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PGIC - Vancouver, Toronto, Victoria, Canada

  1. 1. commitment to excellence T S X V: L O Y
  2. 2. TORONTO and YONGE STREET Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the fourth largest in North America (after Mexico City, New Yorkand L.A.). It is regarded as the nation’s financial and business capital, as well as Canada’s centre for culture and art. The city boasts manygreatlandmarksandattractionssuchasTheCNTower, the beautiful Lake Ontario waterfront, The Rogers Centre sports stadium, the renowned Royal Ontario Museum and theArtGalleryofOntario. PGIC Toronto is located on Yonge Street in downtown Toronto, a short walk from the subway. Close to cinemas, top-notch restaurants and unique shops, there is lots to exploreandenjoyafterclass. Victoria Downtown Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, enjoys the warmest climate in Canada- year round. It is surrounded by beautiful beaches, mountain views, and lakes. The city environment is safe and clean, and the people friendly and helpful. Using the natural beauty of Vancouver island as an extension of our classrooms, PGIC Victoria integrates community and intercultural experiences to enrich our students’education.InVictoria,studentscanenjoyactivities suchaswhalewatching,sailing,andexploringtheButchart Gardens. PGIC Victoria is located in a heritage building in the centre of the historical downtown district, only steps from the GovernmentBuilding,BCMuseum,andbustlingwaterfront. VANCOUVER and ROBSON STREET Spectacular mountains, beautiful beaches, exciting nightlife, and friendly people, all in a safe and clean setting – no wonder Vancouver is one of the best cities in the world to live in! Vancouver is pleasantly warm in the summer and mild in the winter so you can enjoy outdoor activities all year round. PGIC Vancouver is located right in the heart of down- town Vancouver on Robson Street. After school, there is plenty to do with shops, cafés, and restaurants all right outside our door. PGIC is also close to all forms of public transportation. WelcometoPGIC
  3. 3. Why PGIC? A wide variety of courses and flexible options for your program of study Strict English Only Policy Strict Attendance Policy Almost20yearsofEnglish education to students from all over the world Free after-school language workshops and clubs Excellent student service PGIC Victoria is an official CAEL Test centre PGIC Vancouver & Toronto are authorized Public TOEIC Test centres Official testing centre for Cambridge tests: PET, FCE, CAE, and TKT University and college Pathway Programs Free computer and Internet access in our computer lab, and free wireless access for your laptops, smart-phones, and iPods PGIC Vancouver and PGIC Toronto are accredited members of Languages Canada PGIC Career College is PCTIA registered
  4. 4. Studying at PGIC Commitment to Student Satisfaction At PGIC, we have high standards. From our highly trained and professional teachers, to our exceptional curriculum, we will exceed your expectations of our school. Since 1994, thousands of students have achieved their language learning goals at PGIC. Teachers Our teachers’ passion will inspire students to reach their goals. Teachers create quality lessons to help you learn and then use your new English skills in a safe and supportive environment. With monthly training, PGIC teachers stay on the cutting edge of the latest teaching methodologies. Regular Program Surveys and Comment Cards We stand by our commitment to excellence by providing monthly surveys to all students. In addition, you will be given a comment card at orientation. You may submit your suggestions or questions at any time during your program. Your input helps us to strengthen the quality of your education.
  5. 5. Academic counsellors If you are planning to enter a North American university or college, please make an appointment with one of our Academic Counsellors. They will provide you with the information necessary to help you achieve your academic goals. Language Coaching and Progress Reports Every learner is different. At PGIC, we know students need ongoing individual feedback in order to improve. Throughout each session, instructors will meet with students one-on-one to provide you with individual feedback about their progress. At the end of each month, students will receive a written report from their instructors with details of their progress and suggestions for overcoming their weaknesses.
  6. 6. ProgramInformationProgramInformation Morning Programs Talk Time Morning Programs Lunch Talk Time Academic Counselling / Lounge Talk Free Workshops and Canadian Conversation Club Friday Class Schedule 9:00 - 10:20 10:40 - 12:00 1:00 - 2:10 2:30 - 3:40 3:40 - 4:00 4:00 - 5:00 Tuesday W ednesday Thursday M onday Time Afternoon Class 2 Afternoon Class 2 Afternoon Class 1 Afternoon Class 1 Afternoon Class 2 Afternoon Class 2 PGIC Activities Afternoon Class 1 Afternoon Class 1 6 Program Information “I can relax study- ing at PGIC because I know that if I have a problem, someone from PGIC will help me.” Yorley Patricia Pinto Hernandez Colombia If you have a goal for your future - and speaking English is a part of it - PGIC will help you get there. PGIC has an international reputation for providing the highest-quali- ty English learning environment.   Starting with our strictly enforced English Only Policy, we make sure that you study, practise, and use English until you learn to think in English. PGIC is a school for motivated students. We attract adult students who want the best outcome from their investment. How to Enrol Most programs at PGIC are offered every session (1 ses- sion = 4 weeks). You can select your own length of study. If you are unable to start at the beginning of a session, please contact us and we will try to accommodate you. Availability of programs at the Toronto campus will be confirmed on registration. Class Schedule PGIC offers a broad range of intensive programs. In ad- dition, all students are encouraged to join our free after- school language workshops and Canadian Conversation Club.
