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Published in: Education, Sports
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  1. 1. Colours of Nature PowerPoint by Karen Cox
  2. 2. The berries are red.
  3. 3. The bug is, too.
  4. 4. The pumpkins are orange.
  5. 5. The butterfly is, too.
  6. 6. The leaf is yellow.
  7. 7. The caterpillar is, too.
  8. 8. The lizard is green.
  9. 9. The leaf is, too.
  10. 10. The water is blue.
  11. 11. The sky is, too.
  12. 12. The grapes are purple.
  13. 13. The thistle is, too.
  14. 14. The flamingo is pink.
  15. 15. The flowers are, too.
  16. 16. The pinecones are brown.
  17. 17. The seashells are, too.
  18. 18. The sheep is black. .
  19. 19. The rocks are, too.
  20. 20. The owl is gray.
  21. 21. The heron is, too.
  22. 22. The glacier is white.
  23. 23. The duck is, too.
  24. 24. Photography Credits CC= Creative Commons license• Avelino Maestras, (title page) CC• Karen Cox (green leaf, yellow leaf, pumpkin, berries, butterfly, flower)-Copyright• Keith Gough, (sheep) CC• Uri Rymland, (sky) CC• Josh Hinds, (water) CC• Jenn Calder, (pinecone) CC• Leonardo Aguiar, (seashells) CC• Ian Junor, (heron) CC• Brian Scott, (owl) CC• Simon Koleznik, (lizard) CC• Chuck Walker, (grapes) CC• Anita Gould, (red bug) CC• Melanie Major, (duck) CC• Tom Holub, (glacier) CC• (caterpillar) CC• (flamingo) CC• (thistle) CC• (rocks) CC