Cornelius 1960 .


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Cornelius 1960 .
Presentación CALC, EOI Santiago de Compostela, idioma inglés, nivel B1 Intermedio 2. Curso 2010-2011

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Cornelius 1960 .

  1. 1. David Caneda“Chiquillo”, vocals
  2. 2. Antonio Casado “El Abuelo”, guitars
  3. 3. Tony B.Willisch, guitars
  4. 4. José Vilas, organ, keyboards and piano
  5. 5. Andoni Arcos, bass and background vocals
  6. 6. Ton Risco, drums and percussion
  7. 7. About their origine Toni B. Willisch (guitar) said: “Cornelius 1960 is group of friends that theyare musicians and they have met from another bands”.About their name, Ton Risco (Drums) said: “We needed a name before our first concert andCornelius seemed a casual name as b-movie in a Harlem 70´s context. Then we had tto inclues1960 becouse we had a legal licence problem, in fact there is a japaneese Dj who calls like that”. About the style Antonio Casado (guitar) and David Caneda (vocals) said: “We are a rock band in essence, with a lot of influences of old records and contemporanean pop sounds. A band interested in a good melodies. We like the music, without inferirity complex.” “We are a band who loves genuine music and who use a pop language to. The Cornelius sounds have a lot of reference from diferent kind of music”. Andoni Arcos (Bass) said to: “We are in a global generation context, digital generation. The music we mainly listen is brittish or american so…”
  8. 8. Mick Glossop has emphasized “their flairs as arranger, composers and musicians” Tatsuya Sato has pointed about them that “they are a perfect rock, funky and pop combination wich will captivate to the general public”The question, which everybody was asking, wasmade by Xose Otero from Ecca radio. What kind ofmusic will they going to play at the final rock bandbattle in Madrid. As you know, Cornelius are a wildband who plays the most classic rock mixed whiththe funniest funky. The concise and clear answercould be: they are musicians who don´t like to playan only kind of music wihch is demanded by therecording industry.
  9. 9. Greatest Hits • 2007 first album • Published songs: Fool forever, So Cool, Black Beauty, Baby, Dangerous, Cha nge your heart or Dragonfly • Best reviews: It´s impossible to resist the Cornelius rhythm. Greatest hits (amazing first tittle at the begining). This record will not bore nobody. It doesn´t seem the first album. Definitely Dragonfly, the last song of this record is really good. And if anybody doesn´t convince themself after listening Greatest Hits they must go to see them on a live concert Jorge Patiño. os_2007/cornelius_-_greatest_hits.htmlDownload on:
  10. 10. 1960• 2009• Published songs: 1960, Extermination Angels, Nothing to do, Thinking abaut tomorrow,• Best reviews“International pop rock from Galicia with english lirycs, and a sound destinated to jump the Iberic frontiers”. 1960/ Jose Vilas (keyboards): “Mick Glossop, our productor, is a leyend of british music industry who believes in the band our songs and he respect our own idiosincrasy. Madonna´s mastering engenier, Tatsuya Sato has been definitely to make the record as you can see”. 15/12/2009. 1960-no-conocemos-a-nadie-que-suene-como-nosotros/nota/1295701.aspx
  11. 11. They have started few years ago, so they haven´t been done alot of time to succes but, at the moment, they have achieve the3th postion in the Globlal Battle of Bands in 2007, they wasselected in the Villa de Bilbao, Competition. Since 2007 theyhave been the most player rock band in concert inGalicia, (Rede Galega de Música ao Vivo). They have beenselected by the AIE to play on Artist on the Route. They haveachieve more than 250.000 visits on their site. Dic2009, Viernes. and 2011 they have confirmed their success playing onthe Galicia MTV Concert, on the Santiago Help Concert andrecently they have been select for Coca-cola Company to play afamous jingle Coke version.
  12. 12. “The galician rock band Cornelius 1960will have his global debut on the MTVGalicia 2010. The digital spanish firstBand, Cornelius 1960 is an eclecticpop, rock and funky band. The musicthat they play, seems to borne in a lotof and diferent places and moments atthe same time”.
  13. 13. 2011Coca Music Experience Cornelius 1960 band has been selected with Everythings all right, a great jingle Coke version, Happiness, to the Coca-Cola Music Experience Project, to show the company happy and good moments message.