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Mba 21st century plan

  1. 1. 21st Century Portfolio Process
  2. 2. 2011-2012 School Year All grades will create an electronic portfolio demonstrating 21st Century competencies Each year students will create a new portfolio Each year the portfolio will be compared to previous year to show improvement and growth along the 6 competencies. Process facilitated by the advisor
  3. 3. Freshmen, Sophomore, JuniorYear Create electronic portfolio demonstrating 21st Century competencies. Include work and reflection piece. Presentation during SLC and Spring Showcase.
  4. 4. Senior year Create a portfolio that covers the best of the best for the entire 4 year period at MBA. Electronic portfolio demonstrating 21st Century competencies Include work and reflection. Presented to a panel (professional, parent, peer…) Expand the senior portfolio over the next 2 years to become a true capstone project
  5. 5. Advisor Guides students to understand competencies and the rubric Facilitates student collection of work Facilitates and teaches students to build an electronic portfolio each year Grades portfolio
  6. 6. Teacher Provides models of 21st century student work Provides 21st century learning opportunities in class Teaches students levels of competencies Uses the rubric in class as applicable(pieces at a time)
  7. 7. Student Learns to identify 21st century competencies Selects and collects best work Manages an online portfolio Reflects Presents
  8. 8. MBA Portfolio Progress MBA Planning Team preparing staff for 21st Century Portfolio process implementation September 2011. Established advisory groups 2 All staff meetings Staff members working on 21st Century lesson plans and sharing sample student work
  9. 9. February 28 21st Century Portfolio Planning Process Overview Staff met in department groups to discuss and list ways that we currently provide opportunity for students to demonstrate 21st Century competencies
  10. 10. March 25 Interdisciplinary teams identified ways to add to, expand or enhance the curriculum to provide greater opportunities for student to demonstrate 21st Century skills Staff share – focusing on creative and collaborative
  11. 11. In Progress and Next Steps Pilot electronic portfolio process using Google Docs with all senior students Planning team will practice scoring senior portfolios
  12. 12. 21st Century Portfolio—Senior Capstone Ways to display Home Page your work using About you Google Picture Webpage Letter of Introduction Video Photos Summary of goals, skills, accomplishments Presentation (PPTx) Introduces reader to your portfolio Doc (Word) Statement of 21st Century Readiness Spreadsheet (Excel) Turn work into .pdf Links to Career Highlights & Reflection Page and link Publish from online site and link (glogster, voki etc.) Reflection PageCareer Highlights Page Written page that explains work selected Link to Resume Demonstrates Learning Links to 3 Letters of Explains how the work demonstrates competency inRecommendation area Links to collection of best work that demonstrates exemplary or competent mastery of each 21st Century Competency Class work over 4 years Internship Community Service Clubs, Programs
  13. 13. Next Step Each member of the planning team is putting together an electronic portfolio using google sites & docs All staff will create an electronic portfolio