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CSM Corporate Overview Brochure

  2. 2. WHY BUY ?Because we understand storage. We meet your challenges of limited floor space, budgetconstraints, and future expansion with a full line of innovative storage, filing, and materialhandling equipment. California Space Management, Inc. has over 1000 successful projectcompletions throughout Southern California. 30 years and counting...Our mission is doing what’s best for you... PERIOD!• A CSM representative will visit your facility to measure spaces and carefully listen to your requirements. We are committed to maximizing storage capacity at the lowest cost.• A site specific floor plan layout and elevation with storage capacity is supplied to you - at no charge or obligation.• Unmatched manufacturing efficiency and our class B general contractor license insures turnkey solutions at the lowest costs available.Let CSM solve your unique storage challenges!
  3. 3. HIGH DENSITY MOBILE STORAGE - AN OVERVIEWSPACESAVER® HIGH DENSITY MOBILE STORAGE - AN OVERVIEWBuild the foundation for an efficient, productive office with a high-density storage system.Our systems optimize space and can substantially increase capacity of filing high-density Build the foundation for an efficient, productive office with a Spacesaver or storage in storage system. Our systems optimize space and can substantially increase capacity ofan existing area or free up space for other uses. filing or storage in an existing area or free up space for other uses. ONE SIMPLE CONCEPT WILL: ONE SIMPLE CONCEPT WILL: • Dramatically increase storage capacity • Dramatically increase storage capacity and speed up access to critical files and and speed up access to critical files and other stored materials other stored materials • Minimize or eliminate off-site storage • Minimize or eliminate off-site storage • Increase security over confidential • Increase security over confidential information through controls allowing information through controls allowing secure access secure access • Make room for additional staff or • Make room for additional staff or equipment equipment • Improve organization, productivity, and • Improve organization, productivity, and customer service customer service Conventional type storage: Conventional type storage: Free up half your space for Free up half your space for Or store twice as much in the Or store twice as much in the wasted space wasted space other uses... uses... same amount of space same amount of space Call us at 800-873-1707 for a free consultation
  4. 4. R U Ready?
  5. 5. Storage That Works!MOBILE STORAGE SYSTEMS - TYPESMobile Storage gives you significantly greater storage capacity per square foot of floorspace. Conventional shelving or cabinets are mounted on carriages that travel on rails.Non-productive fixed aisle space is eliminated!Mobile Systems are custom designed to fit your space and integrate seamlessly into anywork environment. Three basic modes of operation are available:POWERED• Users open system aisles at the push of a button or via computerized commands• Designed for maximum productivity for high access storage/filing• State of the art engineering and safety systems• Programmable security and controlled access for specific usersMECHANICAL ASSIST• Users open system aisles by rotating ergonomic drive handles• Allows lengths of up to 60 foot carriages with effortless movement• End panel design options include steel, laminate, and/or real wood• Standard safety features are fully code compliantMANUAL• Users open system aisles by pushing handles left or right• Ideal for low activity, small storage or filing applications Email us at info@caspacemanagement.com for a free consultation
  6. 6. Storage Your WayMOBILE SYSTEMS - ACCESSORIESMobile Storage Systems will be configured for yourunique application. The modular design allows for flat/file shelves lateral roll-outs, mixed media drawers orcustom engineered accessories. Choose from an arrayof components to store virtually anything!APPLICATIONS• File Folders • Medical Supplies• Boxes • Industrial Equipment• Binders • Weapons• Books • Pharmaceuticals• Medical Records / X-Rays • Lab Specimens• Digital Media • Linens• Museum Artifacts • Food• Supplies • InventoriesOur focus is on practical solutions to save space,increase productivity, and reduce operating costs.As each project has a goal of 100% customersatisfaction, our expanding list of clients in diverseindustries is always available for your informationand confidence.
