Back to school presentation 2013-2014


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Back to school presentation 2013-2014

  1. 1. Welcome to Room 118
  2. 2. Contact Information Preferred: Voicemail: 973-697-5691 extension: 8421. Website: Twitter: @czulada118
  3. 3. Procedures Copy Down Homework Place Homework in Homework basket. Immediately begin “Do Now” question/activity Locker Visits - goes against Class Preparation
  4. 4. Unprepared for Class • Every week a student has the ability to earn 5 points for being prepared for class. • If a student needs to go back to his/her locker, forgot a necessary item for social studies, or has to borrow a pencil/pen...a point will come off these 5 points. • Every week I will input into Realtime Class preparation for the week (dd/mm). If your child forgot his/her supplies for class twice that week, I will enter a 3 for class preparation for that particular week.
  5. 5. Textbook Information • Please visit • Teacher e-mail:
  6. 6. Homework Worth 20% of the grade Usually given (sometimes will have two days for one assignment.) If forgotten/late=zero
  7. 7. Child’s Absent? Check side board for homework and any handouts that were given out in class. A reasonable due date is given for work to be completed. I will not ask for the work. Your child has been instructed to put all absent work in the basket on my computer table. Also check out my website: for a list of the homework.
  8. 8. Tests/Quizzes Tests=50% of grade Quizzes=30% of grade Given notice of 3-5 days of any upcoming quizzes or tests. Review Games/study guides
  9. 9. Binder/Folder Will keep all papers for the unit/chapters in one place. (Page Protectors are key!) Flash pages, reading notes, and quizzes/tests. Counts as a quiz grade. Can find the assignments on my website under the Binder heading.
  10. 10. Exams Mid-term exam Final exam Two are averaged together for the “Final Exam” grade. (50/50 split) Study guides are given
  11. 11. Realtime Grades are located on the Parent Portal. If possible, please have your children given access so they can begin to get accustomed to checking their own grades.
  12. 12. Writing Portfolios/Google Drive Two common speaking assessments Two common writing assessments I would like all students to have a google e-mail.
  13. 13. Technology Will visit the technology lab often to create several different types of projects throughout the year.
  14. 14. We can certainly “dream”!