  7. 7. ProgramInformation 7 Levels PGIC has 7 language levels (see chart below). Your placement in these levels depends upon your Placement Test and Intake Assessment (oral interview). Level Promotion Most levels at PGIC have a 3-session curriculum. You will advance to higher levels as your English abil- ity improves. Your advancement to the next level depends upon a combination of the following factors: - Student progress reports - Attitude in class - Class participation - Class attendance (above 85%) - TOEIC® results (if applicable) - Communication Assessment - Recommendations from teachers Communication Assessment At the end of every session, you will have your language progress evaluated through an oral Communication Assessment. With an instructor and a local Canadian (“Conversation Partner”), you will be asked to use the language structures that you have learned in class. Student Challenge Test The Student Challenge is a written and oral examination for students who have progressed quickly in their class and may be ready for the next level prior to completing 3 sessions at their current level. If you demonstrate mastery of the language targets at your level, you may be promoted to the next level. Visa / Study Permit If you plan to study for more than 6 months you will need a Study Permit. Depending on your nationality, you may also need a visa. Please contact the Canadian Embassy in your home country for more details. Medical Insurance You must have valid medical insurance for at least 30 days when you arrive in Canada. PGIC can help you with purchasing further insurance in Canada after your arrival. TOEIC ® TOEFL ® IBT IELTS ™ PGIC Level These are the approximate score ranges per level. Oral and written communicative abilities are also determining factors. * 0 - 100 100 - 350 350- 500 600 - 700 700 - 800 800 + 500 - 600 0 - 1 1.5 - 2 2.5 - 3 5 - 6 6.5 - 7 7.5 + 3.5 - 4.5 0 - 12 12 - 25 26 - 37 52 - 70 71 - 90 90 + 38 - 51 Introductory Elementary Pre-Intermediate Upper-Intermediate Advanced Advanced Plus Intermediate “The teachers at PGIC are the best. They work their hardest to teach us English.” Camila Dalcim Brazil ProgramInformation
  8. 8. ProgramInformation Morning Programs 8 We offer a variety of communication-based English language programs to suit your needs: Advanced Plus Program Options English Communication TOEIC® Business English Power Speaking IELTS™ Academic Preparation Academic Skills for the TOEFL® Cambridge PET Cambridge FCE Cambridge CAE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Elementary Pre-Intermediate Intermediate Upper Intermediate Advanced Introductory MorningPrograms Learn how to use English to communicate in the real world. Participate in engaging and interactive tasks to help you learn to express yourself clearly and fluently in English. The English Communication Program is our core program at PGIC. Introductory to Advanced Every session 1 to 3 sessions per level Conversation skills, vocabulary, idioms, grammar, writing, and reading ENGLISH COMMUNICATION PROGRAM 1 Level Enrolment Length Focus 2 Improve your skills with monthly practice tests, and boost your confidence. Receive individual feedback to improve your abilities. Apply your new skills using authentic materials such as newspapers, magazines, and the Internet. The program is specially designed to help you increase your TOEIC® score. Intermediate to Advanced Every session 1 to 3 sessions per level Test-taking strategies, individual error correction, listening, reading, grammar, and vocabulary TOEIC® PROGRAM Level Enrolment Length Focus “The Power Speaking Program is especially helpful. You expand your vocabulary and learn new idioms. You can learn how to express your opinions by discussing news articles.” Jungjun Bang South Korea Advanced Plus
  9. 9. 9 MorningPrograms Please note that not all Morning Programs are available at all times. Please contact us to find out the latest schedule. * BUSINESS ENGLISH PROGRAM 3 Are you seeking a professional career? Develop effective business skills such as conducting meetings, represent- ing your company, designing business projects, and negotiating agreements. Learn about formal business practices and marketing concepts. Examine case studies and use your communication skills in role-plays. Intermediate to Advanced Plus Every session 1 to 3 sessions per level Business writing including letters, e-mails, and reports; speaking, listening, and reading using business materials; key concepts in effective business practices Level Enrolment Length Focus 7 8 9 Focus intensively on your studies and learn English with a group of highly motivated students. Our well- established Cambridge Program will prepare you to take the Preliminary English Examination (PET), Cambridge First Certificate in English Examination (FCE), or the Cambridge Advanced Certificate Examination (CAE). An official test is offered at the end of each program. The Cambridge exam is accepted world-wide and valid for life. CAMBRIDGE PROGRAM (PET, FCE, CAE) Pre-Intermediate to Advanced Plus Please refer to the School Calendar for specific dates 12 weeks per level Intensive English communication, listen- ing, reading, writing, grammar, vocabu- lary, discussions, and presentations Level Enrolment Length Focus Upper Intermediate to Advanced Plus Every session 1 to 3 sessions Academic listening, speaking, read- ing, writing, grammar, and vocabulary; research and presentation skills, critical thinking, and other academic skills Prepare for academic success by developing univer- sity-level English language skills. For university or college