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Mipa News 2012

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Mipa news 2012_gb

  1. 1. Small Cause - Big ImpactThe quality of a surface is essentialfor a first and lasting impression ofany object to his buyer. Eye-catchingcolour shades, high-gloss coatingsand highly resistant paints out ofmany different areas of consumergoods also increase the expecta-tions in industrial goods. Not manycustomers accept damaged surfacesalready at the time of delivery evenwhen it comes to industrial goodswhich are exposed to a heavy impactlater on. The rising number of usersdo appreciate clean and damage-freesurfaces during the use of machines,commercial vehicles and buildings.Retained values, cleanness and anappealing look stand for a trademarkof a successful company in the pre-sent as well as in the future. Mipa has developed an outstanding ding the specific paint the user onlyIn the Mipa product range you can competence when it comes to aero- needs to “activate” the can shortlyfind several solutions for the efficient sol-spray technique. Starting even before processing so that coatingand high quality spot repair and main- with one spray can, individual colour and hardener are mixed and a propertenance on nearly every surface. To- shades and gloss degrees can be of- 2K-coating with its standard pot-lifeday through mixing systems such as fered. Combined with a broad selec- is available including all quality fea-Pro Mix® Industry or Pro Mix® Aqua tion of primers and other tools, every tures and resistances.approximately 10.000 colour shades spot repair work can be solved easi-in over 65 solvent based and 25 wa- ly, fast and in perfect quality. One va- The smallest possible unit of spotter based standard qualities can be luable opportunity is the filling into repair coatings are touch-up pencils.produced in a short amount of time 2K-spray cans. Those aerosol cans Even in this area you can find dif-and in package sizes as required. are pre-filled with hardener. After ad- ferent qualities, colour shades andThe system allows an ex- gloss degrees.act imitation of all solidcolours plus several me- Whether there are vehic-tallic colours in all gloss les, aircrafts, machines,degrees. Therefore fleet control panels, construc-colours or assimilations tions made of steel, roofof spot repair coatings on tiles or window frames –existing areas are possib- Mipa’s solutions for spotle without any problems. repair and maintenanceWith a high amount of are used world wide andinstalled mixing sys- create excellent first im-tems all over Europe, the pressions as well as apurchase of every pro- lasting perfect look on allduct can take place de- surfaces.centralized at any time.
  2. 2. Sportive coatingsWith the presence of the ment is guaranteed withMipa Group at the interna- chrome-like coatings or spe-tional sport fair trade ISPO cial pigments which change2012 in Munich, MIPA AG colour depending on yourshowed the world its com- viewing angle.mitment to the coating ofsports equipment. The product range is being rounded off by a specialHENESPORT has been one coating system for the ma-of the world-wide leading terial Carbon fibre which ismanufacturers for ski- and growing in popularity in thesnowboard coatings for sport section. Customersmany years. Many well- do not only want to enjoyknown brands go back to the advantages of this materialHenelit GmbH when using but they do want to showvarnishes, screen printing that their sport equipment isink and primers in their Euro- made of Carbon. To protectpean and Asian production. Meanwhile High temperature fluctuations, high those Carbon fibres against weathe-ski poles and ice hockey sticks are coa- chemical and mechanical pressure ring you need special varnishes suchted with Henesport products as well. and last but not least long lasting flexi- as the Mipa 2K-WBS-Klarlack Carbo- bility of sport equipments call for high nic.When it comes to ski-, bicycle- or horse coating standards.back riding helmets, glasses for skiing Of course many effects can be com-and other sports, water based metallic The available surface-effects reach bined with each other and are alsopaints of MIPA AG are mostly preferred. from haptic experiences including soft useable on all other sport equipmentOn the one hand this paint needs to be touch or microstructure paints to tear- surfaces. With Mipa Professional Coa-extremely resistant, on the other hand it effect paints and all kinds of matt coa- ting Systems your creativity has no li-has to be eye-catching, trendy and it re- tings to really extreme colour effects. mits.presents the latest colours and effects. An eye-catching design of sport equip- "Coatings of conduct"Static charge not only fers different conducti-endangers sensitive ve 2K-primers and fillerselectronic devices, which are already usedthey also can cause fi- by the biggest manufac-res or explosions in an turers of airplanes withextreme case. Conse- lightweight and compo-quently non-metallic site constructions. Thesurfaces which are not universal re-coatableconductive must have materials not only func-an appropriate coating tion as static dischargerto discharge the static but they are also part ofcharge. a long lasting and extre- mely valuable coatingFor mineral surfaces system which fulfill allthe Mipa Group offers expectations of airpla-so called ESD coatings ne producers.out of the StreicolorAG product range. These special dustrial floor surfaces are appearing. Conductive coatings always havecoatings are available in the range Through the use of synthetic materi- to be calibrated according to spe-of primers and top coats containing als and lightweight construction ma- cial cases. The MIPA AG would likemany different colour shades. In the terials the static charge problem also to provide you with all informationstate of processing by a professional raises in the vehicle sector as well as needed and is at your disposal at anypainter, high resistant, decorative in the construction of aircrafts and time with its own techical service forand at the same time functional in- machinery. In this case MIPA AG of- individual tests.
