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What are the features to check before buying cctv cameras for home


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What are the features to check before buying cctv cameras for home

  1. 1. we have listed the features to check before buying CCTV cameras for home 1. Technical Configuration 2. Ease of Installation 3. Dealer Quality
  2. 2. There are several technical aspects to consider before you select a CCTV camera for home. The optical range, how much area it can cover, the pan, the tilt, the storage- whether it is internal or external, whether it is connected to the internet or not, whether the image quality is high definition or not, how much storage is available and how much it can store based on the quality of the image and whether the motion sensors are present in it.
  3. 3. If you are going to set it up by yourself, or if you are even going to a dealer, you need to consider ease of installation as well before you purchase a CCTV camera. Even if a professional is installing your setup, the infrastructure and positioning of the camera is important, because some types of cameras require you to drill holes into walls and depending upon the capability of the camera and the area, certain types of cameras might not be logically suitable.
  4. 4. Finally, the standard and quality of the dealer selling and installing your camera is also important since the market is flooded by people who claim to be professionals but don’t know anything about the CCTV camera installation. Hence, it is always better to choose certified professionals like us at for your CCTV requirements who will give you genuine and standard quality products and services.
  5. 5. However, with the large number of CCTV manufacturers cropping up and an equally commensurate number of dealers available to sell and install them, the matter of quality, eligibility and competence comes into question. What is the point of buying a CCTV spending so much of your hard earned money if you get a sub- standard product and low quality installation from people who have no knowledge of setup.
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