  7. 7. Unlimited Shelving Options STATIC SHELVING - AN OVERVIEW Whether you need a few sections for a storeroom, or the project requires “miles of aisles,” California Space Management, Inc. can help. All types of shelving are available. The key to “getting it right” is a no-obligation survey by a California Space Management, Inc. representative at your facility. FACTORS IN SHELVING SELECTION 1. The Application - What media (file folders, books, boxes, etc.) is being stored and what are the aesthetic needs for the location 2. The Media - What are the dimensions/weights of the items, and what shelf clearance is required 3. The Location - The room dimensions, staff accessibility and building code will affect the “best solution” SmartShelf: Superior adjustability without any tools compared to L & T Call us at 800-873-1707 for a professional survey
  8. 8. Intelligent Storage SolutionsSTATIC SHELVING - TYPESCSM offers a variety of shelving styles to meet any storage requirement. Stationary or free-standing shelving is available, standard or custom configured in steel/wood laminatecombinations. All styles are available in varying depths and heights.SmartShelf is a flexible and innovative user-friendly hybrid 4-Post shelving system. Ideal foryour mobile storage systems, the SmartShelf’s adaptability offers space optimization andaesthetics for your evolving storage needs.Case-Type Shelving is ideal for upscale offices and libraries. Its distinguishing feature isdouble wall uprights offering a clean smooth finish without exposed connections.Library Cantilever Shelving offers a classic look and a flexible design to accommodatebooks, periodicals, and reference shelves. Laminate orreal wood end panels add a rich finished look.Wide Span Shelving is the perfect selection whentough, high weight capacity (2,400 lb./shelf) is needed.Pans of up to eight feet long by four feet deep persection mean fewer posts to obstruct access to yourmaterials. Heights of up to 21 feet mean efficient useof your valuable space.
  9. 9. Wire ShelvingCHROME WIRE SHELVINGUnlike other wire shelving on the market, our wire shelving is certified by National SanitationFoundation International. High quality chrome finish is very attractive and durable. Openwire construction reduces dust build-up, allows free light and air circulation, increasessprinkler effectiveness and improves visibility. Fast and easy to assemble. No tools required forassembly. Each shelf is adjustable in 1” increments. Units priced with 4 shelves and availablein 63”, 74” and 86” heights.CHROME PLATED CARTSChrome Plated Mobile CartsThese mobile wire carts are constructed to the highest quality standards and feature rustresistant chrome plating. Carts are highly maneuverable and come standard with 5”diameter swivel locking caster wheels. Fast and easy to assemble. No special tools arerequired. Shelves are fully adjustable in 1” increments. Cart capacity: 600 lbs. Available in69” and 80” high mobile units that include 4 shelves.Chrome Plated Service CartsHighly functional service carts that are available in 2 or 3 shelf configurations. Carts are38½” high with a capacity of 600 lbs. Email us at info@caspacemanagement.com today!
  10. 10. Lockers 101LOCKERSThe variation of locker styles can seem endless! Choosing the “correct” locker can be madesimple by having California Space Management, Inc. perform an on-site survey at yourfacility. The perfect locker for a gym isn’t the same one you’d like to have for a nurse’s areaor a sheriff’s station.BASICS• How will the lockers be used?• What performance, durability, and security characteristics matter most?• How many openings are needed, and what are the dimensions of the items stored?An on-site survey by a qualified supplier who understandsappropriate layout and building code is essential togetting it “right.”PERFORMANCELocker performance begins with a strong frame anddoor, and can be enhanced depending on the latchingmechanism, choice of ventilation, and accessories.
  11. 11. Lockers - Types Police Storage Lockers Made of welded steel, these police storage lockers are resistant, functional and multipurpose. Our standard police lockers have two doors, but are also Tactical Storage Lockers available in single door, according to required Tactical Storage Lockers: This width. resistant model, made of superior steel calibre, offers many storage options. Equipped with a drawer (which automatically locks when locker door is closed), a bench, a hook for body armour, as well as a triangular clothing separator and a lockable compartment, it meets all special requirements in a functional and efficient manner. Evidence Storage Lockers Available as both pass-thru and non-pass thru, evidence lockers are specifically designed to provide an extremely secure chain of custody during the critical short-term evidence storage period. Officers can securely deposit evidence day or night without having to deal with keys or combinations. Mine Storage Lockers This giant locker with double doors was created for workers who need to store soiled clothing and accessories. Its elements offer assured comfort, Athletic Storage Lockers such as the wooden bench located below. This locker is This athletic locker is made ventilated,functional and easy of welded metal and offers to clean, while still offering many great features. Solid security and strength. and resistant, it is virtually maintenance free and features a grid for easy air circulation. They can be installed in alcove, stand- alone configuration, or simply wall mounted. These options offer flexibility for the various needs of schools, gyms, or fire stations.