  3. 3. Neon on individual requestThe industrial mixing system Pro Mix®Industry was extended by five neon-pigment pastes which are available forall users of this system from now on asan option.With these pigment pastes all fluores-cent colours after RAL or special anddesign colours can be produced evenin small amounts quick and easy asrequired.As usual the pigment pastes can beused for all purposes in all commonbinder-systems. Ready mixed coloursare available in selected qualitieswhich cover the whole range of appli-cations. For exterior use, therefore, always HS clearcoats. Please note that oneAn important note regarding fluores- transparent coatings are required with coat systems with neon colour shadescent colours is the limited light stability. a high uv-protection such as Mipa 2K- are for interior use only. MIPA products around concrete formworkThe product range of solvents, water-basedMIPA AG also inclu- materials can be per-des a wide range of fectly used in this case.water-based products The coating can bearound the production done in a single coatof formwork material with Mipa WBS Scha-for concrete building. lungsfarbe available in every colour shade orClassic formwork ma- in a two coat systemterials in the form of with Mipa WBS Sty-wood panels have to roporfüller - colouredbe coated to be pro- in your favourite shadetected from humidity, - and the transparentthe weather and che- Mipa WBS Styropor-mical substances of decklack.concrete. Mipa WBS Plotter-Mipa WBS Schaltafel- farbe was especiallylack can be ordered in created for formworkevery colour shade and robots. They mark re-can be used in all com- cesses on concretemon applications. The forms with a plotterconcentrated Mipa colour which need toWBS Schalölkonzent- be taken into accountrat is even more water-repellent and crete sector is no longer restricted in the subsequent concreting. Thiscan also be ordered in every colour to rectangular shapes. A solution for plotter colour is also available in eve-shade. Special putties and coatings absolutely individual formwork offers ry colour shade and different packa-for the edges of the formwork pa- Styrofoam. Due to the fact that Sty- ge sizes, it’s easy to work with andnels are added to this product line. rofoam is not easy to coat through guarantees the highest precisionBut innovative formwork in the con- the lack of resistance against many when using.
  4. 4. Thick film coatings on the march Papp László Sportaréna, BudapestIn the section of heavy corrosion or as chemical and under water in the coating system there is alsoprotection high coat thicknesses are paint. Dry film coat thicknesses can direct adhesion given on iron, steelneeded to combine active and pas- be reached up to 300 µ. Mipa EP and zinc. Tintable through the mi-sive corrosion protection on objects 564-20 high solid 2K epoxy thick- xing system Pro Mix® Industry thisof permanent coatings. Mipa offers film with alumium pigments fulfills paint is also available in every coloura complete coating system as usual the same functions. Both products shade as required. With a high sta-over the full range of solid colours. are processed with hardener Mipa bility until 250 µ dry film coat thick- EP 964-10 mixing ratio 1:1 and suit ness machines, parts and construc-Mipa EP 164-20 is a thick-film chro- excellent when processing with Air- tions or commercial vehicles can bemate-free 2K epoxy primer with acti- less/Airmix. coated valuably for the interior andve corrosion protection. This product exterior use.can be applied directly on steel, zinc, For top coating the 2K-PU-HS-Dick-aluminium and mineral substrates schichtlack Mipa PU 264 is available Our Mipa technical service is pleasedand is suitable as primer, intermedi- in the gloss degrees 50 semi gloss to give you all information you requi-ate coating over 2K zinc dust paint and 70 silk gloss. Besides the use re about this new coating system. Imprint: Phone:. . . +49 (0) 87 03 / 9 22-0 Fax:. . . . . +49 (0) 87 03 / 9 22-100 E-Mail: . . mipa@mipa-paints.com Customer magazine of Web:. . . . www.mipa-paints.com Picture credits: MIPA AG MIPA AG Am Oberen Moos 1 Responsible for contents: All rights reserved by MIPA AG. Reproduc- D- 84051 Essenbach Markus Fritzsche tion of single articles is possible on request.