and every aspect of UI, but also gave me a complimentary exposure to its whole bouquet of niche skills and life skills training, giving me more career options.” Nitin Grover “I won’t forget the day when Momshad sir counseled me about the potential of niche technologies and the mistake I would be making by not jumping this bandwagon RIGHT NOW!! There I was the next day attending Core Java class taught by Vivek sir. Thank you CDC!!” Amit Singh Khati “I suggest our college faculties start getting enrolled in CDC’s Core Java course. Must say, a mind blowing experience.” Manu Kumar Goel “CDC’s Java course and everything else, just ROCKS!!”Testimonials Krishna Mohan Lal Keshari “I didn’t know that my sustained and diligent hard work in Core Java class at CDC would win me an in-house job offer”. Md. Zafar Iquabal Khan “How can I ever forget CDC? Their meticulously taught Core Java course by Vivek sir, won me an offer letter from Orange Telecom. And that’s not all, I am already signed up for Advanced Java batch too.” Shanky Tyagi “CDC just allows you to expand your wings and soar as high as possible using the fuel of empowerment prepared using niche technologies and life skills.” Gaurav Dixit “Soon after completion of core java batch, I immediately signed up for CDC’s Advanced Java batch, thanks to the expert guidance provided by their faculty.” Deepti Sharma For more details please write in to us at: CDC Labs C-Block Logix Park Noida (UP)
  29. 29. Testimonials“I never used to perform well in Java in college, but my life changed completely after undergoing Core Java training at CDC.” Heena Dhamija“If you want to not only get your Java fundamentals concepts, but also successfully build uponthem, CDC is the right place.” Sanoj Kumar“I could not prevent myself from signing up for CDC’s Advanced Java course, after undergoing training in Core Java from them.” Sumit TestimonialsCDC Labs Innovation Playground
  30. 30. Clients Clients For more details please write in to us at: CDC Labs C-Block Logix Park Noida (UP)
  31. 31. Partners Professional Social media management Empatica Systems Facilitating Collaborative Design Partners & Contact Us CDC Labs Near Logix Park C – Block, Sector 62 INDIA Noida(U.P.) - 201301 Ph : +91-120-4133694, +91-9971101881 Email : UK Sheffield Ph : +91-120-4133694, +91-9971101881 Email : USA Arizona Ph : +91-120-4133694, +91-9971101881 Email : info@cdclabs.comCDC Labs Innovation Playground