  12. 12. A Smarter Way To Store CABINETS Our cabinets are offered in a range of industry standard sizes and styles and can be custom designed to meet specific storage needs. CSM provides a wide selection of steel or wood bookcases, fireproof cabinets, and can fabricate custom sizes per specification. Locking security option ensures HIPPA privacy compliance. FEATURES INCLUDE: • Front-to-back or side-to-side filing • Interchangeable components and flexible drawer layouts • Heavy gauge, reinforced steel and welded construction • Cabinets are configured on 1½” centers • CD, DVD, video tape, and data cartridge sized drawers • Custom cabinet fabrication Many of our customers would welcome the opportunity to show you how their systems work for them. There is no better way to evaluate a potential supplier’s performance prospects than talking directly to their customers. Call us at 800-873-1707 for a free consultation
  13. 13. Vertical StorageVertical Carousel AND LIFTThe vertical carousel is a vertical storing system with drawers representing the ideal solutionfor handling, storage, and fast picking of components, semi-processed products and finishedproducts in various companies. The system hasbeen designed to optimize the covered areaand the picking working speed; it is formed byan entirely modular structure that fully coversthe room height, up to 14 metres.FEATURES• Outside, inside and double picking bay to dramatically increase picking speeds• Features a powerful touch screen console• Works with computer processing systems for the integrated management and control of automatic storing systems• Formed by an entirely modular structure that fully covers the room height, up to 14 metres
  14. 14. Modular. Flexible. Durable. MODULAR CASEWORKS From storage cabinets to bookcases and closets, modular caseworks solutions have the look of expensive millwork, but are easily reconfigured and expanded. Adjustable shelf and organizing modules are easily integrated with cabinet solutions to meet the specific storage and accessibility requirements of any activity. KEY BENEFITS • Quality, concealed hinges are invisible from the outside of the cabinet for a smooth, uninterrupted door aesthetic • Unique shelving systems provide shelf adjustability in 1” increments • Shelves feature full width, color -coded labeling for quick, accurate sorting • Easy-to-install rail-mounted wall cabinets provide precise height and depth adjustment for clean installation and the look of custom millwork
  15. 15. MODULAR CASEWORKS - APPLICATIONS Work Rooms Mail Centers Pantries Copy Rooms Pharmacies Healthcare Let a CSM rep be part of your planning process: info@caspacemanagement.com
  16. 16. Versatility and Functionality Business Storage Solutions In the ever-more competitive world of business, companies are constantly seeking to gain an edge in terms of productivity and performance. Our solutions provide intelligent storage that both makes the most of your space and adapts as your needs evolve. Here are just some of the business benefits: building productivity, innovation and teamwork; consolidating staff, equipment and files; maximizing control and security; and opening up more space for operations through more efficient storage of large volumes of material. Accounting Firms Pharmaceutical Companies Real Estate Companies Financial Institutions Insurance Companies Law Firms
  17. 17. A Place For Everything INDUSTRIAL STORAGE Solutions Unlike the traditional static storage concept, mobilized storage systems require just one moving aisle that opens and closes only where and when needed to provide full accessibility to all materials for quick, safe retrieval. KEY BENEFITS • Create up to 100% more space for racking or shelving units, in the same footprint • Free up as much as 50% of your existing storage space for revenue-generating activities without expanding into new space • Strategically store and organize necessary supplies and materials close to your employees, so they can work more efficiently Call us at 800-873-1707 for a free consultation
  18. 18. The Art of StorageMuseum Storage SolutionsAlong with the expertise and dedication of a team of storage conservation specialists,CSM has earned a valuable reputation as a storage systems provider for Museums, HistoricalSocieties, Art Galleries, and Hall of Fames. We have a passion for offering numerous museumstorage solutions to ensure the preservation of our heritage and thusly enriching our future.Superior product design and engineering will assist your efforts to effectively organize andconserve your various collections. These storage solutions help museum professionals andinstitutions achieve better results. Paintings & Framed Artworks Prints & Drawings Films & Audiovisual Oversized & Heavy Garments & Textiles Artifacts & 3D Objects
  19. 19. SmartShelf: Superior adjustability without any tools compared to L & T