entrance, take this course in conjunction with our TOEFL® afternoon class and you will be one step closer to your university degree! ACADEMIC SKILLS FOR TOEFL® PROGRAM 6 Level Enrolment Length Focus IELTS™ ACADEMIC PREPARATION PROGRAM 5 Develop the skills needed to achieve your academic goals. Increase your test score by studying authentic test questions and receiving individual error correction. Advance your English proficiency by learning to use vocabulary, grammar structures, and expressions accurately. Test scores are accepted for immigration purposes in Canada and at institutions throughout the world. Intermediate to Advanced Plus Every session 1 to 3 sessions per level IELTS™ test strategies including writing, listening, speaking, grammar, and com- puter practice using IELTS™ exams Level Enrolment Length Focus Boost your English fluency through discussion, role-play, debate, and negotiation. This program will prepare you to use English in your career by helping you build confidence, become more assertive, understand problem-solving, and develop communication skills. Power Speaking is one of PGIC’s unique and premier programs. POWER SPEAKING PROGRAM 4 Intermediate to Advanced Plus Every session 1 to 3 sessions per level Building fluency and vocabulary Level Enrolment Length Focus “I am taking the Aca- demic Skills Program since I am interested in pursuing further studies in a North American university.” Kathy Salazar Mexico
  10. 10. ProgramInformation 10 Afternoon Classes Basic Survival English Functional English Power Listening Hospitality English Café Training Skills Assertiveness Skills Common Errors & Vocabulary Building Discussion Skills Pronunciation TOEIC® Listening & Reading TOEIC® Speaking & Writing Job Search Skills Thinking & Problem-Solving Skills Practical Writing Skills Academic Writing Skills Exploring English Movies Business Writing Skills Business Negotiation Skills Presentation Skills TOEFL® Current Events Reading Skills Social Issues 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 CLASS Options Elementary Pre-Intermediate Intermediate Upper Intermediate Advanced Advanced Plus Introductory PGIC allows you to focus on your areas of interest. You can choose from a wide variety of afternoon classes. Every session you will choose two different afternoon classes. For example, if you want to improve your speaking, you might choose Discussion Skills for Mon- days and Wednesdays, and Current Events for Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please note that not all Afternoon Programs are available at all times. Please contact us to find out the latest schedule. * AfternoonClasses “I like the afternoon classes best. PGIC has so many classes to choose from and they are all interesting and useful.” Anton Detler Germany
  11. 11. 11 “With PGIC’s English Only Policy I couldn’t speak Japanese to my friends. It really worked to improve my English skills.” Mizuha Akita Japan Learn phrases and vocabulary that you will need every day in Vancouver. Topics include: shopping, taking the bus, eating in restaurants, asking for directions, using telephones, dealing with emergencies, and giving instructions. This class will help you to become more independent in using English. BASIC SURVIVAL SKILLS 1 Learn how to make the perfect cappuccino! This class is great for students who have a Working Holiday Visa and want to work in Vancouver. Prepare to work in an English-speaking coffee shop by focusing on both service-related language and coffee-making expertise. You will learn how to make a resume, write thank-you letters, take orders, describe menu items, handle money, and operate a coffee machine. CAFÉ TRAINING SKILLS 5 Get extra practice with the basics: listening, speaking, reading, and writing, to improve your English more quickly. You will also learn common expressions to help you speak English more fluently. FUNCTIONAL ENGLISH 2 Improve your ability to understand spoken English in this dynamic class. Discover basic and complex strategies for active listening, including identifying main ideas and details, understanding new words, taking notes, and deciphering difficult sounds. Practise listening skills with conversations, broadcasts, and announcements. POWER LISTENING 3 Prepare for a job in a hotel, tour company, or informa- tion centre. Improve your intercultural communication skills and at the same time develop your ability to take phone calls in English, offer advice to tourists, and solve customer service problems. HOSPITALITY ENGLISH 4 Build confidence so you can express yourself more clearly and directly. Take part in a variety of speaking activities such as discussions, role-plays, and presenta- tions. ASSERTIVENESS SKILLS 6 Eliminate typical grammar mistakes and expand your vocabulary. Great for students who are motivated to improve their English quickly. COMMON ERRORS AND VOCABULARY BUILDING 7 Master conversational phrases, functional language, and new vocabulary while discussing interesting topics. Learn how to express yourself better and become more confident. If you need speaking practice, this class is for you! DISCUSSION SKILLS 8 Do people sometimes have difficulty understanding you? Improve your pronunciation in this class. Learn to distinguish between similar sounds and practise stress, rhythm, and intonation. PRONUNCIATION 9 Improve your reading speed and time management. Learn strategies to increase your TOEIC® score. Study all parts of the test while practising listening, reading, grammar, and vocabulary skills. Test your skills by taking a complete TOEIC® exam. TOEIC® LISTENING AND READING 10 Prepare for the TOEIC® Speaking and Writing Exam by developing your ability to express ideas in both speaking and writing. Learn how to write using well- constructed sentences and paragraphs using a variety of styles. Focus on producing natural oral responses to exam questions using phrases and idioms. TOEIC® SPEAKING AND WRITING 11 Do you need to get a job? Learn how to decide on a career and how to find your ideal job. Discover how to write eye-catching cover letters and powerful resumes and develop techniques for before, during, and after your job interview. Practise your skills through discus- sions and role-plays for business situations. JOB SEARCH SKILLS 12 AfternoonClasses
