Knowledge group webinar feb28


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SoACE Employer Relations Knowlege Group Webinar-February 28, 2012

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Knowledge group webinar feb28

  1. 1. 1st Virtual MeetingFebruary 28, 2012 4PM ET SoACE
  2. 2. Myrna Hoover, ERKG Chair
  3. 3.  Welcome & Purpose – Myrna Hoover Introductions of Leadership Team – Myrna Hoover Introduction of Topics- Megan Fullen Choosing Topic Facilitators- Megan Morini Discussion of potential Conference Topics- Christen Perry Discussion of Next Meeting – Mark Colvenbach Final Comments- Myrna Hoover
  4. 4.  Myrna Hoover, Chair ERKG Mark Colvenbach, Co-Chair ERKG Megan Fullen, Professional Development Committee Chair Megan Morini, Communication Chair Christen Perry, Conference Planning Committee Chair
  5. 5. * Presented by: Megan Fullen, Professional Development Committee Chair
  6. 6. ** Suggestion 1: How to advertise a career services office to employers. What are other schools doing to promote themselves to employers? (Possible Deliverance: Conference round table/virtual discussion/webinar, SoAce employer member survey/research)* Suggestion 2: What do schools do on employer site visits?If you are visiting with an employer in another city who you have not had any interaction; what is the agenda of the meeting? (Possible Deliverance: Virtual discussion via new SoAce website, online resources)
  7. 7. ** Suggestion 3: Web Page Content: What would make life easier for an employer when visiting a campus web page; what do they want and how do they want it? (Possible Deliverance: SoAce employer member survey/research, online resources).* Suggestion 4: Strength in Numbers: How can we leverage our association as a tool to attract employers to our campus? If they are a SoACE Employer member would a campus consider providing them with a discount for career fair registration? Save 10% off career fair registration by providing evidence of active membership in SoACE? (Possible Deliverance: Virtual discussion)
  8. 8. ** Suggestion 5: Online resources and webinars for the following: * Creating strategic partnerships * Maintaining partnerships * Making the employer relationship matter (programming ideas; what are employers enjoying most * (Possible Deliverance: SoAce employer member survey/research, online resources, webinars, virtual discussions, conference workshop input, conference round tables)
  9. 9. ** Accountability * Adapting to changing economy* Retaining talent * Social Media* Salary equity * Case studies of current programs* Budget of fellow Career Services offices* Mission creep* (Possible Deliverance: online resources, webinars, virtual discussions, conference workshop input, conference round tables)
  10. 10. ** Policies on 3rd Party Recruiters * Increasing employer visibility on* How to manage campus contacts/databases * Via Social Media (Facebook,* How to review & approve job Twitter, LinkedIn), Campus postings Activities (Connecting with student orgs and faculty),* Strategic partnerships with institutional structure (Career colleges/departments Fairs, Info Sessions, OCI, etc.)* Assessment* Annual reports* (Possible Deliverance: online resources, webinars, virtual discussions, conference workshop input, conference round tables)
  11. 11. *
  12. 12. * Choosing Topic Facilitators* Volunteer to facilitate a topic of interest!* Multiple topic facilitators* Introduce your role as the topic facilitator* Takes responsibility for guiding process of discussion and decision-making* Does not ordinarily engage in meeting content
  13. 13. * Choosing Topic FacilitatorsRESPONSIBITLIES Orient the group to the timeframe and task at the beginning of each session Make sure everyone understands the purpose of the meeting Helps the group focus its energies on a task and topic Makes sure that everyone has the opportunity to participate. Periodically summarizes the group consensus on issues to validate and clarify the progress of the discussion Help the group achieve useful meeting outcomes
  14. 14. * Choosing Conference Topics SoACE The Tradewinds Islands Resort St. Petersburg Beach, FL December 2-5, 2012 Topics of interest to members of the ERKG  Speakers  Presentations  Resources  Roundtable Discussions
  15. 15. * Discussion of Next Meeting 1. Format of webinars/discussions 2. Topics of Focus 3. Future discussions  How often?  Day of Time - Preference?  Length?
  16. 16. * Final Comments