  20. 20. Efficiently & Safely OrganizedMilitary Storage SolutionsFor the military sector, CSM has developed a complete line-up of storage products that willaddress your priorities: efficiency, safety, security, versatility, durability. We recognize thatthe duties you fulfill, and the supplies and equipment you employ to do so, vary widely. Butwhatever they are, you can be confident of more organized storage with our solutions—for the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, National Guard, CIA, DoD, DHS and all otherorganizations in the military field. Armory Storage Command & Headquarters Maintenance Storage Military Police Storage Units / Company Storage Mobility & Logistics Storage info@caspacemanagement.com
  21. 21. In Order. Accessible. Healthcare Storage Solutions With our healthcare storage systems, everything’s right on hand. Conveniently at your fingertips. Giving you quick, easy access to supplies and materials right at your point of need. You save both steps and time. Deliver care faster and more efficiently. Spend more time caring for patients. Optimize your space. Make more room for revenue-generating activities. Match storage to each department’s needs and space. Maximize your productivity and your long-term ROI. Sterile Supply Storage Surgical Storage Central Supply Storage Linen Storage Pharmacy Storage Records Storage
  22. 22. Sustainable StorageWe at California Space Management, Inc. are proud of our joint commitment to creatingsustainable storage solutions, and recognize the importance of respecting the environmentand preserving resources for future generations.Efforts include:SUSTAINABLE DESIGNProducts contain an average of 75% recycled steel, integrate alternative materials, & canbe reconfigured and reused.INTERNAL WASTE MANAGEMENTVarious waste management and reduction activities to protect both human health and thelocal environment.NATURAL RESOURCES ACTIONSPrecautions are taken both locally and globally to preserve the availability of naturalresources for future generations. Partner Certifications & Memberships USGBC CaGBC U.S. Green Building Council Canada Green Building Council  Call us at 800-873-1707 for a free consultation
  23. 23. PARTNER CONTRACTSBelow are our available contract purchasing programs for local and federal government,schools and universities and/or health care institutions.Federal & State Government Contracts Under California Multiple Award Schedules No. 4-04-01-0093A, our partner provides quality products, quick lead times, and value-added service essential for meeting the expectations of all High Density Shelving, High Density Mobile Storage, Filing Systems, Library Shelving and Open Steel Shelving items for Californian agencies. U.S. General Services Administration.GPO Contract Premier Healthcare Alliance. Serving more than 2,500 U.S. hospitals and 76,000-plus other healthcare sites.
  24. 24. Our Business Process Our Business Process California Space Management, Inc. has developed and operates within aCalifornia Space Management, Inc. has seamless transition operates existinga fully integrated process. This guarantees a developed and from your withinfully integrated a new storage solution. Your project transition from your existing equipment to process. This guarantees a seamless will receive exacting andequipmentdesign, including: individual to a new storage solution. Your project will receive exacting andindividual design, including: • Needs analysis by listening carefully to your requirements, including an on-site• Needs analysis by listening carefully to your requirements, including an on-site survey, without cost or obligation survey, without cost or obligation • A firm quotation/proposal with exact costs and detailed specifications• A firm quotation/proposal with exact costs and detailed specifications • Auto-CAD design of layout, elevation, and storage capacity• Auto-CAD design of layout, elevation, and storage capacity • Structural calculations by a State Licensed Engineer ensuring safety and code compliance• Structural calculations by a State Licensed Engineer ensuring safety and code compliance • Conduct site visits to view similar equipment applications• Conduct site visits to view similar equipment applications • Seismic installation and warehousing• Seismic installation and warehousing • Complete training and ongoing support services• Complete training and ongoing support services
  25. 25. Our singular focus on Storage Systems - from initial concept to projectcompletion - provides our clients unmatched competency in architecturalconstraints, workflow, and system design. California Space Management,Inc. is committed to excellence and has the references to prove it.For a no-cost or obligation, professional assessment of your storage needs, contact us at: 800-873-1707 www.caspacemanagement.com | info@caspacemanagement.comCalifornia Space Management, Inc. Phone: (858) 726-380611956 Bernardo Plaza Dr. Fax: (858) 486-6081San Diego, CA 92128 Toll Free: (800) 873-1707 Contractor’s License #830316