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CCSE PREP’s 33.3 Program    At CCSE our student athletes focus stems from 3 major daily activities in order of            ...
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33.3 Program


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33.3 Program

  1. 1. CCSE PREP’s 33.3 Program At CCSE our student athletes focus stems from 3 major daily activities in order of importance:1. Studies: (33.3%) At CCSE Prep our student-athletes spend 1/3 of their time in the classroom, immersingthemselves in the International Baccalaureate curriculum, as well as taking part in the interactiveand online blackboard program, which allows our student-athletes to take part in a new blendedlearning technology concept that prepares them for the new wave of being an educated person inthe 21st Century.2. Community Outreach: (33.3%) At CCSE PREP our student-athletes will also spend 1/3 of their time being involved in thecommunity, such as social interaction with those from various social-economic backgrounds.Also at CCSE PREP we strongly believe on bringing awareness to health/wellness, highacademic stewardship and leadership, as well as the special causes of our community, sponsorsand partners.Asserting philanthropic values to our student athletes we prepare them to be leaders in theirfamilies and leaders in their respective communities. That is why at CCSE PREP we partner with“Stay Classy” which provides a new age approach of online fundraising that each student –athlete will have its own online campaign that raises money for their charity and/or foundation oftheir choice.3. Health/Wellness: (33.3%) At CCSE PREP our elite student-athletes will spend 1/3 of their time in training facilities,and working on team drills and individual skill sets to fit each of their unique strengths andweaknesses. CCSE PREP student-athletes will take part in new technologies to better servenutrition and conditioning needs to prepare them for the next level. Also what makes our athletesunique is that they learning how to adjust to frequent travel, as they will be playing on a nationaland international stage. We pride our student-athletes on building themselves to be eliteperformers on and off the court, as well as being an ideal teammate. CREATING OPPORTUNITIES THAT ARE ENDLESS (0.01%) We know that our “33.3 program” provides our student athletes with the best possible approachto finding success with the CCSE Prep “Brand”, allowing them to be not only successful student- athletes, but more importantly successful citizens’ in their communities and beyond.