  12. 12. ProgramInformation 12 AfternoonClasses Challenge your thinking with this innovative class. Consider new ways to solve problems, be open to new ideas, and ask the right questions to deal with difficult situations. Participate in a variety of speaking activities focusing on personal, social, and global issues. This class emphasizes positive thinking and constructive communication. THINKING AND PROBLEM - SOLVING SKILLS 13 Learn tips for writing emails, blogs, basic paragraphs, and formal letters. Improve your writing with useful grammar and expressions. This class covers all your needs for writing in today’s world. PRACTICAL WRITING SKILLS 14 Learn how to write different types of paragraphs and essays. Find out how to come up with ideas, focus and narrow topics, organize your thoughts, write introduc- tions and conclusions, and edit for mistakes. ACADEMIC WRITING SKILLS 15 Discover the secret to effective business communica- tion through cover letters, resumes, letters, and e-mail. Learn how to request, congratulate, complain, report sales figures, and make recommendations in writing. BUSINESS WRITING SKILLS 17 Take this class for a better understanding of business and cross-cultural situations. Learn the steps in nego- tiations, how to make clear decisions, and how to reach an agreement and make an action plan. You can expect lively discussions in this class. BUSINESS NEGOTIATION SKILLS 18 Improve your public speaking skills. Discover how to create and organize presentations through group work, role-plays, discussions, and debates. You will present one formal presentation every month. PRESENTATION SKILLS 19 Improve your TOEFL® score by practising listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. You will acquire academic skills such as summarizing information, taking notes, and using academic vocabulary. Apply your skills using a TOEFL® computer program and authentic materials. TOEFL® is recognized by more than 7500 institutions around the world. TOEFL® 20 English is more than grammar. Find out what is happening in the world right now and you will be able to communicate better in real life. Read interesting news articles and listen to stories about today’s events. You will learn new vocabulary, make presentations, and have lively discussions. CURRENT EVENTS 21 Develop your reading speed, comprehension, vocabu- lary, and general knowledge by reading interesting articles and stories. Improve your reading skills for tests such as TOEIC®, TOEFL®, and IELTS™. READING SKILLS 22 Discuss, brainstorm, analyze, and debate! Share your own opinions and experiences while learning about im- portant issues affecting the world today. SOCIAL ISSUES 23 Do you love English movies but can’t understand them? Improve your ability to understand naturally spoken English in this entertaining and highly engaging class. Focus on spoken dialogue, common expressions, and natural pronunciation. Develop intensive and extensive listening skills for English spoken at normal speed. EXPLORING ENGLISH MOVIES 16 “After I took trial lessons at five dif- ferent schools, I felt that PGIC had the most energetic and impressive classes. It’s true. You won’t regret studying at PGIC!” Yukari Kobayashi Japan Please note that not all Afternoon Programs are available at all times. Please contact us to find out the latest schedule. *
  13. 13. 13 ProgramInformation Free After-School Language Workshops & Clubs Drop into PGIC’s FREE after-school workshops and clubs. You may select any workshop or club to suit your individual needs. You are invited to join a small social group with a Canadian. Enjoy a cup of coffee while you talk in a relax- ing atmosphere. This is a perfect way to improve your English conversation skills and learn about Canadian culture and Vancouver. CANADIAN CONVERSATION CLUB (CCC) Gain confidence in your ability to communicate in English by speaking to Canadians. This is a great way to make new Canadian friends. The top five students who talk to the most people will win a prize. TALKING CONTEST Challenge yourself to write in English by entering the Es- say Writing Contest. You will be given detailed feedback on your writing. You might even win a prize! ESSAY WRITING CONTEST Read an interesting novel in English, and then show your understanding by answering questions about the story. The novels will be suited to your level. We give away prizes every month! READING CONTEST Meet PGIC teachers after school in our lounges. Ask questions and have discussions about anything you want: English, Vancouver, Toronto, Canadians, class, the news, etc. LOUNGE TALK Improve your pronunciation by focusing on difficult sounds for your language group. PGIC offers small class- es for students from all the major languages represented at our school (German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Man- darin, Arabic, and Portuguese). ACCENT REDUCTION WORKSHOP Brush up on your grammar! Review and practise difficult structures to help improve your speaking and writing. GRAMMAR WORKSHOP Improve your basic writing skills. Learn the fundamen- tals of writing: spelling, sentence structure, and gram- matical accuracy. Writing WORKSHOP VOCABULARY AND IDIOMS WORKSHOP Discover fun and interesting idioms and vocabulary to improve your speaking and writing. Focus on expres- sions used in everyday English. “My teacher corrects my errors which helps me understand Eng- lish better.” Kook-hee Kim South Korea Workshops&Clubs
