Teaching And Learning


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Opinion Piece on Teaching and Learning. The first domain of the Texas Long Range Plan for Technology, 2006-2020,

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Teaching And Learning

  1. 1. The area of the Texas Long Range Plan that I will be addressing is the first domain, Teaching and Learning. In this domain, in order to meet the educational goals for all students, whether it is local, national, or global, a better approach than “one size fits all”, need to be implemented in the curriculum with integrated technology. Students come in a variety of learning capabilities; therefore, they should be offered the same type of learning. I agree that all students should have access to relevant technologies, tools, resources and services. The information should be available and communicated to the learner on a 24/7 basis. In this area of the Texas Long Range Plan, distance learning is recommended. Distance learning courses should be offered to build knowledgeable skills through the use of technology. The progress of Teaching and Learning is shown by the state summary STaR Chart shows that the percentage of teachers have been steady with a slight increase in Teaching and Learning and Educator Preparation. There has been a slight increase in the Administration and Support and Infrastructure areas. The STaR Chart shows that teachers were in the Developing Tech area and the second level being the Advanced Tech. Texas districts should be able to adopt standards to help teachers work more efficiently and effectively and integrate the use of technology in the classroom and provide effective technology staff development and training. The trends from the Horizon report shows that technology use has had a significant positive impact of teaching, student performance, attitudes and behaviors, and on administration. Also, trends show that Texas teachers are increasingly transforming students into engaged and independent learners as well as preparing them for the future by incorporating emerging technology such as game based learning strategies, globalization, collaborating and communicating with integrated technology in the classroom. Online learning should also be considered in having a significant impact on teaching, learning st and developing 21 Century learners. The benefits using technology in public
  2. 2. schools will provide students the opportunity to various technological learning strategies that will have a tremendous outcome in their future. The ultimate trend st for the 21 Century learner is to have integrated technology into the curriculum and instruction. My recommendations for improvement on my school district and/or campus are: • To have flexibility to try new methods of teaching and learning in curriculum and instruction, including integrated technology. • The need for curriculum alignment that is integrated into the classroom activities and real world learning experiences. • Districts should provide an innovative budget for their schools’ technology use. • Provide effective teacher training and staff develop aligned with the TA TEKS. • Strengthen leadership and administration support throughout the district. • Support online virtual learning including distance learning. • Provide wireless and broadband access and capabilities within the schools.