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Ford Fiesta Movement - UF Marketing Management Case


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As part of my senior capstone marketing class, the class was tasked with providing marketing solutions for 6 provided cases. One case was to develop a plan for the Ford Fiesta when it was first introduced to the United States in 2009. I created the provided presentation that details my team's plan.

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Ford Fiesta Movement - UF Marketing Management Case

  1. 1. Ford Fiesta Movement
  2. 2. Situation Analysis Target Groups Strategy Questions
  3. 3. Situation Analysis
  4. 4. Situation Analysis Ford Fiesta Movement We promoted the new Fiesta model by selecting 100 social agents to show off the Fiesta through promotion on social media networks.
  5. 5. FFM in Numbers Social Media Reach
  6. 6. FFM in Numbers 4.3 mil views on YouTube 10,000 videos posted 540k views on Flickr 20,000 photos posted 3 mil Twitter user reach 5,300 followers 2,100 Facebook Fans 27,000 Blog Posts 2,300 News Stories 7,840,000 views
  7. 7. Was FFM Successful? 35,000 test drives
  8. 8. Was FFM Successful? 38% of 14 - 24 year olds aware of Ford Fiesta
  9. 9. Was FFM Successful? The Fiesta Movement built excitement and awareness for the Fiesta
  10. 10. Possibly. Can this work for other models?
  11. 11. Can this work for other models? Right now, social media users are young. For Ford car models targeting an older demographic, a social media campaign would miss its audience.
  12. 12. Can this work for other models? It depends on the growth of social media over time and the demographic using it.
  13. 13. ...what’s next? convert 50,000sales leads to actual sales
  14. 14. Target Groups
  15. 15. 16 - 24 Years Old Fun & Hip Love the Agents
  16. 16. Young Professional (22 - 30 Years Old) Versatility of the car Practical = parking & trunk use
  17. 17. Parents/Decision Makers Safety Cost over time
  18. 18. Strategy
  19. 19. Online Traditional Young Crowd Parents & Decision Makers Young Professionals
  20. 20. Strategy Part 1: Test Drive & Pre-Sale Event Timeframe: Weekends in May Locations: Major cities across the SE, SW, Central, NE & NW United States Agents: Top regional agents with successful content go to events in their region
  21. 21. Strategy Part 2: Digital Marketing Agent of the Month Campaign: Timeframe: January - June Social Networks: YouTube, Facebook, & Twitter Components: Weekly clips from agent interviews for Agent of the Month, comments about favorite car features & funny stories. Weekly Bloopers from Original Campaign: Timeframe: January – June Social Networks: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter Promotional Status Updates: Timeframe: April – May Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter Component: Ford & social agents post about pre-sale Event
  22. 22. Strategy Part 3: Traditional Media TV Commercial: Timeframe: January - June Objective: Emphasize overall cost and safety features, appeal to Parents/Decision makers. Promotional TV Commercial: Timeframe: April - May Objective: Test drive and pre-sale event commercial. Appeals to parents/decision makers.
  23. 23. Jan. ‘10 Feb. ‘10 March ‘10 April ‘10 May ‘10 June ‘10 A.O.T.M Bloopers TV1 A.O.T.M Bloopers TV1 A.O.T.M Bloopers TV1 A.O.T.M Bloopers P.S. TV1/TV2 A.O.T.M Bloopers P.S. TV1/TV2 TD & PS A.O.T.M Bloopers P.S. TV1/TV2 A.O.T.M = Agent of the month campaign TV1 = Car - Focused Commercial Bloopers = Weekly Blooper Clips P.S. = Promotional Status Updates TD & PS = Test Drive & Presale TV2 = Test Drive & Pre-Sale Commercial Timeline Overview
  24. 24. Questions?