  14. 14. 14 Pathways to Higher Education Pathways to Colleges & Universities PGIC Partners Pathways PGIC has relationships with several post-secondary institutions. Studying at PGIC will allow you to use your academic achievement to gain entry to a wide range of available career pathways. PGIC Pathway Program 24 weeks study College or University English + College Certificates and Diplomas English + Bachelor’s Degree English + Master’s Degree ° Offered at PGIC Vancouver Career College Offered at Western Town Business College Offered at Canadian Tourism College Offered at VIA Training Centre Victoria University Pathways* * Please contact our office for detailed information. English + TESL for Young Leaners° English + Cambridge TKT ° English + J-SHINE° English + Hospitality & Tourism Management Diploma English + Adventure Tourism Diploma English + Flight Attendant Diploma English + International Trade English + Culinary Arts Diploma English + Make-up Studio Diploma Program American Hotel & Lodging Association (ALHA) Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) Introduction to Translation and Interpretation - Japaese(ITI-J) Flight Attendant Diploma Vocational Pathways “I enjoy every single day in Vancouver because of PGIC’s support and informa- tion. They have great activities and trips even on the week- ends.” Naif Talal Aljerafi Saudi Arabia English+ Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL Canada Certified)
  15. 15. • gained practical hands-on experience in the Business world. • developed their fluency and language proficiency in English. • improved their listening comprehension of real-world English. • increased their knowledge of customer relationships and service. • gained experience in solving problems and handling complaints. Work and Study Career Opportunities *Please contact our office for detailed information. Students will have 15 Work & Study Have you always dreamed of working abroad? Experience a Canadian workplace while improving your English with our intern- ship program. A combination of business English coursework and general English studies must be completed prior to starting the workportion of the program. Students must have a Study Permit(student visa) and a WorkPermit(workvisa) for this program. Work & StUdy Features Length Variable (Length of work portion cannot exceed study portion) Entry Points Students may start the program at the beginning of each session – every 4 weeks. Admission Requirements Be a minimum of 19 years of age / No minimum level required Academic Path ECP Business English Hospitality English Application for Work Permit Unpaid Internship Paid Internship Samples “The Business English Program at PGIC chal- lenges me in all business situations.” Sonja Vogel Switzerland Work&Study
  16. 16. power speaking ProgramInformationpowerspeaking 16 PSP – POWER SPEAKING The Power Speaking Program is designed to improve students’ interpersonal and communication skills to more effectively en- able them to express themselves and understand others. Through presentations, impromptu speeches, debates, meetings, and a variety of media-based projects, students learn to effectively and confidently present their ideas in English in a variety of situations.Features Length 8-weekCertificate Program 12-weekDiploma Program Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 3:40 for a total of 25 hours per week. Entry Points Students may start the program at the beginning of each session – every 4 weeks. Admission Requirements Be a minimum of 19 years of age / TOEIC score of 500 / PGIC Level Intermediate • Students will be better able to express their thoughts and feelings in English in an effective, engaging, and clear manner. • Students will have developed their fluency and language proficiency in English. • Students will have improved their listening comprehension of real-world English. • Students will have increased their knowledge of global issues and expressed their opinions on these issues. • Students will have developed effective presentation skills as well as the effective use of body language, eye contact, gestures, and facial expressions. • Students will have expanded their language skills, interpersonal and communication skills, and their skills of interpreting non-verbal cues. Power Speaking Career Opportunities Academic Module Autobiographies Gender issues Leading discussions and structured debates Discussing and forming opinions on global issues Creating communication products to get your message across Speaking to persuade Giving “how to” presentations Speaking to inform Problem-solving presentations Requirements Afternoon Programs: Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills, Pronunciation, Presentation Skills, Assertiveness Skills, Discussion Skills, and Social Issues. “I really enjoy PGIC. It’s a great school to become fluent and prepare for a career using English when I return to France.” Pauline Violland France * Please note that not allSpecial programs are available at all times and all campuses. Please contact us to find out the latest schedule.
