Become a leader communicator 11 1 2011 without notes


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CCWA Emerging Leader Women's Conference - Presenter: Jill Vaughan - Virginia Lottery

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Become a leader communicator 11 1 2011 without notes

  1. 1. Jill Lawrence Vaughan, APRBECOME A LEADER Director of COMMUNICATOR Communications Virginia Lotter y
  2. 2. WHAT IS A LEADER COMMUNICATOR?More than sharing informationCommunicating that movespeople to action (and they feelgreat about doing it)
  3. 3. THEEXPERTS:MYMENTORSSheila Hill -ChristianPresident &CEOHill-ChristianConsultingGroup
  4. 4. THEEXPERTS:MYMENTORSPaula OttoExecutiveDirectorVirginiaLotter y
  5. 5. THEEXPERTS:MYMENTORSKim FarlowDirector, Public RelationsBig River
  6. 6. THE EXPERTS: MY MENTORSPam DiSalvoL e p l ey, A P RChiefCommunicationsOfficer/ExecutiveD i r e c to r, D i v i s i o n o fU n i v e r s i t y Re l a t i o n sVirginiaC o m m o nw e a l t hUniversity
  7. 7. THE EXPERTS: MY MENTORSDenise WrightCommunications& PR ManagerLuck StoneCorporati on
  8. 8. THE EXPERTS: MY MENTORSTinaLamber t, CAEVicePresident, Member & PublicRelationsVirginia Societyof CPAs
  9. 9. THE EXPERTS: MY MENTORSLinnie S.Car ter, Ph.D., APRPresident & CEOLinnie Car ter &Associates LLC
  10. 10. COMMUNICATE WITH INTEGRIT YHave a clear sense of your moral compassBe open and honestKeep your promisesDon’t hold on to bad newsBe fiercely loyal to your organizationTackle healthy conflict head onNEVER burn bridges
  11. 11. COMMUNICATE WITH INTEGRIT YTake the high roadActions speak louder than wordsLead by exampleYou either make or break the message
  12. 12. TAKE TIME TO COMMUNICATESchedule time on your calendar to communicateMake the most of that timeSaying you don’t have time is not an optionBe accessible to everyone in the organization
  13. 13. REMEMBER THE FUNDAMENTALSStop and listenTalk to your audience, not to yourselfRespond to the most difficult call firstThink about the “how” and “why”Demonstrate your passionBe curiousDocument as much as possible
  14. 14. REMEMBER THE FUNDAMENTALSNever handle a piece of paper or electronic communication more than onceAlways have someone proofread your writingSelect the right communications vehicleAsk open-ended questions to spark dialogueKnow your audience
  15. 15. BUILD TRUST WITH PEOPLEBe decisiveKeep your ego in checkGo out of your way to communicate to all and treat everyone with respectBuild relationships with difficult peopleSay thank you oftenKeep your cool
  16. 16. BUILD TRUST WITH PEOPLEBe visible and approachableMake others feel good about themselves and their contributionsAsk for others’ opinions regularlyFocus on relationships
  17. 17. LEARN THE BUSINESSLearn how to hold your own in a business conversationKnow the jargon, as annoying as it isTake the jobs no one else wantsBe a life-long learner and surround yourself with others who embrace this
  18. 18. LEARN THE BUSINESSImmerse yourself in other areasMonitor industry trendsUnderstand the organizational strategyHow do you fit in?How do other departments fit in?How can you help and add value?Be a silo buster
  19. 19. CHECK FOR UNDERSTANDINGAnswer questionsGo beyond answering questions, create conversationsAsk questions. Do others get it?7 times, 7 ways
  20. 20. AVOID THESE AT ALL COSTS!Saying something in e-mail that you would not say to someone’s faceBeing unresponsiveNot answering a question because the recipient will not like the answerInappropriate use of e-mailTyposSitting in meetings and offering nothing
  21. 21. AVOID THESE AT ALL COSTS!Being afraid to ask questionsRequesting something from a colleague at the last minute or past dueE-mailing or texting during meetings or mealsBeing inconsistent
  22. 22. BONUS TIPS FROM JILLDo not gossipIn a status meeting, make your point and move onRehearse every time, especially when you don’t think you need to
  23. 23. BONUS TIPS FROM JILLAre you a constant positive reflection of the organization?Does your personal brand sparkle? If not, scrub it!Have you Googled yourself lately?
  25. 25. QUESTIONS?Let’s check for understanding!
  26. 26. GO FORTH AND COMMUNICATE Thank you! Jill Lawrence Vaughan, APR