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Mp elektronic polierer


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MP Poliere Electronic

Published in: Automotive
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Mp elektronic polierer

  1. 1. PROFESSIONAL TOOLS PROFESSIONAL TOOLS MP Polierer Electronic Product Description:NON-PAINTS CAR 3000 MP Polierer Electronic is an electronic polishing machine with an extremely compact ergonomically designed casing for non-tiring working during polishing. The high torque motor and the low weight of this professional machine, as well as the power switch with rotary speed selection, ensures for perfect work and highest quality surface finishes during polishing. The implemented 6x micro processor electronic guarantees a permanent power transfer on to the object without losing performance. The reduced rotary movement assures for non-burning polishing. Technical Data: • compact ergonomic design • with power switch and rotary speed selection • for non-burning polishing • optimal power transfer due to 6x micro processor electronic • optimal in conjunction with MP ONE-STEP Super-Polish for achieving highest quality surface finishes • for use with MP Polierteller 150 mm, M 14 • power consumption 1300 watt • voltage 220 – 240 V / 1 Ph • polishing pad M 14 inner thread, 150 mm, velcro • speed 1.100 – 3.300 U/min. - rpm • weight 1900 g – 67 oz Item-No. Description Unit 57290 3403 MP Polierer Electronic - without accessories 1 Accessories: 57110 0020 MP Polierteller, M14, ∅150 mm ,velcro 1 57120 …. MP ONE-STEP Supber-Polish 1 Email: •