  17. 17. “Rea much exce para y me utiliz regre Pauli Franc 17 “PGIC has an excellent worldwide reputation for the high quality of its programs. ” Natasha La Porta Italy Features Length 4-weekCertificate Program 8-weekDiploma Program Entry Points Student may start the program at the beginning of each session – every 4 weeks. Admission Requirements Be a minimum of 19 years of age / PGIC Level Upper Intermediate / Be fluent in the Korean Language / Complete a written pre-test and speaking interview DynamicEnglish This specialized course has been built specifically for Korean students learning English. The course is designed to help students learn how to understand and produce English as it is used in day-to-day situations, as opposed to academic textbooks. The course has a translation focus, and teaches students how to translate commonly used expressions and slang words from Korean into English, and from English to Korean. Students learn sentence structure, vocabulary, and idioms through article translation. Audio and video dictation gives a chance to practice everything they learn, and pronunciation and intonation is trained through one period of intense speaking and recording. DEP - Dynamic English Dynamic English Academic Module • Idiomatic Expressions and slang • Phrasal verbs and Korean Expressions • QuickResponses in speaking • Pronunciation and Intonation • Watching movies without subtitles • Presentation skills • Skit – understanding emotions • Translating articles Focuses on Speaking Audio & video dictation Pronunciation & intonation English sayings, idioms, phrasal verbs Skit- understanding emotions * Please note that not allSpecial programs are available at all times and all campuses. Please contact us to find out the latest schedule. Article translation
  18. 18. Level Enrolment Length Focus Level Enrolment Length Focus 18 “My teachers always help my pronunciation” Chih-Hsiang Chang Taiwan specialprogram * Please note that not allSpecial programs are available at all times and all campuses. Please contact us to find out the latest schedule. PGIC offers specialized programs for all individuals with specific needs and goals. These specialized programs will allow students to intensively focus on their studies and learn English with other highly motivated students who share similar objectives and interests. Each program will give students the right tools and inspiration they need to achieve their future goals. Advanced Plus program oprions Elementary Pre-Intermediate Intermediate Upper Intermediate Advanced Introductory Business CAMBRIDGE TKT TESOL TESL - YL J-SHINE Translation and Interpretation 1 2 3 4 5 6 Special Programs (Certificate & Diploma)
  19. 19. 19 PGIC Career College 1 The Business program is designed to provide students with an intensive focus on business theory fundamentals, vocabulary, and applied business tasks and presentations. Through this classroom-centered high-level course, students will learn com- municative Business English, presentation and meeting techniques, and general business scenarios. business Features Length 12-week Diploma 8-week Certificate Program Monday to Friday, 9am to 3:40 for a total of 25 hours per week Entry Points Students may start the program at the beginning of each session – every 4 weeks. Admission Requirements Be a minimum of 19 years of age / TOEIC score of 500 minimum / PGIC Level Intermediate level of Spoken and Written English Students successfully completing this program should expect to find work in their home country or internationally as a business office professional, or as an entry-level office worker. Other opportunities exist in private business and small business. Business Career Opportunities Session 1 Session 2 • Positive First Impressions • Team Building • Management/Employee Relations • Pronunciation • Receiving Visitors • Presentation Skills • Business Writing • Meetings • Entrepreneurships • Corporate Strategy/Culture • Process and Operations • Business Negotiation • Brand Management • Advertising • Handling Complains • Thinking Skills • Cross-Cultural Communication • Building Relationships • Telephone Language • Discussion Skills • Headhunting • Business Researching • International Trade Academic Module Requirements Afternoon classes: Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills, Pronunciation, Presentation Skills, Business Writing Skills, Power Listening, Discussion Skills, and Business Negotiation Skills. “I have the opportu- nity to start studying English at PGIC in Toronto. The school has experienced and qualified teachers and the students learn in a friendly atmosphere. The school facilities are great and in a very good location close to transportation, res- taurants and libraries. There are students from different countries, I makes me happy to share experiences with students from around the world.” Diana Isabel Pico Fonseca Colombia pgiccareercollege * Please note that not allSpecial programs are available at all times and all campuses. Please contact us to find out the latest schedule.
  20. 20. Level Enrolment Length Focus Level Enrolment Length Focus 20 PGIC Career College The Cambridge TKT program is a PGIC Career College program that will prepare students for a career in teaching English. The TKT is an internationally recognised introductory certificate in teaching English to speakers of other languages. Students do not need previous teaching experience. The program will give students all the skills and knowledge needed for success in the ESL classroom and on the Cambridge TKT exam.Features Length 12-weekDiploma Program Monday to Friday, 9am to 3:40 for a total of 25 hours per week Entry Points Please refer to the School Calendar for specific dates Admission Requirements Be a minimum of 19 years of age / TOEIC score of 650 or TOEFL IBT of 70 minimum / Must complete a written pre-test and speaking interview / Completion of 1 year of university is preferable TKT will help students understand: - Teaching methodology - Lesson planning - Classroom management skills - Teaching techniques The purpose of the program is to increase teachers’ confidence and job prospects. This program is designed for teachers of primary, secondary or adult learners, anywhere in the world. Cambridge TKT Career Opportunities Language and background to language learning and teaching - Describing language and language skills - Background to language learning - Background to language teaching Planning lessons and use of resources for language teaching - Planning and preparing a lesson or sequence of lessons - Selection and use of resources and materials Managing the teaching and learning process - Teachers’ and learners’ language in the classroom - Classroom management - Teaching techniques - Practicum Lessons Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Academic Module TKT - CAMBRIDGE Teaching knowledge test 2 At PGIC I feel like I am home, Everyone is really friendly and kind. Teachers are also really good. They are always try- ing to help you. After the morning class, we can join other elective classes in which we can par- ticipate. Definitely my English skills are improving. Sofia Orozco. Mexico pgiccareercollege * Please note that not allSpecial programs are available at all times and all campuses. Please contact us to find out the latest schedule.
