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S.No Functions Microsoft Project Primavera
1 Multiple User Access
Does not allow multiple users to work on a single
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Primavera vs microsoft project


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Document briefs about the comparison of Microsoft Project and Primavera. It helps to influence the decision in terms of product features.

Primavera vs microsoft project

  1. 1. S.No Functions Microsoft Project Primavera 1 Multiple User Access Does not allow multiple users to work on a single project at the same time Yes 2 Multiple User Access Users can view multiple project at the same time Yes 3 Baselines 11 baselines can be created for a project Unlimited baselines 4 Progress and status Requires the development of filters to allow for the selection of activities requiring status Progress spotlight highlights activity table rows in yellow if they are due any status in the next period (day, week, month, quarter or year) 5 Issues & Risk Issues or risks cannot be tracked Can record issues and risks against a project, wbs element or activity. 6 Web support Not available Plans, document and other information can be converted to HRML directly from the software 7 Steps Microsoft project does have the option Helps users to create sub-activities of an activity. It has a weighting that can be used to drive % complete for an activity as the steps are marked off as completed. 8 Expenses Microsoft project does not have this capability Allows planned, remaining and actual project expenses to be entered at the activity level 9 Custom Fields Formulas for custom fields is possible and add additional values to it Formulas cannot be set to custom fields 10 Look up feature Possible in custom fields Possible in activity codes 11 Columns In Microsoft project there are only around 40 columns It comes installed with over 200 columns each giving you different information. Column categories include EVM, Budgeting, costs, etc. 12 Multiple activity relationships Only one relationship can be made between activities Same activities can have multiple relationships 13 External Relationships Uses special feature can links between projects to achieve inter-project dependency modelling Multiple projects can be opened at one time for editing. 14 Project Website Not available Create a comprehensive website comprising of all project details including resources, reports, risks, WBS and more than a user can define 15 Multiple Project Creation and Tracking Multiple projects can be created and viewed Multiple projects creation, Multiple project tracking, multiple project or WBS comparisons, cost and unit calculations are possible 16 Hint help Not available in Microsoft project Not available in Primavera