  21. 21. 21 The TESOL training course is designed to train non-native speakers of English to teach English in their home country. The course will focus on methodology, second language learning, linguistics, basic skills theory, teaching techniques and classroom ob- servations. 3 TESOL - teachers of english to speakers of other LAnguages PGIC Career College Features Length 4-week Certificate Program 8-week Diploma Program Monday to Friday, 9am to 3:40 for a total of 25 hours per week Entry Points Students may start the program at the beginning of each session – every 4 weeks. Admission Requirements Be a minimum of 19 years of age / TOEIC score of 650 or TOEFL iBT of 7.0 / Complete a written pre-test and speaking interview / Completion of Level Intermediate at PGIC is considered equivalent Students successfully completing this program should expect to find work in their home country as a Tutor, Assistant Language Instructor or Language Instructor in a private school. TESOL Career Opportunities Academic Module • Introductions • Linguistics • Lesson planning • Eliciting • Classroom Management • Board work • Teaching Reading • Presentation • Giving Feedback • Preparation for mock practicum • Beyond the lesson plan • Syllabus • Teaching writing • Resource assessment • Library assignment • Communication activities • Error correction • Student assessment strategies • Timing and transitions • Teaching vocabulary/idioms • Questioning Techniques • Teaching fundamentals • Eliciting in practice-Grammar context • Challenging students • Using audio and video • Feedback sessions •Introduction to technology in the classroom • Thematic unit planning • Teaching pronunciation • Phonology and Phonetics • Handling problem scenarios • Connected speed and reductions Module 1 / AM Module 2 / AM Module 1 / pM Module 2 / pM “I like my homestay family because they are very happy. They are kind, helpful, and friendly. I will miss them all when I go back to Brazil.” Maria Fernanda Branco Brazil pgiccareercollege * Please note that not allSpecial programs are available at all times and all campuses. Please contact us to find out the latest schedule.
  22. 22. ProgramInformation 22 TESL-YL is designed to provide initial training in teaching English to young learners in the age range of 5 to 16 years old. It is intended for students with little or no previous experience teaching English who wish to learn the skills and techniques neces- sary for teaching young learners. TESL - YL - TESL for Young Learners 4 PGIC Career College Features Length 8-week Certificate Program Monday to Friday, 1PM to 3:40 for a total of 10 hours per week Entry Points Every 2 months beginning in January Admission Requirements Be a minimum of 19 years of age / TOEIC score of 500 / PGIC Level Intermediate Students successfully completing this program should expect to find work in their home country as a Tutor, Assistant Language Instructor or Language Instructor in a private school for young learners. TESL-YL Career Opportunities Academic Module Classroom Management Basic Linguistic Concepts Teaching Techniques Peer Teaching How to prepare lesson plans Learning fun and practical activities for the classroom Approaches to teaching speaking, listening, reading & writing “I think, PGIC is the best school in Toronto. You can meet different kinds of people from other countries and develop good relationships with your classmates and teachers. The city is the best, you can do many activities and learn about many cul- tures. Finally you can improve your English skills very fast. I had a great experience studying at PGIC.” Mario Saucedo Mexico pgiccareercollege * Please note that not allSpecial programs are available at all times and all campuses. Please contact us to find out the latest schedule.
  23. 23. 23 Our J-SHINE program is accredited and offers Japanese students the opportunity to improve their English, learn teaching skills and gain a J-SHINE accreditation so that when they return home, they can start a career. 5 J-SHINE PGIC Career College Features Length 12-week Certificate Program (8 weeks of Study + a 50- hour optional practicum Monday to Friday, 9am to 3:40 for a total of 25 hours per week Entry Points Students may start the program at the beginning of each session – every 4 weeks. Admission Requirements Be a minimum of 19 years of age / Must be Japanese to enter the program / PGIC Level Intermediate to Advanced Plus level of Spoken and Written English In order to ensure that this training of instructors has all the energy and diversity of the private sector, our committee will strictly limit itself to carrying out the following functions: 1. Providing a unified qualification for instructors in order to expand and improve elementary school English 2. Creating a supportive environment for elementary school English instructors who have earned this qualification. J-SHINE Core Concepts Academic Module Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Students take the English Communication Program appropriate to their level in the morning and the Teaching English as a vSecond Language - Young Learners (TESL-YL) in the afternoon. Students take the J-SHINE preparation course, which is taught in Japanese, in the morning and continue the TESL-YL program in the afternoon. 50-hour practicum. Upon Completion of the practicum a certificate is issued “I tried other schools, but I came back to PGIC. The teachers and staff are very professional and I could improve my English faster here.” Andréa Camier France pgiccareercollege * Please note that not allSpecial programs are available at all times and all campuses. Please contact us to find out the latest schedule.
  24. 24. ProgramInformation 24 6 TIP teaches students the basic skills to translate a number of written resources and materials with more confidence and ease. The ultimate goal is to drastically increase reading comprehension as well as strengthen writing skills. The program also focuses on developing verbal and listening skills to assist comfortable interpretations in daily situations. TIP - Translation and Interpretation pgiccareercollege PGIC Career College Features Length 4-week Certificate Program 8-week Diploma Program Monday to Friday, 9am to 3:40 for a total of 25 hours per week Entry Points Students may start the program at the beginning of each session – every 4 weeks. Admission Requirements Be a minimum of 19 years of age / PGIC Level Intermediate level of Spoken and Written English / Be fluent in the Korean Language / Be assessed Students successfully completing this program should expect to find work as a community or freelance interpreter or translator. TIP Career Opportunities Session1Session2 • Current Affairs • Hot topics • Pop Culture • Entertainment News • Social Media • Social Behavior • International News • Current Events • Technology Business • Arts Literature • Simulation Translation Exercises • Love and Relationships • Law and Order • Technology • Health • Culture Shock • Business • Proverbs • PoemsandShortStories AM AM PM PM Academic Module PGIC Vancouver and Toronto are official centres for CILSAT(Community Interpreter Language and Interpreting Skills Assessment Tool) Test. “PGIC is an excel- lent school to learn English. Teachers are highly qualified, the staff is com- pletely organized and friendly, the infrastructure is modern, and the methods used in the classrooms are very interesting.” Fatima Aparecida de Freitas Leal Brazil * Please note that not allSpecial programs are available at all times and all campuses. Please contact us to find out the latest schedule.
  25. 25. 25 PGIC Accommodations Student Accommodations The best way to practise the English you learn in class is to experience it in real life! A homestay gives you the opportunity to become a part of a Canadian family. No matter where you are from, participating in the homestay program will truly enrich your stay in Canada by giving you a home away from home. You will have your own space, be able to make new friends, and create countless memories with your new Canadian host family. Our homestay families will provide you with a private bedroom, a shared bathroom, and meals. We also have homestays with a private bathroom and other specific requests. Our homestay provider will locate a new host family for you, at no additional charge, if you are not happy with your family. We want to make sure you are happy at school and at home! Our residence has a library and a full service kitchen with dining area. Appliances and cookware are avail- able. Consideration of other guests requires that these facilities be cleaned and well maintained. Visitors should bring their own linens for a single size bed, pillow, blanket and towels. Janitorial service is limited and guests are required to keep the dorm clean and neat. PGICAccommodations “PGIC’s Cambridge Program will prepare you to take the PET, FCE or Advanced Cambridge Exams.” Maximilian Abele Germany
  26. 26. 26 PGIC Activities PGIC Activities Use your English skills outside of the classroom, socialize with other students and discover the fun spots in Canada. PGIC works with the best tour provid- ers that offer trips to all the places you want to see at a price you can afford. Take the most popular trips around Canada: Whistler, Victoria, the Rocky Mountains, Ottawa, Montreal and Niagara Falls. If you have more time, there are many other places to visit. A Canadian guide will be there to make sure everything goes smoothly and everyone has fun. PGICActivities “I just spent a month at PGIC Toronto and I was able to learn more in a couple of weeks than I have ever learned in my life. I learned to ac- cept other people, to take care of myself, and most importantly I have matured more than I could imagine. It was definitely an experience of a life time. I hope to return and study English at PGIC again.” Ana Carolina Sawaris Neto Brazil
  27. 27. Loyalist Group Limited welcome LoyalistGroupLimited 27 PGIC campuses offices toronto • Vancouver • Victoria • sao paulo • tokyo • taipeI • seoul • Jeddah PGIC - Victoria 654 Yates Street Victoria, BC, Canada V8W 1L3 Tel +1-250-414-0111 Fax +1-250-414-0103 T S X V : L O Y PGIC - Toronto 2040 Yonge St. Suite 300, Toronto, ON, Canada M4S 1Z9 Tel +1-416-977-9800 Fax +1-416-977-9801 PGIC - Vancouver 1155 Robson St. Vancouver, BC, Canada V6E 1B5 Tel +1-604-687-3595 Fax +1-604-687-3586 PGIC - CAREER COLLEGE 1155 Robson St. Vancouver, BC, Canada V6E 1B5 Tel +1-604-687-3595 Fax +1-604-687-3586 Loyalist Group is an educational organization that is in the business of providing a multitude of educational services, with an emphasis on teaching EnglishasaSecondLanguage,Professional Development,andCollegeTransfer Programs. Loyalist owns schools in Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria, and provides academic instruction (in class, online, and through correspondence) primarily to students for whom English is not a first language. Programs are offered in a class of steps (from basic to advanced) and include internship (co-op) oppor- tunities, and private counselling for greater and more focused improvement.
  28. 28. T S X V : L O Y